Travelling while plus size

I am at the higher end of plus size , wearing a UK size 30/32 . This was always something that was a deterrent when it came to even thinking about flying to go on trip. Some of the things I’m going to mention will not apply to all plus size travellers but those of you at the high end of plus size, like me may find these tips useful.

My top 5 tips for peace of mind when preparing to travel plus size 

*Call the  airline ahead of time with any questions and queries you may have. In my experience the airline advisers are very helpful and they will happily share information that might help put your mind at ease.

*Tell the staff what you need. The last time I flew I was concerned about the size of the onboard bathroom size as my flight was over 10 hours long, I explained that and I was allowed to board the plane early to pop to the bathroom and have a wiggle around in there so I had of mind for the entire flight that there was enough space for me in there.

*If you think you may need a seat belt extender on the plane and you are worried about asking the flight attendant for one in earshot of a plane full of people you can always buy your own online and carry it with you on your trip.

*Call ahead and make sure your accommodation is suitable for you if this is something that worries you. I have stayed in budget bed and breakfast accommodation all across the UK and have had to struggle carrying my luggage to top floors and its not fun. I always like to call ahead and if there is no lift I like to request a low level floor where possible.

*Google image search is your friend. I do this when I travel but also when I am home. If I am planning on going somewhere I’ve never been before or going to do an activity I haven’t done before  will always Google image search the location. I like to have a rough idea of what the seating will be like just so I don’t turn up somewhere that I’ve been really looking forward to going or put a lot of planning into or travelled ridiculously far to get to only to find that their seating doesn’t accommodate my big butt or spend the whole day uncomfortable.

Whatever it is that would make you feel more comfortable or give you more peace of mind and allow you to enjoy travelling, then that’s what you need to do. Everyone deserves a stress free holiday.

The last time I flew was to Vegas last year but I have also been to Florida a few times. So far I have always had easy trips because I am happy to be open with airlines and flight attendants about my concerns (even though I get myself worked up for nothing) and I have much better flights for it.

Holiday Gems fly out to a number of destinations, including one of my favourite places to go, Florida! It’s been a couple of years since I went the last time but it is definitely somewhere I ill be visiting again. The site is fantastic and allows you to book flights, hotel, package deals and all inclusive holidays with low deposits and flexible payments available. They even have an onsite blog if you need destination inspiration before deciding where you want to go.

If you’re wanting to get away I would definitely shop around and find the best Holiday and package for you and don’t let size stand between you and what could be another great life experience.

*This post was written in collaboration with Holiday Gems




How to be effortlessly stylish with knitwear this season

How to be ‘effortlessly stylish’ with knitwear this season
If you love knit fashion and want inspiration for making the look your own, why not try being ‘effortlessly stylish’? The ‘effortlessly stylish’ way of dressing basically means looking fantastic without spending hours choosing your outfit.
To help you embrace the ‘effortlessly stylish’ lifestyle, QUIZ — a leading retailer of party dresses — has put together an incredible style guide so you can quickly create an on-trend outfit that will look amazing this season.
What knitwear is in this season?
At this time of year, there is always a huge range of knitwear designs for us to choose from to help us customise our own knit outfits. Having plenty of stylish woollies is essential for keeping you looking incredible in the colder months — and top knit trends to keep an eye out for this year are: oversized, cable knit and striped jumpers.

Roll-neck and polo-neck sweaters
When it comes to be being ‘effortlessly stylish’, there’s nothing better than layering. As the name suggests, layering is achieved by wearing multiple clothing over/under each other — and the polo- or roll- neck sweater is ideal for this. To layer in style, simply pull on a polo neck underneath a square-necked top, then match with your favourite pair of jeans and ankle boots.
We all know how hard it can be to dress for work on a freezing morning. So, make it easy for yourself by embracing the ‘effortlessly stylish’ lifestyle. Try a blazer/turtle-neck combo to keep you smart and cosy, or keep hold of the summer vibe by matching a roll neck top with one of your summery pinafores or sleeveless sundresses.

Jumper dresses
There’s nothing that screams ‘effortlessly stylish’ like the iconic jumper dress. If you want an outfit that takes you from casual to dressy, team your jumper dress with over-the-knee boots. Or, if you’re in the mood to show off your curves, wrap a chunky belt around your waist. Being such a versatile fashion piece, the jumper dress looks great with anything. Plus, the long, knitted sleeves eliminate the need to search for a matching cardigan — unless you want to add another layer, of course.

Autumn/winter shoes
Everyone has their favourite pair of boots and this footwear style fits fantastically into the ‘effortlessly stylish’ way-of-life. Boots come in various styles, colours and materials, which is great for creating a truly individual outfit and staying true to the ‘effortlessly stylish’ trend.
Ankle boots dress up any outfit with minimal effort, but it’s actually the sock boot that is a key trend this autumn and winter. Featuring a pointed toe, high heel and textured fabric that fits to the ankle, they slip on easily and look great with jeans during the day and a skirt on a night out. Of course, if in doubt, you can always rely on the ankle boot. Extremely versatile when it comes to matching with an outfit, ankle boots are excellent at retaining their colour and form when you have to trek through snow and sludge! Choose a pair with a chunky heel so that they’re suitable for day and night.
Accessorising your ‘effortlessly stylish’ look
The best thing about knitwear is how easy it is to dress up and customise. Accessorising is key to taking knitwear to the next level this season and statement earrings are a great place to start. Find tassel, chunky metal and huge hoop designs and match them with almost any autumn winter outfit. To make things even easier, why not go for something neutral, like black or gold earrings, to make sure that they complement your ensemble and keep them in your bag for after-work drinks?
During the cold, rainy and snowy season; you need a bag that looks amazing, but is also functional. Put the perfect final twist on your knitwear outfit with trendy leather bags and backpacks. Black is an ideally effortless, everyday option. Buy the shade with a cute pattern to keep things interesting, or match it with jeans and red or gold shoes for a sophisticated autumn look.

Make the most of looking laidback and chic this season with the ‘effortlessly stylish’ trend. Follow all of the above fashion tips for the perfect seasonal look.

Esprit winter wishlist

Two months ago I decided to cut off all of my chemically straightened hair, I was left with around 3 inches of curly hair. It was definitely the right decision for me so I can now grow my healthy natural curly hair.

Since cutting off all my hair eight weeks ago, hats and large earrings have been my go to accessories. I love hats so much, they save all the faff of playing about with wigs and its saves so much time getting ready not having to curl my hair.

These are my two favourite hats at the moment;

20171019_160725With the weather being what it is at the moment I have been reaching for these two hats all the time. One is a beanie and one is a beret and these are my favourite hat types for the aesthetic I go for.

Hats are such a nice way to accessorise and maybe add a pop of colour to your outfit if you choose.  I have been looking at some hats on Esprit and these four are my favourites.



I love warm hats over hats that just serve as fashion accessories even though I love the look of a knitted hat, as you can tell  by my choice of favourites. Esprit have a wide range of products in their Hats and Caps department.

Esprit have a number of ranges from womenswear, menswear, and a kids department to home wear which has a huge range of throws and cushions which i have been lusting over. All in all its a really great site with so much to offer.

Do you have short hair? how do you like to accessorise? or do you have a love of hats, I would love to hear about what hats you all like.

Besides fashionable hats something else I want at the moment is something standout for me and my blog. As I create more and more content I want to have a logo that represents me, something that instantly makes people think of me and my blog. Logojoy is a great site that allows you to be creative and design your own quality professional logo to represent you. The easy to use site is fun and creates mock ups so you are in total control of how the design goes so the finished product is exactly what you dreamed up in your mind. Just how it should be.




Beautiful windows for my loft.

I know I mention this all the time but I’ve recently moved into a new house in Birmingham and I am currently decorating . I have chosen beautiful paint for my living room, its called Mocha, its a beautiful grey brown. I initially only wanted to paint the living room but now that is done we are moving onto other rooms in the house.

We have been storing things in the loft but its scary and dark up there so we have been talking about getting a new window put in up there so when I was approached about writing about Velux top hung roof windows I thought that was a sign and absolutely perfect .

Velux have a huge range of roof windows in a whole of finishes and types of glazing to suit your needs.

My preference is in a white finish to match my existing decor and definitely with noise reduction because I live near a school and kids are great but not at 8am lol.

vr1These windows are truly beautiful and really do change the aesthetic of a room. They are very classy and allow for so much light to flood into a room. The windows obviously open as much or as little as you want to but when fully open it brings the outside in having such a large open space and is just stunning. A beautiful addition to any room and definitely a focal point of your home interior.

Spending a lot of my time indoors I would really love to have a large window , I love light and airy rooms and in the spring my windows are constantly open . The website is very easy to navigate so you can browse their huge array of window options for find the best option for you.  They also have online assistance that offers help should you need it.


The Independent Pharmacy

This post is a little different for me but I think it’s really important to talk about. For the last year and  a half or so  I have been struggling with what I believe is acid reflux or possible GERD, I have found some ways to that really help me, like not eating right be before I go to sleep and making sure I am propped up slightly when I have eaten late. I have also increased the amount of water that I drink and these things really help me out.

Even though I have been doing these things and I gave googled to the ends of the earth and back to make sure as much as i can that it is hat i think it is, I still want to check in with my GP to see if there is anything else I can do or anything they can offer me.  I just come across a website called The Independent Pharmacy who have an online pharmacist and an online doctor and you have access to over 400 medications, you can get a consultation, order your medication and have it delivered to your door, all without having to leave your house. I think this is fantastic for people who are not physically able to get to the doctor for medical reasons and also for people who are unable to make it due to time constraints and those who work awkward hours.

They have a very easy to navigate website and you can check their list of medical conditions to have a look at what medications are used to treat the condition before going through to the actual consultation.

I genuinely think this is an amazing and very very useful resource, one that would come in very handy for my lifestyle.

Yours Clothing Maxi Dress



If you follow me anywhere at all on social media you’ll know that I have been loving this maxi dresses from Yours Clothing. They are so comfortable and easy to wear.IMG_20171013_160743_253

As you can see I literally throw them on with various jackets (which I mix and match depending on how I feel) and I’m out the door.


I’m a little bit obsessed with dresses with pockets so I love these.

I just wanted to drop in quickly and show you one of my fave dresses for when you want to be casual and don’t know what to wear. IMG_20171013_162038_115Do you have any go to items that always make you feel good? If so what at are they?


Five fierce fashion influencers with fabulous curves

For years the world of fashion has focused on very slim women because this is what we have been made to think is the ideal.

But this provided an unrealistic definition of beauty for millions of women whose fuller figures are more like curvy Coca-Cola bottles.

And thanks to the power and reach of social media, a new generation of confident women with curves are inspiring full-figure fashionistas across the globe.

With that in mind, here are five fierce fashion influencers with fabulous curves.

Nadia Aboulhosn

Nadia Aboulhosn is a legendary body-positive Lebanese-American fashion blogger, model and clothing designer.

She’s the second plus-size model to appear on the cover of Women’s Running magazine and has designed everything from lingerie to sportswear for a range of famous high street brands.

We hope that this terrific trailblazer keeps breaking barriers in the fashion industry for years to come.

Gabi Fresh

Gabi Fresh is another curvy beauty blogger who’s championing the cause of body confidence.

When she’s not designing swimsuits she’s spreading the word about healthy eating and generally being a kick-ass ambassador for larger women’s fashion.


She rejects the idea that plus-sized ladies should ‘dress for their body type’ and believes that every woman should be catered for when it comes to clothing choices.

Gabi has over half a million Instagram followers hanging on her every word when it comes to fashion, health and lifestyle advice.

Diana Sirokai

Diana Sirokai recently broke the internet when she went head to head in the same iconic swimsuit as Kim Kardashian and absolutely smashed it.

Her Instagram post was designed to inspire other fuller-figured women to love their shapes and be proud of their bodies.


And tens of thousands of social media fans responded overwhelmingly positively — proving that women can feel more empowered by realistic role-models.

Ashley Graham

Ashley Graham is one of the most successful plus-sized models in the US and has proudly taken a seat as a judge on America’s Top Model.

She’s modelled everything from swimwear to sexy lingerie and describes herself as a ‘body activist’.

Fashion will feel much more inclusive once more brands are bold enough to use more marvellous models like Ashley as advocates.

Iskra Lawrence

Iskra Lawrence is a beautiful New York-based British model who’s never afraid to flaunt her fuller figure.

She once stripped off in a New York subway car to spread the message on being positive about your body.


And she rails against negative comments in the male dominated mainstream media as well as negativity in the digital domain.

These five fierce fashion influencers with fabulous curves are blazing a brilliant trail in beauty and fashion — we hope you’ll follow their lead.

Which full-size model do you admire most? Share your views in the comments section.

*collaborative content*

Plus Size Dating: Having a Great First Date

I guess when it comes to dating, life isn’t much that different as a plus size dater, but seeing as I have only ever dated as a plus size woman I couldn’t say for sure.  For me, dating someone new is all about being as comfortable as possible. If you have met someone online and are meeting up ‘in real life’ for the first time, then you are probably nervous enough as it is – without having the added pressure of being in a venue that you hate.

Go Somewhere You Know

For a first date I always try and go somewhere I have before. That way I don’t have the added pressure of trying to find a place, knowing where to sit, where toilets are etc. Of course if you want to explore new places after this, that can be fun but make sure that you go somewhere you like first.

Choose Your Time Wisely

The time that you meet someone can help take the pressure off too. Try and meet someone in the evening, rather than the afternoon where you could be stuck for hours on a date you aren’t comfortable. If you do have to meet in the afternoon, tell them beforehand you have somewhere to be at a set time so that you can leave as and when you need. I like to keep 1st dates short and sweet, I want them to want more and I like to know that it won’t last long if I don’t like the person. The only problem with having short dates is if you’re travelling far for them this is why I avoid dating far away so dating agency tayside and Buckinghamshire dating site are off the cards for me.

Sit Comfortable

When you are thinking about venues, make sure you choose somewhere that you can sit comfortable. It can be tempting to sip cocktails in a trendy bar but you’re not going to want to be perched on a high stool for hours at a time – choose somewhere with proper seating and tables. You are going to be sat for a while so you are going to want to feel comfortable.

Get There First

Personally I like to get there a few minutes early. That way I can walk in, get a drink and find an area of the bar/pub that I like the most. I can sit down and get comfortable and sorted before they arrive. I don’t want to walk in flustered and hot when they are already there. Get there a few minutes early, get sorted and let them come to you when they get there. It makes the whole process much less stressful.

Being single I love to date and I find the majority of potential dates online , a few sites that may help you find what you’re looking for might be best dating sites or if your looking for something more specific like you want to date divorced singles or if you’re looking for something a little more location specific like Cambridgeshire dating sites then the internet has everything you need.

What tips do you have as a plus size dater?


Dressing for dates

What To Wear on a Date

I’m not a fan of rules of what to wear and when because I love fashion and feel it should be a reflection of your personality and what you want to wear. However, what I will say is that when you are going on a date you want to look good, feel good but also be comfortable.

If you’re on a date in a bar then the chances are you’re going to be sat down for a good few hours at a time, so the last thing you want is to be tugging on something that is digging in or feeling uncomfortable because something just doesn’t fit right.

It can be tempting to get dressed up fully glamorous because you want to impress, but you can look great without having to torture yourself with wearing something uncomfortable. You’ll feel much more confident in something that you feel great in and this will show to your date.

I love using dating so sometimes I end up travelling a little further than I might like and have to get a train, in those instances I like to make sure I’m super comfortable. There are so many places online to find a potential partner nowadays like Berkshire dating site and Merseyside dating site.
If you’re open to travelling to find ‘the one’ then the internet is probably a good place to because it gives you the opportunity to meet people that you wouldn’t bump into in a bar or the supermarket, Or maybe you live in a city that has it’s own dating site like this Cheshire dating site or a dating agency Northamptonshire.

What I Wear

Personally I love to wear a dress, leggings and comfortable shoes. Skater dresses are a firm favourite because they’re really nice to wear and I love the shape they give me. Luckily I have a few of these so I always have something that suits. I might even throw on a Lyra dress for a date if I am going somewhere a bit fancier.

I always choose trainers or boots so that I am ready to go should we decide to go to a new bar. I usually choose the first venue but I want to be good to go if we decide that we want to go on to a few different bars or a walk down by the water – Brindley Place is perfect for this!

What are your best dating sites or dating apps?

What do you like to wear on a date?

My search for a reinforced bed

In case you couldn’t tell just by looking at me, I’m a super fat girl. I have been various sizes of fat since I’ve been an adult and I have always just had regular beds whether that was a bed with slats or a divan. I remember being really upset every time I broke a slat or my divan bed caved in. Once in my later teen my dad reinforced my divan with large wooden boards and that was great and lasted me for years.

When me and my last partner moved in together my dad bought us a really nice leather bed with regular slats and even though my partner was really slim I was worried it wouldn’t last very long, oh boy was I wrong! I got that bed in 2014 and I still have it . I don’t know what prayers and miracles have kept that bed in one piece but I will forever be grateful.

I have just moved across the country to Birmingham and I have brought my trusty bed with me of course but I’ve recently been thinking that I would like a King size bed instead of my double and it’s makes sense for me to look at some Reinforced Beds so I won’t have to be careful when I throw myself down on the bed and when I get into my next relationship it wont be such a concern.

Screenshot_20171012-151758This is my bed and I absolutely love it , I love decorating it with pillows and toys and cute bedding but I do really wish it was more roomy and was a little more secure.

In my search I came across Reinforced beds and Endurance beds  who both offer reinforced and heavy duty beds aimed at overweight people and people in the market for beds that will last a lifetime, Manufactured by JKN Engineering

“We supply many types of bed frames of which include divan bases, metal bed frames, wooden beds, ottomans and many others. All our beds are manufactured using only quality materials which ensures that the user obtains a very reasonable bed life span. Some of our beds are guaranteed for weights of up to 40 stone per individual so they really are robust and strong.”

They do high quality, heavy duty mattresses also aimed at plus size sleepers so you really can get a bed that was literally made for you. They have a special offers section as well so there are some really well priced beds that are available whether you want wood, wrought iron bed, a cast iron bed or a divan.

I love knowing that when it comes to beds for plus size people there is something to suit everyone. What is even better is that these beds look good, so you don’t even have to compromise on style to be able to sleep in something you’ll feel safe and secure in. I personally feel that having a bedroom you love is really important so style and the look of all my furniture is important  and these beds match everything I need perfectly.

My absolute favourite bed from them is called the Leona and its just a classically beautiful bed.



As soon as I’m in the financial position to get my new bed this is definitely the one I’ll be going for.

Plus size fashion and beauty blog.