Dressing for Success: Some Of The Ways You Can Do It

When it comes to your appearance it what you think about yourself that matters over anybody else’s opinions, but sometimes your confidence can be knocked. If you have a job that requires you to put yourself out there a lot of the time, if you find that you are trying to stay on your feet with a new business venture or going solo and doing freelance work, if you just want to rock the household chores sometimes dressing for the success you want can make all the difference. But how can you do that? I thought I would share with you some of the ways you can dress for success.



It starts with what is underneath

 Sometimes when it comes to the clothes that you wear, you have to start with the basics and that can mean the lingerie and underwear you are wearing. It isn’t necessarily about wearing something pretty, although that can help you to feel great, but it is more to do with wearing something that fits you well and enhances your body shape. This is when looking online for cheap lingerie by Lingerie Outlet Store could help you to find the right pieces. Once you have underwear that fits perfectly, you will find that the clothing you wear fits you better and looks incredible.


Dress for the occasion

 Dressing for success isn’t always about the power suit for that meeting at work, you may work for yourself, stay at home or simply have a different type of job that requires different clothing. Instead, dressing for success means you are dressed for the occasion, then eat way you can be and whatever that situation may be.


Wear clothes that suit your body shape

 It is important to understand what your body shape is and to dress for it rather than against it. You will always feel more confident in the clothes you are in if they fit your figure well and look the part. You can identify your body shape easily enough online and the difference it could make to how you look is amazing.


Think of your skin tone

 Your skin tone can play a big part in how you dress as certain colours will enhance your look whereas others will drown you out and not do anything for your appearance. So it is crucial to know whether warmer or cooler tones suit your skin tone better. You can do this through trying out different clothes and seeking advice online to help you identify the best colours for you.


Put your look together

 Dressing for success and feeling good about it is only part of the story, you also need to think about putting the whole look together. Having the right clothes is great, but making more effort with your hair, a slick of lipstick or a bit of make and doing things that help boost your confidence can also work wonders for your overall appearance.

 I hope these tips help you to dress for success.



Gadgets and Accessories for Vaping You Can’t Live Without

It seems the days of the traditional cigarette could be left behind as vaping grows more and more popular. It has been reported that, although not risk free, vaping is less harmful than smoking. If you’re a regular smoker and debating making the switch, or a vaper looking to try out some new gadgets, read on below to find out how you can make the most from your vaping experience.



This is a great tool to use when you’re just starting out with vaping. You pair it with the battery and you’re all set. VIP offers a superb selection of flavours, with everything from apple to vanilla. You can also choose the strength of nicotine in each pack, which is a definite perk over your standard pack of cigarettes. With cartomizers you can pick what’s exactly right for you.


Protective Case

 The chances are you’ll be taking your vape equipment with you wherever you go. Just like you put your phone in a case to protect it, so you should with your vape – there’s a lot of delicate equipment going on in there. One hefty drop to the floor and you could potentially damage your e-cigarette beyond repair. A case can protect it and prevent you from having to pay for a whole kit.



 Speaking of being on the go with your vape equipment, you’re best off including a charger. The last thing you want is the battery to run out, meaning you can’t smoke for the rest of the day. You could always invest in a high-power battery, this can keep your equipment lasting longer, and you don’t have to worry so much about always being near a charging point.



If you fancy the idea of mixing your own blends from your e-liquids, having a few empty bottles is a top idea. You can buy empty containers from vape stores, then get creative with your concoctions. You might even find your new favourite flavour, and it’s entirely your creation.


Cleaning Equipment

 It’s not the most glamorous part of any vape tool kit, but it is an important one. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy either, some cotton swabs and paper towels will do the trick. As long as you’ve got something to clean up after yourself when you’re pouring new liquid into the e-cigarette. It’s going in your mouth after all, you want to keep it as hygienic as you can.



3 Steps for a More Positive Approach to Life


Life can be great, especially if we’ve got our ducks in a row and we’re doing the kinds of things we want to do, with the kinds of people we like, and are finding new and fulfilling reasons to get out of bed every morning and throw ourselves into the adventure of the day.

 Then again, life can be pretty miserable at other times; such as when our health is faltering, and our plans aren’t bearing fruit.

 While there are always steps we can take to improve things; such as refining our habits, and redecorating our homes with goods from montgomery.co.uk, it’s not uncommon to find that we often end up feeling melancholy and negative even if things are generally going pretty well.

 If that sounds at all like you, here are some tips for acquiring a more positive and feel-good approach to life.


Getting in the habit of arguing with your negative thinking

 At the root of much, if not all, of our pessimism and negativity, is habitual, ongoing negative thinking. This kind of negative thinking can occur at any moment, and tends to affect just about every aspect of our lives.

 We may start off by having breakfast, but then notice that one piece of toast is a bit more burnt than we would have liked. “Breakfast’s ruined, I just keep messing everything up” might be the negative thought process that goes along with the event.

 The psychologist Martin Seligman, famous for his work on positivity and his book “Learned Optimism” pointed out the importance of arguing against your negative thinking on a regular basis.

 If you notice yourself spiralling into negative thinking, first identify the event that triggered the negative thought. Then identify the negative belief. Then identify the negative effects of that belief (depression, for example), then dispute that belief. Is there a different way of looking at things? Could you be wrong?


Remember that how you think about the world affects how you see and experience it

 Studies have found evidence that the way you think about the world, and the things you pay attention to, change the way you see the world, literally.

 But you don’t even need scientific studies to realise that this is true. Consider the following example:

 If someone asks you to look around the room intensively for 10 seconds, and count as many blue objects as you can see, and then, once the buzzer has gone off, they ask you how many red objects you saw, what will be your answer?

 Clearly, you either wouldn’t have noticed or wouldn’t have paid attention to the red objects. It’s the same with our emotions. If you look only for the negative, you won’t see the positive.

 Keep reminding yourself that you don’t see the world “accurately” so you may as well see it optimistically.


Practice mindfulness meditation to get some space away from your thoughts

 Mindfulness meditation is an ancient practice which has the ability to open up a bit of space between us and our thoughts, by training us to observe them in a non-judgemental way, while directing our attention towards a specific point of focus.

 Many services, apps, and books exist to teach the basics of meditation.

 According to research, regular meditation really can change the brain in some fundamental ways that make us feel less controlled by our thoughts.



The Holiday Home Lifestyle Could Be The One For You!

The property ladder is a scary thing to climb. You can get on the first rung relatively easily, and start looking into the types of properties and out there that someone on a strict budget could afford. But anything above that step is hard to ascend to: there’s mortgage rates, bad tenants, solicitor fees, and a market that fluxes up and down whenever it seems to want to. All in all, that’s just far too risky for someone ‘normal’ to try and get on with!


But if you have your own house or rented space to live in, and you’re doing well with managing the fees for that, this could be your time for broadening your horizons, and making sure you’ve got an asset to your name that you’re going to get plenty of use out of, and plenty of money out of at the same time. What is that investment? Why, a holiday home of course!


Seeing as more and more of us are deciding to sate our wanderlust and go far and wide on a regular basis, this could be a very good avenue of choice for you to walk down. Travelling far and wide is something we all want to do at some point in our lives, so why not make your dreams easier on yourself? And if you’re still not convinced at this point, here’s a few more reasons to help you out.


No more perching on hostel bunks and scanning through travel guides to make sure you’re in a safe part of town… (Credit)


No More Hotels!

Hotels can be very expensive, and we all know if you want to stay more than one night with an entire family by your side, you’re probably going to have to fork out anywhere from £500 and up. And that’s just not effective for a travelling lifestyle, and can set you back years on your next holiday away.


So if you see yourself travelling more than once or twice in the next ten years or so, this could be a good time to look into the holiday properties there are on the market. No longer are you going to have to pay a hundred or so per night just to have a good night’s rest, and you won’t have to wrangle with room service any longer either. And there’s never enough towels to go around when you’re staying in a hotel room, and it all adds up to a lot of unnecessary hassle when you’re meant to be relaxing!


You Can Stay as Long as You Want

Another bad thing about hired accommodation: you have to leave at some point, and you’re going to be turfed out at an agreed time if you don’t manage to keep to it. And when you’re on holiday, that marks the end of the fun! Afterwards you’re going to have to trudge your way to the airport or back onto the cruise ship, or even back into your cramped and most likely dirty car (if you’ve got the kids in the back…) and go home with stress in your shoulders.


But not when you have a holiday home at your disposal! Of course you’re going to have to return to life and all its responsibilities at some point, but you don’t have to think about that for a while when you’re in a house of your own and there’s no one to tell you to leave by 11am!


Speaking of staying for as long as you want, when you have a holiday home to stay in when you go abroad, you can stay out or up for as long as you want as well! Hotels usually have curfews for when they lock the doors by, and when you’re an adult trying to have fun with friends and older members of the family, it can be hard to keep to this time. Especially if you didn’t even know about it in the first place! You can also make as much noise as you want, make as much mess as you want (once again, that’s useful if you have the kids around with you), and you’re only going to have you to tell yourself off in the morning. No lost deposits here!


You Can Hire Your Holiday Home Out

If you’re finding the accommodations during your travels subpar, there’s a very strong chance others are coming to the same conclusion! People love to save money whenever they can, we need as much of it as we can save after all, and that means people are already willing to couch surf in stranger’s house and on hostels with less than stellar ratings. Now’s your chance to make their experience better!


When you’re not using your home away from home, you can easily use it to make money off of travellers who have the same idea as you but are without the means to go all in. And if you own a property in a prime travelling location, such as the South of France or Italy, and you can afford a mortgage, you’re going to make at least double the investment you spent on in the first place!


Ready to Invest in a Holiday Home?

This could be the perfect time for you to do so, especially considering the relative ups the housing market is having recently. You can buy a bit of a fixer upper in the middle of nowhere and soon discover it’s the perfect place for young couples with kids or older couples looking to get out and about across the world to stay. Or you can invest in a place that’s in the city centre and make a lot of money off of people who like to backpack their way across continents, and those who enjoy a party lifestyle looking for a place close to all the action and entertainment.


Whatever you choose, when you have a holiday home to stay in when you go away, you’re going to have a successful holiday!


Fun ways to fill your spare time.

Working from home is great because you make your own schedule. You can pause and resume work throughout the day to suit your own needs. This is great for socialising as you can free up your time whenever your friends are free or there is a specific event coming up that you want to attend. If you’re poorly you can choose not to work that day and just spread out your tasks over the next couple days to catch yourself up. If you work from home and you have children, you have more time to spend in the home with them than you would if you spent time travelling back and forth to your job. Speaking of travelling, you totally eliminate travel costs to work which can be hugely expensive sometimes.

There are so many of advantages to working from home, but there are also a few disadvantages too. Friday night drinks with colleagues after work? Yeah that’s not really a thing, you give up the opportunity to make work mates. One of biggest ways to make friends as an adult is in the workplace so that opportunity is lost. This obviously isn’t the end of the world when you have a good set of friends in your life already but you definitely lose the day to day interactions you would have in a workplace. Keeping motivated and actually getting the work done is also a little harder when you have to self motivated and hold yourself accountable for your own productivity. It’s very easy to be lazy when when you have nobody to answer to but yourself.

I find that working from home I tend to break up the day a lot so I am left with little pockets of time where I want to do something other than work, so I’ll pop to the shops or do a load of laundry or play a game just to break work up. I’ve always been a PlayStation girl but recently I’ve been playing alot of games on apps on my phone. Now if you tell anyone I’ll deny it but I have spent more money than I’d like to admit on games on my phone but I don’t regret it at all because it’s so much fun at the time (I favour clicker games and home design games, don’t judge me). One thing I have come across a lot recently, now that I’m on the computer so much more, is online game sites like Novibet casino where there are a ton of games all in one place that can literally keep you entertained for hours! Not really great for getting back to work but definitely something that will fill spare pockets of time to have a load of fun and give your mind a break from mundane duties.


More plus size underwear for you…

In two recent posts, here and here, I spoke about how I have been looking for and discussing plus size underwear options, specifically sports/soft cup bras. I have been wearing underwire bras less and less and I love the freedom it gives me as well as how much more comfortable it is.

When I am at home I only wear bralettes and crop tops and I will only wear an underwire bra when I feel it is completely necessary. Being the size that I am I have been finding it very difficult to find companies that cater to my large back size. Last week I was made aware of an online shop called Elle Courbee who actually carry up to a 48 back in their bras and they have soft cups for people who want underwire and comfort.

I wear shape wear but not to create a new or adjust my current shape because in all honesty I think that would take steel but I wear soft control shape wear on my bottom half when I wear form fitting dresses to control the amount of jiggle when I am walking or dancing and it makes me feel a lot more comfortable even if it doesn’t  make miles of difference. Elle Courbee have a huge range of shape wear from knickers to full body garments to suit your individual needs. Not only do they have great options, they styles are absolutely gorgeous.

Screenshot_20180606-081726They have some stunning plus size corsets that look like they should be outerwear and not be hidden beneath clothes because the fabric and detailing is so pretty. If like me you’re always on the lookout for functional and attractive under garments then is another brand worth looking at. Finding great looking plus size under garments is a struggle so whenever I see any I feel like it needs to be shouted from the rooftops.

If you know of any less well known plus size underwear brands, please let me know :)

Dipping your foot in the water.

I started this blog talking only about plus size fashion and then I realised I wanted to share more than just what I was wearing. When I moved into my first place I started doing home improvement and home interior posts and was so happy to share all the things I was doing as well as sharing my clothes and outfits. Over the years I have been including more about home and lifestyle and my content has developed with me. I’m older now and I have more financial responsibilities than I did when I started when I was able to spend as much as I wanted to fashion and make-up. I found that trying something new can be really rewarding and in some cases useful to other people.

A few years ago I used to post videos to YouTube, those of you who have been around from the start will already know this but one day I just decided that it wasn’t for me. This week however I have been really wanting to record content again so I’m trying to decide what it is exactly that I want to create and share. I could go back to doing beauty and makeup videos or I could go down the route of fashion so it ties in with my blog and my Instagram or I could just turn on the camera and see what happens. But it’s definitely time to get creative and get back into creating content and be seen. I miss the excitement of having myself out in the world.

Something else that might be exciting for me to try is playing the lottery, it’s a funny old thing because growing up all my family members played the lottery, on their own and in a family syndicate. Initially I was too young and then when I was of age an uncle of mine would put money in for me under my name. Sometimes they won but mostly they didn’t and I never really thought much of it but I never actually played myself. I’m nearly 34 so I’ve been able to take part for many years but it was never something I thought about but recently I’ve been putting money into app games and it seems ridiculous to me because there is no chance of winning anything I just give them my money for bonus things in the game lol, don’t get me wrong it’s a lot of fun and I don’t mind that I do that but it’s weird that I don’t play games that can actually give me a return. I’m looking into the National lottery and might play a line occasionally and who knows. I’ve also been made aware of a few game sites like Netbet casino where I can play games exactly like the games I’m always playing on the app but I can actually win some money back!
Obviously you have to play responsibly. I’m a game girl so I do wonder how I’ll enjoy this type of gaming.

V-neck evolution bra

Having a large bust makes it very difficult when it comes to purchasing bras and sports bras. Recently I have been on the lookout for good supportive bras that don’t contain underwire as I find underwire extremely uncomfortable and I’m always waiting for the end of the day when I can get out of it.  I’ve gotten to the stage now in my life where comfort is key to me especially when it comes to underwear and clothes and it is top of my checklist when I am shopping now.

You can see from my last post that I have been trying out some comfort bras. I’ve recently been made aware of this company that have large cup and large back comfort bras that look fantastic. Knixwear have a range of soft cup bras that offer good support and great quality and they go up to large sizes which is obviously important when you’re plus size. Their products, specifically the V-neck evolution bra, are perfectly designed for a larger bust. It has sport straps which are wider and offer more support than regular bra straps so is very handy for people with larger busts so the straps don’t dig into your shoulders from the weight.

The Bra has molded cups for added comfort and adjustable straps so you can wear the bra having you like with straight back straps or a crossover in the back. perfect if you want an essential v-neck bra.



They say “We packed as much innovation as we could into this one bra. Because we know how much you pack into your day. We’ve designed this bra to mold to your shape, so you may find it snug for the first few wears. It’s also unlined so you can rock your natural shape. Prefer some extra coverage? Try the Padded Evolution bra.”

I hope more and more companies start making bras like these is larger sizes because not everyone wants to wear uncomfortable underwire everyday and some of us don’t have the luxury of being able to go bra-less.

Playing games online

The internet can be used for so many things these days, from shopping, connecting with friends, starting a business and playing games to pass the time, The list can go on forever. As someone who uses the internet for a lot of different things, I have recently been looking at new ways to spend my time online and make the most of the World Wide Web. Shopping and social media is great, but I also know there is loads more to see and do online.

Fun & Games Online

One thing I have been intrigued by lately is online betting and gaming. I have always loved playing console games so the added bonus of maybe winning some money is great – who doesn’t love free money? I wouldn’t recommend everyone go out and there and gamble if they can’t afford it, but if I have any spare pennies then I do admit to liking the odd flutter.

When I was looking at different places to play online I came across a place to compare internet blackjack sites– I really liked the way that the site looked and the fact that it had a mixture of different games to choose from.

However one of the nicest things about the site is that it offers different bonuses. This meant that when I made my initial deposit to the site I order to play, I actually got more money to play with. As you will all know, I love a bargain so this idea really appealed to be.

Gaming Responsibility

The thrill of gambling online is such a fun one but I would make sure it is something that you can afford to do. I have been lucky with a couple of small bets I have placed, but I do know that not everyone will be so lucky!

Of course, that said the whole thing is a lot of fun and I love sitting in of an evening and having a few games while I watch TV. I find it really fun and relaxing and if you’re someone that would love a bit of a gamble online I would thoroughly recommend it!

Play responsibly and most importantly – have fun!


Saving pennies while clothes shopping.

Being someone who started out blogging only about fashion and being a fashionista through and through I’m always glad to hear about ways I can save money when shopping, especially when shopping for clothes. With summer fast approaching I have been on the lookout for some new maxi dresses and a few summer cami tops so I have been shopping around the main plus size stores that come to mind.

Forever 21 are a really good brand for low price throw away fashion, they are always on trend and have a huge range in the plus size section, which I love to see. One thing in particular I love about the brand is that the fashions are not only what society deem “plus size appropriate” and have a lot of items for people who are happy to wear tighter items and show more of their bodies.


Somewhere I never thought I would be stopping by when thinking about shopping for clothes as a plus size person is Groupon.  At the moment they have some great deals, check out Groupon’s latest clothes discounts including Forever21. They offer discounts codes for so many websites that its silly not to check them out before making any online purchases because there are so many opportunities to save some money. I love that you are able to save on so many things that you would normally buy anyway so you’re not having random things you don’t need shoved down your throat. You can save on your normal grocery shopping, things for your children such as nappies or toys and it’s especially good for buying gifts for people with special categories to help make finding the perfect gift easy.

The website is super easy to navigate and has a ton of categories for you choose from to narrow down what you are looking for. If you from electronics, gifts for him, pets and beauty to travel.

Any go to money saving ideas you have , I would love to hear x

Plus size fashion, home and lifestyle blog.