Staying organised at home.

One of the biggest things for me working at home is managing my time and staying organised so everything runs smoothly.

I like to keep and tidy workspace because it keeps my mind clear and I bullet journal because it allows me to structure all my activities and thoughts in a way that reflects by laid back schedule opposed to day to page planners aimed at people with a more regular routine.

I need to be able to organise work tasks as well as household tasks and social events and appointments and thoughts and to do lists and TV shows I’m watching and every else you can think of and bullet journaling gives you a huge wide open canvas for you to create something that suits your needs.

Along side my journal I am now looking for a noticeboard of some kind that is always out with the things I need to see day to day and also things that involve other household members that they may need to see too. I want something up in a communal space so both me and my sister can see when joint things are coming up for example the next landlord inspection or appointments for our dogs and maybe even things that need to be added to the next shopping list.

I have two desks (work stations) in my bedroom  one I use to work at and one is use as my make up vanity table, I got both desks at IKEA for a really great price and they work perfectly for what I use them for.

20180305_152440This is the desk I work at. Its the Linnmon desk which I chose with the black legs.

Having a noticeboard up in front of my work desk would be good for managing my time so I’m able to start and finish work at a set time knowing what tasks need to be completed that day. I think noticeboards are a good way to keep your mind clear because you have everything you need to remember in one place so your mind isn’t always cluttered thinking about what needs to be done. They are up and out of the way and easy to add to or change whether you choose a whiteboard or a pinboard.

The noticeboard I’m looking at, at the moment caught my eye for a few reasons  It’s the Camira Lucia pinboard from Sundeala.

Screenshot_20180313-100623Obviously my name is Lucia so who wouldn’t want something that had their name! Not only that but it comes in so many colours so whatever your colour scheme in your home it office you will be able to find a fabric colour that will work. Most important for me about this particular pinboard is that it has no frame, so if you can see in the picture of my desk area I have a hanging canvas on the wall behind my desk so I would much prefer a notice board that doesn’t have a metal frame.

Something I just got this week to get to help with staying organised at home is a small drawer unit that I can keep all the things I am working on at that time. I like to always keep my desk tidy all the time so being able to keep papers and notes and small items I’m reviewing close by and within reach but still out of eye sight is perfect for me.

Screenshot_20180313-100056This is the Lennart drawers under the Linnmon desk I have and the combo works great in my room. Creating the perfect work space in my home is really important to me as it helps to motivate me and encourages me to be creative.

What helps keep you motivated and what are your best organisational tools?

some thoughts on dating…

How long is long enough to focus on yourself before starting to look for love again?
I have been single 3 years and I have been dating on and off during that time. I use online dating sites to meet new people so I have a little bit of experience to work with. Sometimes I go on a couple of dates a weeks and sometimes I go months without talking to anyone at all, it just kinda depends how I’m feeling.
I use recommendations from Friends to decide which sites I want to sign up with and listen to their experiences on said sites to chose the best one for me.
I like to use dating sites to meet new people and to get out more and learn what the dating scene was like again and its always nice to meet people you may not come across in your normal everyday life.

As a plus size woman I find a couple of things very handy when dating; I like to make sure I arrive at the bar/restaurant first. Personally I like to get there a few minutes early. That way I can walk in, get a drink and find an area of the bar/pub that I like the most. I can sit down and get comfortable and sorted before they arrive.

Choosing your time wisely is also something to think about. The time that you meet someone can help take the pressure off. Try and meet someone in the evening, rather than the afternoon where you could be stuck for hours on a date you aren’t comfortable. If you do have to meet in the afternoon, tell them beforehand you have somewhere to be at a set time so that you can leave as and when you need.

Dating in a new area is a really good way to see who and what is in that area and it also gives the opportunity to go on dates and visit bars and restaurants that you haven’t been to before.

A couple of sites that are really good for  daters are no strings dating and single women in Galloway.

There are so many things to think about when you are about to start dating, for example how far you’re willing to travel to date, what the age range is you are willing to date, what qualities you look for in a potential partner now etc because you may have changed and aged since your last relationship and may be looking for something completely different but the very first thing I had to establish with myself was that I was actually ready to meet somebody new. I also have a think about weather I was looking for the same qualities as I was when I was searching last time I’ve grown older I live in a different city so I had to make sure but I knew exactly what it was I was looking for before I started looking.

There are so many lesser known websites that help people find a whole host of different types of relationships and I’m going to share a few of them with you but there are so many more for you to decide what suits your particular needs. The following are all over 50’s dating sites. The sites are regional so you can find local people. Senior datingMerseyside dating and date Cheshire singles are just a handful.

Looking for new lace wigs?

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As a woman of colour who loves to experiment with her hair, I am always on the lookout for good quality, inexpensive lace wigs. If you look at my Instagram you will see that I always change up my hair. I recently tried out a new wig that is synthetic, which is new for me, as I wanted to try out some longer units and didn’t want to spend too much in case it didn’t suit me. I ended up going with the Freetress wig in the style Karissa and I absolutely love it! It reminds me of wearing bundles, you get that super long, thick, diva hair without the price of bundles.



Freetress Equal deep invisible L part – Karissa, this unit is great for nights out and for feeling glam in general. Below are a couple of pictures of me wearing the Karissa wig Screenshot_20180227-132629I tweezed the parting a little bit and added a little of my face powder to the part just to help it blend a nit better but its such a natural part that it was very easy. Screenshot_20180227-132604


The website has so many different units to choose from, no matter what style suits you best. Wigs are a great way to change up your look without committing to a hair cut or colour.

Its definitely worth taking a look and seeing if anything takes your fancy as synthetic units are so inexpensive, for me I like to try out different styles before investing in a Brazilian lace unit.

If you have tried any of these wigs I’d love to know what you think.

You Want A Timeless, Chic Bathroom… Here’s How To Get It!

You Want A Timeless, Chic Bathroom… Here’s How To Get It!


There is nothing more satisfying than coming home from a long, hard day at work and soaking in a hot, bubbly bath with a glass of red. It’s how many of us unwind when we are stressed and feeling the pressure of day-to-day life.

But if having a bath after a long slog is your idea of heaven, you need to ensure that you’re doing it in style, right? Having a state-of-the-art bathroom will mean you can do just that.

So if you’re set on soaking away in style, check out our tips below on how to get the bathroom of your dreams.


The Contemporary vs. Classic Dilemma

Trends come and go, but a timeless design will always looks great. Bathroom design patterns change constantly,  but if you wish to give your bathroom a touch that is truly timeless, you shouldn’t settle with what’s new on the block and currently trending.

It is better to opt for classic bathroom designs as they look appealing even after decades have passed. Take the examples of castles and forts that you may have visited and stared at with wonder…their designs continue to impress tourists even after centuries have passed and that’s because people love classic décor.

When renovating a bathroom, there are many factors that you need to consider such as wall shades, fixtures, installations and flooring.

Instead of renovating a bathroom time and time again, it is better to give it a look that stays fresh and appealing, even after years have passed.

Before deciding on the design for your bathroom, it is always best to conduct thorough research. You may have to be shameless and ask your friends for a little sneak peak of their bathroom, or it may involve visiting far too many bathroom stores than you can possibly stomach right now. But it will all be worth it in the end when you have the perfect environment to warm up in.

Changing up the bathroom is also a great way for people to increase the value of their home. Adding timeless elements to your home is one simple way to add value to your house without having to splash too much cash.

It’s true that contemporary elements have their own irresistible charm too, so the possibilities really are endless when it comes to redecorating your bathroom.

But if you’re set on creating a bathroom that looks timeless and full of character, here are some suggestions that you can easily implement.


  • Bathroom flooring

Stone is considered to be the best choice when it comes to giving your floors a look that’s attractive and at the same time long lasting. It gives your bathroom a traditional look that complements every style and also gives a unique touch to the walls.

Travertine is the best stone option that you can choose for your bathroom, as it is easy to maintain and durable too.

It is possible that you do not prefer mosaic tiles as your first choice for bathroom floor, but you shouldn’t reject the option it as it can change the entire look of your bathroom when teamed with everything else.

For a richer, classic look, try to mix black and white mosaic tiles together. Stick to straight lines and patterns rather than conceptual outlines if you don’t want to create a bathroom that is unbearably quirky.

  • Avoid trendy colours- use bright and white

The trend of using white and bright colours will never become out-dated. They always remain timeless. You can also use a mixture of ivory, but making use of white shade will give your bathroom a timeless, roomy look. Stylish or bold shades might go out of fashion with time, but you can never go wrong with white.

If you’re set on adding a little colour to your haven, opt for trendy hues like blues, yellows, ivory and greens. Avoid anything that is too bold.


  • Incorporate historic finishes

Historic finishes can create a timeless feel for your bathroom. This does not mean that you have to use antiques in your bathroom, though that is certainly something to consider. But you can instead opt for antique-style finishes, such as a clawfoot tub.

When it comes to fixtures, it’s better to include vintage-type nickel installations as opposed to sparkling metals.

  • Pedestal sink

If you are designing a guest bathroom, try to use a pedestal sink rather than the obvious vanity option. These sinks will make your bathroom appear larger, which is exactly the look you should be aiming for.

Furnish it well with nickel finishes and balance the metals in your bathroom with warm wood flooring.

  • Lighting

The lighting totally depends on the overall design, furnishing, and layout of your bathroom. Apart from allowing plenty of natural sunlight into the room, there are other things that you can opt for i.e. wall and ceiling lighting.

As for roof or ceiling fixtures, you can go all out and include a large chandelier, if you really want to pull of the most glamorous design you can. If not, opt for something a little more refined but ensure it still has precious stone or glass pendants so that you still feel utterly fabulous when you’re relaxing.


  • Heating

One way to keep your bathroom warm and cosy is to get yourself some underfloor heating – but the cost of that will depend on the dimensions of your bathroom, so definitely get a few quotes before you go full steam ahead.


Underfloor heating can be installed easily, so if you do decide that you can’t possibly live without it for a second longer, start enquiring and warm up those tootsies of yours.



  • Natural materials add elegance and style

Making use of natural materials like wood can give your bathroom a timeless look. Darker wood shades provide a stylish and classy look that works fantastically with neutral tones. You don’t need to change your bathroom fittings and equipment to get this look either, so it’s a win win.

You can include few framed works of art, or a vanity mirror dark wood framing to get this look fairly effortlessly.



  • Built in storage

Who doesn’t want or need extra storage in their house? It’s an ongoing issue for most and there never seems to be enough room to put everything. Having built in storage is an extremely useful feature, especially for your bathroom where you no doubt want to hide the majority of products you use so you can relax without distraction.

A classic bathroom design never goes out of fashion and it can increase the value of your home too. By following some, if not all of the tips above, you will certainly get yourself the bathroom of your dreams. Then all that is left is for you to warn all of your loved ones that they won’t be seeing much of you because you’ll be tucked away in your little room of paradise!


5 Things you may not have known about hair loss until this article

Hair loss is one of those problems that stress out a lot of people, especially when it happens in your youthful years. Many people try all kinds of hair loss products to reverse this phenomenon that can take a toll on their self-esteem. But even as you try to reverse hair loss, how much do you know about this problem? There is probably a bunch of things you didn’t know about it that may be negatively affecting your efforts to deal with hair loss. To help you out, here are 5 things you may not have known about hair loss until this article.


  1. Too much exercise can lead to hair loss

While we are constantly told to exercise in order to stay healthy, too much of it is counterproductive. That’s because when you over exercise, your body lacks the ability to replenish itself. As a result it starts taking nutrients from non-vital parts such as your scalp, leading to hair loss. That’s why you should try and exercise in moderation.


  1. Inconsistent dieting can lead to hair loss

Many people trying to lose weight turn to dieting. Unfortunately if you dieting routine is inconsistent, it can result in hair loss. For instance, if you embark on an all fruit diet for a week, then suddenly start binge eating, your body will take this as a signal to start storing up vital nutrients just in case the food intake drops again. In the course of this process, it will starve non-vital aspects of your body such as the hair of nutrients, leading to hair loss.


  1. Not all hair regrowth products work

There are so many hair loss products in the market, all promising great results. Unfortunately, only a very small percentage of them work.  That’s why you need to do some serious due diligence before you buy a hair loss product. It’s only by buying top quality products such as those sold by Hairlossable that you can be sure of a successful hair regrowth journey. Otherwise, you will end up wasting your money on useless products that might have negative side effects on you scalp.


  1. Hair loss could be a symptom of Thyroid problems

Many people don’t know this, but the thyroid has a critical role to play in how your body functions. If it develops any problems, your body might be unable to regulate energy levels leading to hair loss. For instance, if your thyroid is not active enough, your hair might starting thinning out and break. On the other hand, if it is overactive, it might cause your hair to shed excessively. In essence, sudden hair loss should trigger to seek medical advice and have your thyroid checked.


  1. Baby delivery can lead to hair loss

When delivering a baby, your body redirects most of its energy towards safeguarding your survival. This denies your scalp of the necessary nutrients it needs to keep your hair strong and healthy. That’s why you shouldn’t panic if you experience hair loss a month or so after delivery. It’s a normal occurrence and will reverse once your body returns to normal. Besides, you can always use a good hair regrowth product to hasten this process.

5 Tips to Prepping for a Job Interview

Preparing for a job interview is probably one of the most challenging and vital of times you may go through in life. It is a make or break situation, some would say. So, before this grueling day arrives, you might as well be armed and ready. Read on for some tips which can help you ace your job interview.


  1.  Read about the company.

Researching the company before your job interview will give you an edge over those candidates who are less prepared. Knowing the company’s background by reading the industry profile and knowing their mission and vision will be able to help you answer questions and express to your interviewer that you have a great interest in the company to want to become a part of it.


  1.  Match your skills to the job requirements.

Note the skills and abilities required for the job and see if it matches your strengths and knowledge. Be ready for when the interviewer asks a specific example of something that you did which can give him an idea of how you performed in it. If you are ready to answer such queries, you will have a good opportunity to discuss your skills and abilities.


  1.  Present yourself confidently.

It is essential to show your future employer your confidence; just do not overdo it. You can start off by standing straight, making eye contact and giving a firm handshake. You can provide a great first impression by practicing good nonverbal communication.


  1.  Dress to impress.

First impressions last so better make your first appearance count. You must look your best on your job interview. First and foremost, make sure that you look neat and clean and your outfit as well. It is always safe to wear business attire during job interviews. Err on the formal than feel sorry by dressing down. To increase your chance of getting noticed, you can add something to your attire. Wearing cologne or perfume can complete your winning attire. One such perfume which can harness attention as well as compliments from the people around you, is the pheromone perfume. Just as you are dressed to impress, the pheromone perfume can give you the boost of confidence you need on your job interview.


  1.  Prepare questions to ask.

Interviews usually end with the interviewer asking the interviewee if he/she has any questions. Mostly answer with “No”. It is high time to know that “No” is an incorrect answer to that question. The candidate should also be ready to ask questions, that way, the interviewer knows that you have interest in the goings on in the company. It is also an excellent way to see if you have applied for a job that matches your interests.


As the adage goes, there are no second chances in making the first impressions. With job hunting, it actually pays to be ready, pun intended. With the tips and strategies laid out, you now must do your part by doing your research, rehearsing your answers and keeping your confidence within arm’s reach. It will never hurt to put your best foot forward; you have your tools such as your winning outfit and attractive scent. Hopefully, the tips above will enhance your interview skills and get you that job you’re aiming for.


5 Tips to Looking Good at the Beach this Summer

Beach weather is just around the corner. Everyone has varied reasons for being pumped up for the summer. For some, it is the idea of being off of school while others enjoy time at the beach with family and friends. But before you can enjoy your days off at the beach with family and friends you have first to prepare your body. Achieving a toned and shapely body is often important to those who look forward to spending their time lounging on the beach in their swimwear. Having a great deal of self confidence in how you feel about yourself can show through in how you carry yourself on the beach. When you are confident, you may feel proud of certain aspects of your body which is a beautiful thing! If you are considering toning up, there are many ways to do so. If you are hoping to work on a specific area such as your dierriere, there are many ways to consider how to get a bigger butt fast, but of course, they are not that easy. Squats and working on your glutes takes a great deal of dedication and consistent work to be effective. Read on for other tips to look good before you hit the beach.


  1.  Keep your skin looking healthy.

A big plus to looking good this summer is having great skin while lounging under the sun. While the sun can help achieve the perfect tan, you should start out by protecting your skin from the sun’s harmful UV rays. Make sure to use lotion or moisturizer with the right SPF to ward away aging effects and cancer-causing elements from the sun. Staying hydrated is a big help in achieving glowing and healthy skin.


  1.  Remove unwanted hair.

So you are going to wear sexy outfits at the beach. If hair removal is something that is part of your beauty regiment and something that you prefer on your body and makes you feel more confident and comfortable then before heading to the beach this might be something you want to do if you don’t want to be caught with stray hairs. 

  1.  Keep a chic haircut.

The whole package should look great when at the beach. So you need to think about how your hair should look, too. You can use a nice hair clip or headband to keep your hair out of your face. Or you can sport a nice haircut and have your stylist remove the frizz and split ends off your locks. You can also go natural and let nature take its toll on your hair, have it look wavy from the wind or straight just like coming out of the water. Just make sure to use moisturizing shampoo and conditioner after swimming at the beach to keep the glow to your hair.


  1.   Your body, your rules. 

There is no secret to having the body that you dream of  but whether you love the body you have or are in the process of tweaking yours, your body is beach ready now. And since you are looking forward to bikini season, you just might want to wear things that emphasize certain body parts like a big booty. You can do squats and butt lifting exercises regularly which can release growth hormones meaning more muscle growth for a bigger and better butt. Whatever you decide to do with your body, even if that’s nothing at all, you are ready to flaunt that great body.


  1.  Be confident.

Looking good actually radiates from feeling good about yourself. Finding the right swimwear that will suit your body can add to your confidence. Choose a swimsuit which can complement your skin and hair color. You can also look for swimwear with patterns or designs which can compliment your shape. Wear something that suits your personality so you can walk with your head up and give a swing to your hips as you stroll along the sands.


Looking good is all about having the confidence to carry yourself well, knowing you have done your best to achieve your goals. Here’s to hoping that the five tips above help you rock that perfect swimsuit on sandy beaches this summer.


5 tips to treating hair loss

Hair loss is a condition that most people dread. According to statistics, scientists found out that 50 percent of men and 30 percent of women in the US experience hair loss in some parts of their lives.

Doctors have found numerous causes of hair loss. Some result from poor diets, lack of certain minerals and vitamins, medications, hormones and genes, excessive styling, and so forth. Experts classify hair loss as either temporary or permanent.

For instance, temporary hair loss happens if a patient is undergoing chemotherapy, he or she will lose some of the hair on their head because of the strong medication he or she is taking. Nevertheless, the hair will grow back as soon as the patient completes the chemotherapy.


Hair is essential to our body because it keeps us warm and attractive. Take time to read this article to discover tips that treat hair loss.


  1. Consume a better diet

Most people do not look after their diet. Good food will not just fill your stomach. It does more than that.

Digested food gets into the blood, which is distributed to different parts of the body. The supplements within the food assist in developing cells, and growth of different parts of your body.

The hair follicle is part of a protein known as keratin. Therefore, if you experience hair loss, start treating it with some good food. Include sweet potatoes, onion juice, spinach, carrots and eggs into your diet.


  1. Say goodbye to certain shampoos


Some hair loss problems result from using excessive chemicals on your hair.

Additionally, blow dryers, and styling tools are harmful to your head, especially if you have a dry scalp. Experts will advocate that users should avoid certain chemicals because of the effects they bring to your hair.

Lean on natural homemade remedies to solve this problem. Avocados, coconut milk, aloe vera, are excellent examples of treatments you should have in mind.

You can also look for regrowth shampoos at Hairlossable by Andrea. In this website, you will find all the shampoos that your hair needs to grow back within a few weeks of use.


  1. Fall in love with the sun

One constituent that hair contains is vitamin D. Vitamin D not only strengthens our bones but also develops hair.

Most people do not know this truth. Exposing your head to the sun in the morning or evening hours provides enough vitamin D for our hair. Doctors also say that stress is a catalyst for hair loss. While you rest under the sun, you will be able to clear your head because the sun is a stress reliever.


  1.  Exercise and meditation

Exercise is good for our bodies. In addition to that, it has massive effects on how our hair grows. Take walks, jogs, or even go to the gym.

Yoga and meditation is also an essential remedy for your hair.


  1. Take medication

Some medications slow down hair growth. On the other side, medical scientists then developed drugs to counter this process. The pill ensures that the remaining hair is still healthy and prevents other losses. Some of the medications to take include Rogaine, Propecia, spironolactone, and hair transplantation.

During hair transplants, the doctor will take some skin that contains active follicles and move them to the bald section.



Both men and women should take care of their hair. People who have much hair loss go for tattoos and wigs. Therefore, it is crucial, and you will look more healthy. Women should avoid too much styling as it weakens the hair sometimes.

For people under medication such as chemotherapy,take these pills to control hair loss or bring back the lost glory.



5 tips to redecorate a small bathroom

You might be sat in your home one day and think that things are starting to look a little tired, so a  redecoration project spring to mind. But revamping your home doesn’t come cheap, so we look at other ways we can spruce things up a bit. A small bathroom is an example of this. We would all love to do a big renovation and double the size of the room, but this kind of project is very expensive and time consuming. Luckily, there are some tricks in the decoration of the room that can help you to give one of the most used rooms in your home a little makeover.


  1. Colours

It is well known that lighter colours are better for smaller rooms since it opens up spaces beautifully. White is the most common colour to use, but if your worried that white has a tendency to get dirtier quicker, you can always look to other palettes. Light blue can be a very good option and is perfect if you want to give a mediterranean or coastal look to your bathroom. Since we are talking renovation on a tight budget you can always just tile the areas that needs tiling, like showers, baths and splashbacks. This means you can just paint the remaining areas to cut costs.


  1. Add a mirror

One of the oldest tricks to make your bathroom look larger, install a large mirror over your sink. The mirror bounces light in the room as well as creating the illusion of more space thanks to the reflection. Another way of doing this is too put a collection of mirrors instead of a big one. You can find them everywhere for a pretty inoffensive price.


  1. Replace the lights

LED lights are incredibly popular right now thanks to their brighter light and energy saving properties. Adding different points of light, can help too in making the room bigger. Alternatively, you can work with natural light where you can. Having large windows opens the room up to that natural light that can make a room look and feel more spacious.


  1. Taking advantage empty spots

Why not use the gap over the toilets as a storage place? Using blank spaces in the room for storage will keep the room looking tidy and clean but can also double up for decorative items. Instead of storage you could install a set of shelves which is ideal for adding those personal touches.


  1. The floor

The floor doesn’t have to be a big expense, you can find very low cost floors and the best example to this are vinyl floor tiles. This flooring is perfect for the bathroom as it is both water and scratch resistant. This is very important in a room like the bathroom which is prone to a higher levels of traffic. Not only this, but vinyl is also one of the safest options as it offers far more traction underfoot. This anti-slip property is crucial for bathrooms which are renown for their slippy floors. Another advantage is that it is extremely simple to clean, needing only a regular mop and or sweep to keep it hygienic and looking good. As for aesthetics, vinyl is available in a huge range of designs including wood and tile effect. This gives  you plenty of choice and will make creating your dream bathroom easy.


So there you have it, a few tips that can help you to make some changes to your bathroom even when you’re a little strapped for cash.


5 Tips to Properly Maintaining Your Beard


5 Tips to Properly Maintaining Your Beard

Growing a beard has once again become a fashionable trend in the recent past. A whole month every year, November, is dedicated to growing beards, with hashtags trending on all social media platforms. However, grooming and taking care of beards is not as easy as people might think. A man has first to learn tips on how to make it grow. When it is of a satisfactory length, he ought to learn how to keep it presentable and make sure it stays dazzling. There are various ways to maintain your beard and keep it constantly radiant. Below are tips to follow:

1) Washing

Practicing hygiene when maintaining a beard is necessary, considering it is still an extension of the body. Just like hair, it is capable of absorbing particles from all sorts of things and trapping them within the hair strands. The bigger the beard, the higher the number of times it needs washing. There are many products that one can use, but the simplest is ordinary shampoo or soap and water. Regular washing of a beard enables it to stay soft, making sure that it is easy to comb and shape into various fashionable styles. It also hastens its growth. One is advised to wash his beard a number of times weekly, preferably 3 or 2.

2) Trimming

Trimming beards is very essential. A beard should match a face shape for it to look neat. The best way to trim it would be to use a cordless beard trimmer. They come in a range of models that are customized to meet the clients’ specific needs. There is also a comprehensive guideline that shows one every step he has to follow to take full advantage of the device’s capabilities. The trimmers are affordable and very portable, making them efficient tools that come in handy even when one is travelling.

3) Using Beard Oil

Just like normal hair, beards need to be taken care off with oil. This is the only way to tame its growth and not have a bushy and ugly facial hair. When it is extremely dry, it can also cause high levels of discomfort, tending to be prickly, spiky, and itchy. Regular use of beard oil is also advised to improve the outlook of the beard and increase the glossy effect. The oils also come with a range of scents that work well for the owners.  

4) Using a Softener

Some softeners work like hair conditioners that are designed to keep a beard soft. Softeners also create a velvety feeling to the beard, eliminating all possibilities of constant itching. When using these softeners, men are always advised to make sure it reaches the follicles of the beard to ensure maximum efficiency  

5) Styling

Beards require regular styling to avoid looking rugged. The styles are relative, depending on the owner’s preferences. Numerous styling balms can be used for the beard. They function effectively by helping one control the facial hair and keep it in place or shape. The balms also create a bouncy look that improves appearance.


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