Midnight Lace – I love a little something sexy!

I love sexy lingerie!!!!!!
I think all woman fat or thin should feel sexy and nothing makes me feel more sexy than a nice bit of lingerie.
I have quite a few pieces but I have never spoke about them on my blog purely because I was never sure how I could photograph them and really do them justice with showing the world my goodies lol
I recently discovered a new company through Twitter that do plus size lingerie from chemises and baby dolls to hosiery. The company is called ninexlingerie and they go up to a UK size 28

                             I had to put on a bra to review this piece as the item is completely see through, but it came in handy as the negligee does not offer much support, As a H cup I need as much support as I can get.

The fabric is very soft and stretchy and feels very sexy on. I have taken the full body pic with leggings on so you can get an idea of length and fit etc. without me being half naked.
  They sent me a beautiful blue negligee that is lace with a satin trim.
 The piece that I am wearing is available Here
 This piece is very sexy and I really like the colour as its not like any others that I have. This negligee was very well received by my other half, who told me to blog about how much he liked it lol.
 A pic with flash so you can see the true colour
Ninexlingerie have this item in a number of colours and it sells for only £12.99
They have so many other items including lingerie sets, hosiery and dressing gowns.
They go up to a UK 28 in some of their items and for the quality and price range I will definitely be looking for some more sexy bits and bobs.

Wild Thing I Think I love You.

I bought this leopard print Alice and You swing dress from ASOS at the end of last year and I have no idea why I haven’t mentioned it til now.

Its such a lovely dress, Its my first ever swing dress and I wasn’t too sure at first because I have massive boobs and was a little worried that it might look funny but since I am such a fan of leopard print I had to have it and now i am really glad that i got it.

I wanted to write this post so all you big busted ladies who are unsure about swing dresses can see what it looks like on someone my size..

This will be a very picture heavy post as there is not all that much to say… just have a look and see what you think.

 I might actually prefer this dress with a belt around the middle to give it a bit more shape, but I was happy wearing it like this for the evening. 

 The bag is from the Zara basic range.
 I just have on a pair of black leggings and a pair of brown ankle boots from Evans
 I wore my old Evans stud detailed biker jacket.

 Yup!!! I prefer this dress when its given some shape… Defo think I will try it with a belt next time.

 Wow… looks like I have a waist lol
On my face I stuck to browns and black to tie in with the animal print in the dress. I kept my lips neutral as the eye makeup is the focus.  

A pic of me with X Factor’s ‘Brick City’ at an Art fund raising event

I hope people actually enjoy reading my posts or at least find them a little helpful xxxx


Hamburger Queen Final OOTD

At the end of last month I attended the Hamburger Queen final
It was a little bitter sweet as this was the last Hamburger Queen competition ever :( I went  a couple of times last year and I loved it so I wasn’t going to miss this finals this year.
if you don’t know what Hamburger Queen is I wrote about it a few weeks ago and you can read about it HERE
I mainly wanted to write this post because of the awesome skirt I wore that night. I picked this skirt up from a fellow blogger at a clothes swap a couple of months ago. The skirt was made by another blogger on the scene. I love how clothes get to be passed around and loved like new.

Little Ladybug
I kept the rest of the outfit really really simple with a black form fitting top that I have had for years and a pair of black leggings. 
This skirt is amazing! I would love to have it in black and white too. Its falls like a full circle skirt, Its so floaty and feminine. There is so much movement when you are walking I felt like a ladybird princess.  

Before I left home I put on a skinny red belt that came with a YoursClothing dress that I have. 
I have on my Primark wide fit shoes that everyone is going crazy about. I love them sooo much, they are probably my most comfortable shoes!

 I kept the makeup really simple too. 
False lashes and my trusty red lippy (Ruby Woo by MAC)
 All of the jewellery I am wearing is costume pieces that I picked up Primark. 
Here I am pictured with the gorgeous and talented Ginger Johnson 
(had to get a pic with her again as I have a lovely pic with her from last year too) 
People suggest some awesome Drag events for me to go to!!!
I am in search of some fabulous Diva-ness


Putting on my big girls pants.

A company that I love, that offer plus size women great quality and an extensive range of hosiery and under garments are The Big Bloomers Company.
They have pieces in their range that start at a size 12 and go all the way up to a size 42
Being at the larger end of plus size this is perfect for me.

A problem a lot of women have, not just plus size women, but also women with large thighs, is chafing. The big Bloomers Company sent me a pair of their Anti-Chafing Knickers to try out and I was pleasantly surprised. I chose the long leg version in black as I wanted something a little longer so I would be able to wear skirts without leggings and not worry so much about the wind showing everyone my secrets lol.

 I could argue these are more like an anti chafing cycling short as I wore them with knickers underneath.

The material is super stretchy and super comfortable, you could even size down if you wanted a little support.

not the best pic but you can get an idea of the length on me. (and they are pulled all the way up over my tummy)

I am a shorty, standing at a pint sized 5ft 2″ so these came up quite long on me but the fabric allows for manipulation so I ended pulling the legs up a bit and they were still totally comfortable.

I love that I can wear these under a skirt in the summer without them showing and still avoid ‘chub rub’ but i wont be embarrassed if the wind does blow up my floaty skirts and dresses.
These are going to come in so handy for the summer, the material is so comfortable between the thighs.
If you are a shorty like me I suggest getting the short legged version.
Have you tried any of their other products? Do you have any recommendations?
Thanks for reading guys xxx

Its Hammer Time! Love these trousers.

Its Hammer Time!
I have been seeing a lot of people embracing the ‘Boyfriend’ style, jeans and blazers etc…
Being a size 30/32 its near impossible to have anything that is oversized and baggy, even items that are sold as ‘oversize’ are still just a tad close fitting when you are not able to size up at all.
I recently discovered that Yours Clothing have expanded their range and now have over 200 items available up to a size 36!
This have given me the opportunity to size up in items that I would like to have more room in.
Yours clothing have kindly gifted me a couple of items for me to share with you that I have sized up in to create looks that I would normally be unable to achieve.
The first item I want to show you is a pair of Cotton roll up crop trousers.
I chose these for a couple if reasons, Firstly I wanted to be able to wear a dressed up ‘Boyfriend’ look and also because summer if fast approaching and I like that these trousers are so light and airy.
 Here I wore them with a simple white camisole and a denim men’s shirt that I got on eBay a year ago and added silver collar tips to.
I love how big and baggy these trousers are, It feels a little like Hammer Time lol
 These trouser have a drawstring tie at the waist so I can have it secure on the waist and super loose everywhere else. These are a great trouser for people who are concerned about our good old VBO (Visible belly outline)
I am wearing my new white Lo Converse all stars.
I tied the shirt up to make the look a little more feminine but I really like it either way.
 I am showing two looks that I like with these trousers because I think they are so versatile, they really are a nice wardrobe staple that can be worn for any occasion.
I wanted to show that these casual trousers can also be dressed up and look amazing.
 I wanted to show that you create altogether new look, suitable for evening with the casual trousers and the same camisole but adding heels and a blazer.
I personally love this look and I think the laid back casualness of the trousers is what makes it. I love the whole ‘I just threw this on but still look great’ kinda look.
 I have on a pair of black suedette heels from New look and an oversized grey New look Inspire blazer. I changed the costume jewellery that I had on also and I really like the all together look.
I will definitely be getting a lot of wear out of these trousers this summer and another great thing is that they are only £15!
There are so many different ways that these trousers can be styled and i am definitely looking forward to playing around with them.
Thanks for reading guys!



Pretty and Perfect Purples.

Pretty and Perfect Purples.  
This year I have been totally obsessed with purple lipsticks.
I know purple isn’t a lip colour for everyone so I thought I would take a few pics so people can see what they look like on.
I always like to see women that are a similar skin tone to myself wearing shades that I am consdering buying, so here are a few purples on me :)
These lipsticks in order are:
1. Mac – Heroine
2. Mac – Bold Spring
3. Wet n Wild – Mauve Outta here
4.Mac – RiRi Boy
5. Mac – Up the amp
6. LimeCrime – Airborne Unicorn
Heroine is a perfect and true purple and Airborne unicorn is a light lavender. The rest I would describe as pinky toned purples and are much easier to work with and more ‘acceptable’ as everyday colours. I however would wear any of these at anytime at all. I love them all and I think purple is such a nice colour on the lips and there are so many shades that I’m sure everyone could find their perfect purple.
Have any of you braved a purple lip?
If so what is your favourite?

Set the birds free!!!

“Welcome to the Shop Your Stash Challenge. This is all about finding a gem in what you already own and creating a blog post on it. This is to let go a little of the stress that comes with being a blogger – even if it is just once a month. Rummage through your beauty products and climb through those clothes draws. You might surprise yourself!”
I had plans to go out to club Indulge last night and I hadn’t really thought about what I was going to wear so when I remembered that the Shop Your Stash post was due today I used that as an opportunity to find an outfit in some of the older items in my wardrobe.
I went for a ex Evans jersey shirt with bird print and a pair of old Evans jeans.
This handbag is one I picked up in Primark about a year or so ago and bought it with the shirt in mind. (the bags second ever outing) The shoes however are new, picked up last week in Primark.
I actually really like this outfit and thanks to the #shopyourstash challenge some old gems got to see a night out lol.
Kisses xx

My Primark Treasures!!! VIDEO!!

Good day ladies :-)
People always seem really surprised when I say I buy clothes from Primark… not because its Primark but because I wear a UK size 30/32 and Primark do clothes up to a size 20!
I have made a Plus Size Primark Haul Video!

I would really like it if you would watch the video but I’m going to put up a few pics of some of the tops that I picked up over the last week just so you can see that there are some things that we women at the bigger end of plus size can pick up for fantastic prices that are still super on trend <3
I’m going to start with my favourite Primark Purchase
Black floaty Crop top, UK size 18!!!
They have this in black, Cream and Pink
£3 in Primark.
I love how girly a floaty this top is, its really fun and swishy
This is an oversized loungy crop top that has super droopy arm holes, 
This is a size 20! and is also £3 in Primark at the moment, 
They have this one is Black, white, purple and a neon orange.
Guns N Roses oversized T dress. 
This is a long Tee that I have put a midi skirt over. 
This is a UK size 20 and sells for £8
I don’t want to go into too much detail about these items as I plan to blog about them individually in outfit posts at some point.
I just want to show that there are a lot of options available to bigger girls in stores that don’t stock our size. 
It really is all about just going in and have a good look and a good feel of fabrics and knowing your body well enough to know what will and won’t work for you. 
I literally go into Primark and give the clothes a good pull and stretch and I always find items that work. 
I hope you find this post helpful and I hope you like the items that I picked up.
If I had to recommend one item I would say definitely pick up that floaty crop top as it is sooooo lovely and its only Three squids!!!!! 
You can see what else I picked up in my haul video if you haven’t already.
Thanks for reading guys…. 


I’ve got the Summer Blues

Feeling Blue?… me too :)
Since Scarlett & Jo have been being stocked at Evans I find myself going in there much more, I went into store last week and picked up two dresses, This is the second and my favourite of the two.
The Evans Blue Lace Skater Dress
My 18yo sister was with me and she actually picked out this dress and told me to try it on, I’m not really big on lace as it seems really dressy and I didn’t think it was very me. I had to admit when I tried it on in the dressing room I thought it was quite cute.
The peter pan collar adds to the cute and girly feel of the dress, I really love the colour of the dress, I don’t often wear bright colours so this is a nice summery dress in a nice safe colour and I nice colour to transition into the next season.
I kept my makeup really simple on this day, as the dress is kinda cute I didn’t want to go heavy on the makeup, I have on a Mac tinted moisturiser, eyeliner and mascara and I have used the Mac lustre drops as a cheekbone highlight. (I have filled in my brows with the mac eyebrow pencil in stud as always)
Because of the ‘somewhat statement’ collar I kept my accessories really simple with a pair of studs and small silver chain.
  Here I have the dress on with a pair of beige pointy flats from Matalan and a beige/grey tassel bag from eBay
Bailey my dog squinting in the sun
Although it was really sunny on this day it wasn’t really warm at all So I wasn’t going to wear the dress like this by itself. I really like the dress like this but for me its just too short to wear without leggings.
Below is how I wore the dress for that day. Good old leggings and converse. I’m gonna have to do a post on dressing up this dress as I think it would be lovely with a thick belt and heels and some chunky jewellery.
I have no idea why I look so miserable lol… maybe cos the sun went in?
Any other ideas how I could style this dress? I really wanna play around with this one.
Thanks for reading guys xxx

Giving me Butterflies.

Heeellllllooooooo :-)
So I went into the Evans flagship store in marble arch and to be honest I wasn’t sure what I was looking for and in the end I picked up a couple of dresses the first one being this… the Evans Navy Crinkle Midi dress It does not look like a dress that I would normally pick up as I am not a fan of butterfly print, I do feel though that this dress has enough going on, print wise, that you almost don’t notice the butterflies. I wanted a couple of dresses in colours that I don’t already have and that are nice fabrics for the summer (this dress is cotton)
This dress is available in both Midi and Maxi lengths. I have a couple of maxi dresses for this summer so I opted for the midi, (looks like I will be getting the old cankles out)
I’m not sure how I feel about the dress without the jacket as I feel like it whispers ‘Grandma’ but again I love the colours, the print and the fabric so I will be getting a lot of wear out of this dress.
I really like the colours in this dress and picked it up with my denim jacket in mind, due to all the different shades of blue in this dress I knew it would be lovely with any shade of denim.
I picked up these really cute shoes in Primark this week and I absolutely love them, so much so in fact I plan on going back to get the pair they have in electric blue (and any other colour I can find)
They are wide fit and are so comfortable and I just love the wide strap and buckle.
This week I will show you guys the second dress I picked up too… Its super cute!
Thanks for reading :-)

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