Yours skirt is now my skirt!

Really quick confession post… 
I was up in the Midlands house hunting with my boyfriend and we have decided on a totally new area to live in so the house search has to start from scratch…. I have been saving for a while now and decided to get involved in the #shopmywardrobeforlent and not buy any new clothes. Since we have chosen a new area to live in we have pushed our moving date back by Approx. 4 weeks (which means more time to save) So I decided to treat myself and buy a couple of items of clothing
(#brokemyspendingban) lol
Saw this lovely skirt in the Yours Derby store and had to try it on!
I dont have very many maxi skirts but I fell in love with this one, Cant wait to wear it properly, probably with a vest top, converse and a denim jacket <3
I love the thick elastic waistband, It reminds me a lot of the waistband on the Scarlett and Jo Floral prom dress that everyone has been drooling over recently.
Closer look at the waistband.
(This is a size 18 top from Primark that I picked up and will talk about in a later post, I have tucked it up so you can see the skirts waitband)
Broke the spending ban quite badly…. but guess what,,,, I dont feel any guilt at all, I am very happy with everything I bought.
Stay tuned this week to see what else was in those bags!!!!!!

My Skin care routine.

Care for the skin you’re in!
As some of you may know I am a makeup artist in  nd I have decided to start incorporating some beauty into my blog.
I am a huge fan of makeup and what it can do but I think the foundation for your makeup if far more important. By foundation I’m not talking about base makeup I am talking about our skin!
I have had problems with my skin in the past but at the moment my skin is in the best condition it has ever been purely because I have been taking care of it.
I will be 30 this year (eek) and I have only been making an effort with my skin for approx. the last two years.
My skin care routine is pretty simple and it works for me. I must stress at this point that what works for one person may not work for another and I feel like finding your best routine is a matter of either trial and error or thorough research.
In this post I am just going to show you what works for me and show you that you don’t need a 100 step programme to achieve and maintain good skin.

1. Simple kind to skin moisturising facial wash I use this everyday when washing my face in the shower, I love the simple range because it is so gentle. 
2.Bioderma Sensibio H2O This is my daily cleanser, I swear by it and use it on myself and my makeup clients. I use it to remove makeup and find it super effective (even with water proof eye makeup) I also use it when I have no makeup on just as an everyday cleanser. 
3. Clinique clarifying lotion This is a liquid exfoliator and I only use this about 2-3 times a week and has worked well for me for the last two years. 
4. Avene Cleanance toner. This is a very new addition to my skin care routine as I have never used a separate toner before but I heard wonderful things about this one so I am now giving it a try out.
When it comes to moisturisers I jump between these three depending solely on the weather
1. Clinque dramatically Different Moisturising Gel I use this one when the weather is really warm, as its a gel it is very very light weight and even though it feels as though you have nothing on your skin it is very moisturising. 
2. No7 Essential Moisture day fluid This is my go to face cream most of the time, I find it works very well and is again very light weight (which I prefer for having under makeup as well) This is a great cream to chuck on every day and sometime i mix it with a foundation to make a tinted moisturiser for day when i just want to even out my skin tone without a full face of slap.
3. Embryolisse Lait Creme Concentrate This is a very heavy cream popular in the makeup world at the moment. I use this cream only in the winter it is very thick and luxurious but not a good cream for people with oily skin. Even in the winter I only use it at night before bed and skin is beautiful in the morning.
I’m loving my skin at the moment. sometimes on lazy days I will just cleanse and moisturise, I tend not to deviate away from these products because they have been working so well for me. Sometimes I hear about wonder products and give those a shot but I always come back to my old faithfuls. 
I have just recently heard a lot of talk about a new cream to help with breakouts and problem skin, I placed an order for a tube this morning and I will definitely be doing a review once I have given it a whirl.  
Please let me know if you think I should add some beauty posts into my blog…I would really like to hear your thoughts xxx

Gold bodycon dress – When 1 became 2!

When One became Two!
I found a way to turn a beautiful sexy dress into an entirely different and just as stunning dress without making any alterations!
I purchased this Gold sparkly bodycon dress for £18 in the new look Inspire sale a month or two ago and I think its just gorgeous. I bought it in a size 28 and it fits really nice and close.  
Below is how the dress look on.
As you all know I love a form fitting dress but I also love a fun and flirty full skirt so I decided to make a very sexy dress into a totally new dress for a specific night out without altering the original dress in any way.  
I put one the body con dress and put on my Polkadot Polly full circle skirt over it.
I makes it look like an entirely different dress and  love it.  
I wore this outfit with a pair of gold and black wedges that I picked up in Torrid while on holiday in the states. 
A leopard print New look Clutch. 
I love this look and I think I will be using this skirt to revamp a whole host of other dresses that I have. I don’t think bodycon dresses are appropriate for every single occasion so this is a great way to make some of my other dresses a lot more versatile.  
What do you guys think? Which way do you prefer?

Hamburger Queen is coming!!!

Hey guys!!!!

Last year a few friends and I heard about a fatty talent competition being held in London and to say we were excited was a major understatement. We managed to get tickets to one of the heats and to the Grand final. We as a group had an amazing time so much so that a few of us bought tickets for this year as soon as they were released.

I wasn’t too sure what to wear and ended up going really casual as the event was held in a pub. 
I wore converse, (not so) skinny jeans, a men’s denim shirt I picked up from eBay and later customised and my Evans leather look jacket. 
Looking back on it now I wish I had been a little more adventurous with my outfit… but I made up for it the next week at the finals :) 

I didn’t know what to expect before I attended the first one but I was greeted by the fabulous Ginger Johnson 

 Another nice little surprise was the fries and chocolate chips on the menu, sounds really odd but was actually really really good! 

Met and had my picture taken with Hamburger Queen Judge June Brown (Plays Dot Cotton in Eastenders) 

There were some really fun fatty bits and bobs for sale and I couldn’t resist a ‘Chubby’ badge!!!
When the time came for the Grand final I decided to make a statement T-Shirt in the spirit of the fatty event and this is what I came up with!
‘Fat Bitch’
I absolutely loved this top! I made this shirt in the days leading up to the Hamburger Queen final specifically with this event in mind. It was a little awkward on the train so I ended up zipping my jacket all the way up half way home (once the wine started to wear off lol) 
Not only did I have fun with the outfit, I also used it as a opportunity to wear some fun make up too…
I basically chose 5/6 Mac colours and had some fun on my eyes.


Was chatting to some interesting characters outside the venue during intermission.
Below is performer 

As well as the Talent show there are other  performances to fill the night. My friends and I had an amazing time at the two events we went to last year and I am eagerly awaiting this year’s events.  
Hamburger Queen really is a place that is all about fun, you can really just let loose and be a little outrageous, see some outrageous stuff and meet some outrageous people. If you come along be sure to pop over and say Hi. 
Tickets are available here

 A little info about this year’s event from Scottee himself….

“Scottee welcomes you back for a fourth and final, super sized helping of his infamous talent show for fat people Hamburger Queen!
Over four heats and a grand finale, a gang of plus size punters will be whittled down in a game show designed to find the perfect fatso. Each chubby contestant will endure three rounds: Trend (flaunting your fat fashion), Taste (your signature dish served to our celebrity judges) and Talent (light entertainment for heavy weights).
Each heat is judged by some familiar showbiz faces including the UK’s biggest talk show host, international pop diva, 90’s pop legend, day time TV’s fave fatty, YouTube sensation, an international model, a muse not to mention Scottee’s Mum.

This years head judge is international plus size model and ‘British bombshell’ (Vogue) Felicity Hayward!”

London Heats 3rd, 10th, 17th, April
Brighton Heat 4th April
Grand Final 24th April

Keep up to date with the hashtag #HamburgerQueen


Casual Lucia in a lovely swap jacket.

How I potter about day to day!!!
I don’t wear makeup everyday and I wear glasses so I can see stuff haha.
This is a really random post, but I kinda wanted to show what I look like and what I wear when I am not doing an actual outfit post.
Converse, Jeans and an Oversized Tee!
Pretty much sums me up when I’m working or popping out to run errands.
I had to do a post about this Jacket as it is something I picked up at the clothes swap that a few of us bloggers went to, I love it so much, I never noticed how popular they are until I wore it the first time and felt like everyone and their cat had a similar jacket on lol.
Its a Khaki Combat style jacket with PU sleeves.
Its a new Look jacket and its a size 26 So I cant actually button it up but as the weather is improving I find its perfect to just chuck on and I still feel rather trendy even though I have made no effort at all.

You Are Good Enough!

You Are Good Enough!!!!Debz over at Wannabe Princess  decided to start a blog challenge for Plus Size blogger to get involved in a small movement that originated here at Smile and Spread the Word.
I really like this idea as it is a message that I like to send with my blog so I definitely wanted to get involved.
I am good enough and so are you!
This is something I have learned over time and I am at an age where I can say this and mean it…Its a wonderful feeling!

We were also asked to talk about a body part that that we really like… I chose my face… I am really happy with face, more specifically my skin, I used to have really bad skin and hated my face without makeup.
So in the spirit of being good enough I am bombarding you all with pic of me with no makeup on at all and no filters. This is something that I would have never have done a couple of years ago and now I am very happy to share my bare face!!!!


Ladies… what makes you feel good enough????

Monochrome Mixed Matchness! OOTD

Monochrome Mixed Matchness! OOTD

Just a quick Outfit of the day for you all…

I went out on a night out this past weekend and once again I wanted to try something a little different to my usual ‘chuck on a dress and I’m set’.
I pulled out the old faithful Domino Dollhouse striped skirt and teamed it with a black and white leopard sprint jumper I picked up 2 weekends ago when I was up in Derby.

The oufit was really casual cos I put on a pair of converse and chucked my hair up in a bun. 
Initially I was slightly concerned about mixing the two prints but I actually kinda liked it, it was a fun outfit.
Me and the Wannabe Princess
(who is also wearing a piece from Yours Clothing)
I kept the makeup quite simple with a smokey eye and a nude lip.
on my lips I have ‘Spirit’ by Mac and on my eyes I created the whole smokey look with one black eyeshadow.
I really love this jumper, I am a big fan of leopard prints anyway but I especially love how a lot of the leopard spots are actually love hearts.  
I threw on my eBay geeky glasses and I was off. I had a really run night out at an 80s themed nightclub in Watford.  
Hope you like this outfit as much as I do.
Anyone got any fun plans for this weekend??? I’m off out and still have no clue what I will be wearing.

Pretty in PolkaDots – 99p dress challenge

99p Dress Challenge – Navy Polkadot Midi dress.
Debz of Wannabe Princess start the #99pdresschallenge in which plus size bloggers showcase any of the 99p dresses they were able to pick up from Yours Clothing.
Talk about saving the best for last….
This one is by far my favourite of all of the 99p dresses, I love it so much!!
If they had more colours I would totally buy another one full price.
*another picture heavy post*
This is how the dress is sold with the red belt, I actually really like it worn like this. I have it on here with a pair of Yours Clothing dolly shoes.
This is how I prefer to wear the dress as I love the navy with the tan.
I’m wearing my tan brogues and my tan Zara bag again.
I love the length of this dress as I am able to wear it without leggings. I have so many skater dresses so its really nice to have something that’s a little longer but is still that shape that I like.
I wore this dress on my weekend away last weekend, I wore it with leggings because it was freezing and I wore a skinny tan plaited belt. (sorry for the blurry bathroom selfie)
The dress is still available Here

99p Dress Challenge – Black & Ivory Chiffon.

This is less a blog post and more a collection of quick pictures. You’ll see yesterday that I blogged the 99p dress challenge. This isn’t actually my dress, it’s friend who isn’t a blogger! I wanted to try it on and I have to say I really like it. Chiffon isn’t a material I would go for usually, but trying on her dress has made me change my mind.

Pretty in Purple – 99p Dress Challenge

99p Dress Challenge – Pretty in Purple.
I have to admit when I first say this dress on the website I wasn’t really a fan. It looked far too grown up and I didn’t plan on buying it.
Out of the five 99p dresses the navy polka dot is my favourite by far so that’s the one I bought.
I couldn’t quite resist the fact that the dresses were 99p so I got my sister to place an order too so I could get this one also.
I like this dress so much better on than I did when it was pictured on the site.
I absolutely love the fit and how ladylike it makes me feel. I’m not sure what occasion I will find to wear this dress but I styled it specifically for this challenge and im so glad I did because I love how it looks and will definitely be wearing it this way when I get the chance to wear it.
For all you lovely ladies who p-refer not to have your arms on show, I put on a black shrug that I got from a little shop in America, and it works really well with the dress.
Have to say I really like this dress now
 I paired this dress with a pair of leopard print heels I got from Torrid. I wanted to stay clear of simple black shoes and bag etc as I am hoping I have styled the dress differently to the other ladies taking part in the challenge.
My Shoes are from Torrid I pick up while in Florida
New look clutch I got for £1 at the plus London market evening.
I’m looking forward to seeing how all the other ladies styled their dresses…
Thanks for reading xx

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