Definition Of Size, Art Exhibition- Preview

Bubbling with excitement about this event….

I have recently met a beautiful and lovely woman called Anita Bellamy, we have run into each other at a few of the recent plus size events. She runs a non profit organisation call ‘Plus Confidence In You’.
Anita is holding an Art fund raising event on November 30th which I’m really excited about, I haven’t been to an art exhibit since Logan Hicks was exhibiting in Soho last summer.


Being a plus size girl, I am a big fan of plus size imagery and fan art, at the moment I am loving bbw art by Eduardo Santos, who some of you may know on instagram as @edull_ardo who creates beautiful art on amazingly round and curvy cartoon women.

I am so excited to be attending an event that incorporates two things that I love so much.
I have my tickets sorted and am looking forwarding to a fun evening with people who are part of the plus size community and also general lovers of art.
Anita has put in a lot of work to get this evening together and has some fantastic sponsors including Evans, Yours Clothing and Lush Cosmetics.
There will be complimentary food and wine on the night as well as entertainment.

I encourage people to come along and have a fun night out in London, I for one am really looking forward to this.


U Can’t Wear That…Its too small…

Wasn’t made for me…but guess what…I’m wearing it!

Its pieces like this that made me want to start a blog in the first place. Me (a size 30) wearing a Primark (size 18/20) Jumper

(Don’t mind the rest of the outfit…I’m home today lol)


This little gem is a jumper I picked up earlier this year from Primark… yes PRIMARK!!!! what is a UK size 30 doing shopping in primark, I hear you all wondering… well let me explain…
originally I started shopping in Primark for their costume jewellery, cute socks and handbags… the things a lot of plus size women buy from shops that don’t stock their size. Then I came across their knickers and as I went from knicker to knicker stretching them to within an inch of their life I decided that some of them would fit my chunky butt so I bought a couple and never looked back! They currently only go up to a size 18-20 in their knickers and the boxer short style and the thongs fit me just fine.. anyway back to the original point….

This is The point of this post is just that I want to stress just how much more is available to us plus size girls than we think. This is a size XXL from Primark (which I believe is like an 18/20 ish) and I love it.  Its not super tight and its not too short either. Its has a really warm roll neck and 3/4 length sleeves. I love it so much I bought it in the two colours they had available… Cream and Grey..
I think we all kinda get stuck in the whole “I’m a size **, so that wont fit me” mind-set and so was I for the longest of times, now I like to try things on or give them a good old pull and stretch in the store. I know my body fairly well and can often judge whether something will fit me or not. I’m not saying I can walk into any store and pick up a size 18/20 and it will fit, I’m just saying some clothes that I marketed as ‘oversize’ to a smaller size can work for us too.
I just wanna say have a look in places your normally wouldn’t and you may just find some hidden gems!!!!!
I would love to hear about anything like this people have found as I’m always on the lookout for new items I can grab and play around with…..
Thanks for reading <3


My day at Plus London!

Lucia @ Plus London

Last Saturday I attended Plus London Three held at The Hoxton Arches. I am relatively new to Fatshion Blogging and have never been to a Plus London or Plus North event before. Leading up to the event I was really excited but obsessing over what to wear, having met a lot of the plus size bloggers before at various events and following them on social media I know how well turned out everyone always is.
In the end I decided to just go for something that I would feel comfortable in so I could just focus on enjoying the day.

I ended up going for a plain black roll neck jumper from evans that I got about a year ago, the infamous Pink Clove Tartan Skater Skirt, a faux leather studded biker jacket again from evans at the start of the year and my tan Zara bag. I wore this with black leggings and comfy tan boots from Primark.

I was worried that everyone would be sporting the Pink clove tartan, whether it be the skirt or the dress so I decided to make mine slightly different by wearing a black tutu underneath, which I actually really liked.

I had a really good day and it was lovely to meet more of the amazing bloggers that I follow and to have a closer look at what the brands had to offer. A couple of the smaller brands really stood out to me, two of which were jewellery makers… Black Heart Creatives are already known to me as I have two pieces from them already, the infamous ‘Fat Bitch’ necklace and a Custom Name piece both of which I love so much, Im currently trying to decide what I want next.

I saw this necklace on the table of Twisted Siren and completely fell in love with it, Its a heart filled with tiny pink and black candy, then a candy filled bangle caught my eye so I bought both pieces (I’m actually gonna write a separate blog post about this company as their items are amazing and I already want more)

A clothing brand that I hadn’t yet heard of was Miss Lacy Ltd they had a dress on their rail that I have to have in my life, this brand go up to a size 26 on their website, but what I love the most was that when I pulled a sad face that the dress that I love so much wouldn’t fit me I was told to email them and they would make one bigger so that I could have dream dress!!!!!

Its the most gorgeous black and white vintage looking Tea Dress, I am totally obsessed with tea dresses but I still don’t have one so I’m determined to make this one my first!!!!

In the evening I pulled my hair up and changed my top, It was nice to chill out and have a couple of drinks with some friends and new faces.

We took some fun pic with Blast Photo (see more in an upcoming post) and just had a fun day in general. I already cant wait for the next one.
I think these events are such a good idea, its so nice to see up close and personal some of the items that you see online, its was also really good to have an opportunity to listen to the brands talk and ask them questions and get a sneak peak at upcoming items.

Oooooh I nearly forgot… I got a picture drawn by an amazingly talented illustrator…. I absolutely love this picture!

Thanks for reading guys…
Talk soon <3


The Real Body Con

Where does our body confidence come from?

This is something I have been thinking about a lot recently and I’ve come up with a couple of theories but no definite answers (in terms of my own body confidence of course) I really wanna throw this question out into the plus size community and hear some other views…

I went out on Friday night and ended up in a gay bay where I was invited up onto the stage by a beautiful drag queen, this is the point in the past where I would have shied away from all the eyes on me and politely declined, but this time I decided that, you know what…why not… I was up on stage laughing, joking and would you believe DANCING in front of a bar full of people.

Afterwards I was really proud of myself, I had so much fun and realised that it was an experience I would have missed out on if I thought too much about what people thought of me.
I don’t know if its just that Im getting older and I don’t care as much or that my confidence has gotten to the point where I wont let anything hold me back. The last year or two I have changed completely, I am very happy and love living my life… My body has changed a lot in the last couple of years and at this stage of my life I am at my happiest…

Ladies where does your confidence come from… Im very interested to know and I also think it will be beneficial for people to hear from others…


Outfit Of The Day… Monochrome Deliciousness

Monochrome OOTD
I went to the official launch of Gemma Cruickshank’s clothing line last week and this is what I wore….
I am completely and totally in love with this oversized blazer from the New Look inspire range… I have literally been chucking it on over everything… It is still available now Grey Leather look trim blazer
I got these Peg trousers in heart print from asos curve, they are in a size 28 but I was determined to get my fat little legs into them so I bought them just hoping and I actually really love them
*I have to give credit to another blogger who I met at another clothing event and she had them on, I fell in love with them and she told me where I could find them…The beautiful Mrs BeBe x
These shoes have actually featured in an earlier blog post so I wont say too much, but I sometimes have difficulty keeping shoes on so this day I decided to tie them on with two pieces of chiffon and I think it worked quite well…They made the shoes look really fun!

I really hope everyone enjoys the OOTD post because I’m thinking of making it a regular thing.

Hugz Lucia xxx


The Gemma Cruickshank Clothing Collection Launch

Gemma Cruickshank Collexions

Last week Tuesday I went down to Mary Janes Bar in the City of London for the official launch of Gemma’s clothing line

 Details of my outfit will be in a later post <3

 Not only did we get a preview of Gemma’s collection we were entertained by an amazing acoustic artist on the night. A wonderful evening was had by all and it was such a friendly environment with friends, family and a host of plus size bloggers coming together to show support.

 A sneak peak at some of the beautiful pieces available from Gemma are below

Even though I look like a pregnant little person, I really like this picture of me and Gemma, She is an amazing girl and I will show support 100% she is definitely an asset to the plus size world of fashion <3

Talk soon ladies xxx


Live Unlimited….What a nice surprise…

Hiya Guys x

A couple of weeks ago I went along to the Live Unlimited offices to have a look at their new collection.

All of us bloggers that attended the event were welcomed by the LU team who created a really friendly and relaxed environment, plus there were cupcakes which always helps lol



I myself don’t own any of the items from any of their previous collections as they go up to a size 28 and I never saw myself fitting into anything, but after trying on a couple of their sample pieces I am pleased to say that I am wrong. Just like with a lot of clothing brands they have some items that come up big, or have enough stretch that I, at a size 30/32 can comfortably wear.

I saw a few pieces that I completely fell in love with and I have some pics to share with you… The items I am featuring are my faves and luckily ones that will be able to fit me.

 I have never really considered myself a fan of Gillets, but this one caught my eye as soon as I entered the LU office, Its such a nice piece and feels amazing to touch its so soft and I imagine myself just stroking it all day when wearing it. I would have this as a staple winter piece that I could dress up or down as I saw fit.

 I absolutely love any kind of biker jacket but this one would have to be my fave from the collection, I like that its black so its versatile but what I love most is the material, I have a couple of faux leather biker jackets and I often have to take them off and carry them when I’m out shopping once in gone in to store from being outside because I get really warm. So I love the idea of a lighter weight jacket but still with the biker shape.

(me at the event- farmer chic lol)
This kimono-esque top I really like, a little classy for me I think but beautiful nonetheless. I love that its so floaty and light and also that it could be dressed down with a pair of jeans.  Its great for women who want to cover their arms but still want to feel unrestricted by heavy layers or still be sexy by showing skin through the fabric.
My favourite piece of the collection would have to be the Midnight blue sequined evening dress!

Personally I prefer the dress without the black overlay but however you look at it this is one stunning dress…and guess what?!?!?! IT STRETCHES!!! You must all know by now that I am not afraid of a tight dress, This dress will be perfect for Christmas parties or any other party for that matter. I would like the dress a little more without the overlay but that’s just a personal preference but the LU team did good with this dress!

I’ve been rubbish with blogging so far but I have had such good feedback so I really wanna do more. So expect some regular posts from me.
Hope everyone is well

Talk soon!


Pink Clove Launch and Review.

Better late than never? I certainly hope so

Hiya all you beautiful people…

I know this is kinda late but it’s something I really wanted to blog about.
I, along with a group of other plus size bloggers were invited to the launch of Pink Clove, a new plus size retailer based online with clothing up to a size 32.
What I wore to the event (New look Grecian maxi and denim jacket)

We were all treated to cocktails and a lovely three course meal in a private dining suite at the beautiful restaurant Hush in London’s Mayfair.

As pictured a lot of their line was available for us to peruse, they have some seriously nice items and it was nice to be able to have a good look, feel the material and get an idea of sizing.
There were a few items that really caught my eye that I ordered the next day and a beautiful jacket that I haven’t gotten round to getting yet but it will be mine!!!!!


I want to order that cream jacket as soon as possible as its the first thing that jumped out at me and I absolutely love it.

That studded bodycon dress was another of my favourites from the launch, and as you all know I cant resist a nice bodycon so I ordered one the next day in my size.
Just the dress…. stud neckline midi
Daytime look in the dress, with £8 Primark wooly boots and a denim jacket
Or Rock it up a little…. (ex evans jacket and new look heels)
All in all I really like what Pink Clove have to offer… they have some really nice pieces and fantastic prices and its lovely to see more places going up to a size 32.
I have my eye on a few more pieces from them and I will keep you all updated with my Pink Clove purchases.
Stay beautiful…..Talk soon xxx
(P.s. really sorry about the crap mirror selfies x)


Meet Me Halfway!

Meet me half way!

Hiya guys…

Now I’m a girl that can’t resist a pair of sexy heels and I also love a night out drinking and dancing with the girls (and guys) but I feel the two don’t do hand in hand.
I always end up taking a bigger handbag so I can stash a pair of flats for when the inevitable ‘ouch my feet kill’ moment hits.
 A few of my heels

I went out to a club in a pair of 4 inch wedges and decided to leave the flats at home as I was so sure the wedge would be a safe choice…. how wrong I was!!!

So… I recently went on the hunt for a pair or partying heels and asked the universe to meet me halfway. I didn’t exactly know what I was looking for, probably some sort of midi heel but they all screamed GRANDMA!!!!!! That was until I got to New Look and found these….
Cue angels singing
The cutest black midi platform, I was so sure they were put there just for me as they are exactly what I needed, at first glace I thought the look a little clumpy but they are the perfect shoes for a night out. The platform gives you enough heel to still feel dresses up and girly but still keep your foot at a comfortable angle, and I feel like because my body is big the shoes doesn’t look so clumpy in comparison lol

I have super chubby feet so I had to cute the strap off as it was too tight but I still love the shoe and will be wearing them on a big night out this weekend for my birthday!(leaving the flats at home)
My new shoes without the straps

The Right to Bare Arms!

The Right to Bare Arms!

My arms have been an issue for me for as long as I remember, I always wear a cardigan or a shrug to cover them up. Even in the summer I choose to wear t-shirts instead of vests so that the tops of my arms are covered. At dinner a couple nights ago a friend of mine gave me an ‘aha’ moment when she said “You have fat arms, everyone can see that whether you take your jacket off or not” I thought about it for a second and do you know what… she was right.

I have spent so much time making myself uncomfortable, overheating to boiling point just so I don’t make other people uncomfortable, when in actual fact I don’t think anyone actually cares if I have my arms out or not.

I recently bought a beautiful Aztec maxi dress from yours clothing and I wore it on Wednesday with a denim jacket even though it was scorching hot outside, so in the spirit of this new blog and for all the people I hope will read it, I took off the jacket and went about my day bare armed.


I think this blog will be like therapy to me, I am pushing boundaries for me and for all the other plus size women who don’t think they can wear ‘that’.

I love this maxi dress, I got it in a size 30/32 it was very long so I had to take a couple inches off the bottom, Its big and I have lots of space in it which is nice, it’s such a comfortable and trendy piece for the summer. this dress is still available on the yours clothing website for £32.00

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