Indulge by day, Indulge by night!

Indulge by day, Indulge by night!

Club indulge organisers arranged a plus size popup market that was held in Kentish Town on Saturday afternoon, I went along with my sister to sell a few bits and see what I could get my hands on for myself, Being at the super plus end of plus size (according to what’s available on the UK highstreet) I was initially doubtful that I would be able to find anything to fit me. I’m happy to say I was pleasantly surprised and came home with quite a few new items (new to me anyway).
(Me and fellow blogger WannabePrincess)

A couple of the new items I got include a gorgeous retro corset, a tiered floral mini skirt and a couple of bedroom chemises. see pics…

(me trying on the floral skirt at the event lol)

I was able to hang out with friend and plus size blogger ‘wannabeprincess’, we all had a fun afternoon and came home with some new found treasures.

I encourage you all to try to come along to the next one which I believe is at the last weekend in August, It was a really fun atmosphere and a great opportunity to meet people that might be at the Indulge club nights.

Later that evening…

Club Indulge, a new bbw club in the city held their third event in London’s Barbican, I love the central location mostly because it just minutes from where I live. I went down there with a group of friends and having been to each of the indulge nights so far, I knew it would be a good night.

I wore a black jersey bodycon dress from asos and a floral blazer from simplybe, after ditching the heels before i even left the house I opted for a pair of new look studded flats.

I had a really good night out with lots of friends and lots of wine!

The Infamous BodyCon Dress!

Hiya Huns,

Lets talk about the BodyCon dress,

I am a lover of this type of dress, I see onlys pro’s when it comes to the Bodycon, I think they can be very sexy and I think this has much more to do with the confidence and level of comfort over the actual shape of the body in the dress. By level of comfort I mean picture a girl walking down the street who is clearly uncomfortable in her dress, constantly pulling at it and adjusting, I just think her clear discomfort in the outfit is what makes it unattractive.

I have a few bodycon dresses which I wear proudly on evenings out etc, I love printed bodycons and well as the solid colours, sometimes I wear them with control underwear and sometimes without just depending on my mood. Sometimes I will pair the dress with a jacket and sometimes I don’t….again just depending on my mood.
I feel like this is a good shape dress for anyone with the confidence to wear it. I love wearing these types of dresses, I feel just as comfortable in these as I do in your stereotypical ‘fat appropriate’ dresses, probably even more so… I love fashion and I love shopping for pretty things…so point me towards the clingy, sexy bodycons!
Fat girls shouldn’t wear BodyCon dresses! Oh Really?!!!?

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