Planning a budget Spanish getaway.

My sister celebrates her birthday soon and she wants to spend it in the sun, so the last few days my sisters and I have been looking into booking a budget getaway to Spain. Its short notice so we are trying to find the best deal/package possible. Between the three of us we have travelled to many countries around the world but so far none of us have been to Spain so we didn’t really know what part to go to or where the best places to stay are.

One of my sisters has been a little poorly recently and I’m not big into clubbing so we are looking for somewhere we can go and chill for a few days, spend some time by the pool and maybe get a spa treatment or six. The destinations that cater to people who want to party are exactly what we are trying to stay away from.

We decided on Spain because it is somewhere that is well known for being a cost effective place to holiday for people based in the UK, has a good amount of English speaking locals and also somewhere where you can get a lot of sun.

So, instead of searching based on location we decided to search for hotels with great spa facilities that interested us. We narrowed the search down to Barcelona as it was full of amazing hotels. The hotel I think we are settling on now is Hotel Barcelona Golf Resort and Spa. The hotel boasts some amazing facilities and the surrounding area in Carratera Martorell-Capellades has some really nice scenery and places to eat.

Screenshot_20180822-112920_Chrome Really want to lounge here and read.Screenshot_20180822-112948_Chrome The bedrooms look really beautiful and well keptScreenshot_20180822-112738_WhatsApp The hotelScreenshot_20180822-112812_WhatsAppThe spa, the main reason for the trip.

Surprisingly the hotel room prices are very low (maybe that’s just me being born and raised in London lol) I was very surprised at the room prices because we were initially looking for luxury over low cost when it came to accommodation and it seems we’ve found both with this place.

We looked around a lot and found that Holiday Gems came up with a huge amount of  low cost hotel options as well as cheap flights and the initial site search created an entire holiday package in one place which was super useful especially for us not having any knowledge of the country and not knowing what exactly we were looking for. Click here if you want to check them out and look at what they offer.

Because it will be a fairly short stay and we plan to spend the majority of time within the resort, the facilities are the most important thing for us and that was the focus during my research. This particular hotel has so much to do that we will be thoroughly occupied throughout our stay. As I write this we are set on that hotel and are just refining the other trip details.

From what I’ve learnt, Spain is most definitely a great destination to consider when looking for a budget family holiday, or any other type of holiday actually. Just have a look around to find out what region is best for what it is you’re looking to do out there and you’ll definitely find something suitable. I can’t wait to visit Spain.


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