Plus Size Dating: Having a Great First Date

I guess when it comes to dating, life isn’t much that different as a plus size dater, but seeing as I have only ever dated as a plus size woman I couldn’t say for sure.  For me, dating someone new is all about being as comfortable as possible. If you have met someone online and are meeting up ‘in real life’ for the first time, then you are probably nervous enough as it is – without having the added pressure of being in a venue that you hate.

Go Somewhere You Know

For a first date I always try and go somewhere I have before. That way I don’t have the added pressure of trying to find a place, knowing where to sit, where toilets are etc. Of course if you want to explore new places after this, that can be fun but make sure that you go somewhere you like first.

Choose Your Time Wisely

The time that you meet someone can help take the pressure off too. Try and meet someone in the evening, rather than the afternoon where you could be stuck for hours on a date you aren’t comfortable. If you do have to meet in the afternoon, tell them beforehand you have somewhere to be at a set time so that you can leave as and when you need. I like to keep 1st dates short and sweet, I want them to want more and I like to know that it won’t last long if I don’t like the person. The only problem with having short dates is if you’re travelling far for them this is why I avoid dating far away so dating agency tayside and Buckinghamshire dating site are off the cards for me.

Sit Comfortable

When you are thinking about venues, make sure you choose somewhere that you can sit comfortable. It can be tempting to sip cocktails in a trendy bar but you’re not going to want to be perched on a high stool for hours at a time – choose somewhere with proper seating and tables. You are going to be sat for a while so you are going to want to feel comfortable.

Get There First

Personally I like to get there a few minutes early. That way I can walk in, get a drink and find an area of the bar/pub that I like the most. I can sit down and get comfortable and sorted before they arrive. I don’t want to walk in flustered and hot when they are already there. Get there a few minutes early, get sorted and let them come to you when they get there. It makes the whole process much less stressful.

Being single I love to date and I find the majority of potential dates online , a few sites that may help you find what you’re looking for might be best dating sites or if your looking for something more specific like you want to date divorced singles or if you’re looking for something a little more location specific like Cambridgeshire dating sites then the internet has everything you need.

What tips do you have as a plus size dater?


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