Quit Smoking And Look 10 Years Younger Than Your Age

For the average smoker, puffing 20 cigarettes a day is not a problem. However, it’s not a surprise that they are at a higher risk of suffering from different medical conditions. Also, they tend to develop wrinkles prematurely compared to non-smokers. This means looking younger could be as simple as quitting this unhealthy habit.

Ordinary folks and medical experts alike will be quit to tell you that abandoning your smoking habit means it will be less likely for you to suffer from lung infections, skin cancer, and all sorts of other diseases. But for many people, knowing that quitting smoking via e cigarettes which contain e-liquid can make them look way younger than their age proves to be the most compelling reason. There’s still hope if you want to get rid of those wrinkles and fine lines.

Bye Bye Wrinkles

Even though you do not notice it, repeated smoking can cause the skin on your cheeks to creek. Over time, you will notice that the area around your mouth has developed several fine lines. Obviously, continuing to put cigarette in your mouth will make the problem worse. If you don’t want to look any older, then you’ll do yourself a favor by quitting. Doing so could be just what you need to hear people telling you look 30 when you’re already in your 40s.

Young and Glowing Skin

For some people, it might sound far fetched that if you stop smoking, your skin will begin to glow. But that’s just how it is! Constantly exposing your skin to cigarette smoking causes it to look dull and ugly. Remember that cigarettes contain a ton of harmful chemicals. These do not only wreak havoc on your body, but on your skin as well.

It’s possible for the microscopic chemical particles to penetrate your pores and settle there for years. Once you quit, you can eliminate these particles, allowing the pores to better do its function of maintaining proper hydration for your skin. The result will be evident once you look in the mirror and see how much your skin glows.

Gorgeous Hair

You should know that smoking can be harmful to your hair as well. Just as chemicals settle on your pores, they can settle on your hair as well. This is why most smokers have bad-smelling hair. In severe cases, excessive smoking can cause a discoloring effect on the hair. You might find yourself having gray hair at a young age.

Lovely Fingers

Smoking for several years will cause you to develop nicotine marks on your fingertips. Getting rid of them is possible after you quit. You will never be embarrassed to shake someone’s hand or have your partner kiss your hands.

Pearly Whites

Notice how yellow your teeth have become? This is one of the side effects of nicotine. No matter how religiously you maintain your oral regimen, you can still develop yellow teeth if you don’t stop smoking. A smile is every person’s valuable asset. You don’t want other people to think negatively of you just because of how your teeth look.quitsmoking

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