some thoughts on dating…

How long is long enough to focus on yourself before starting to look for love again?
I have been single 3 years and I have been dating on and off during that time. I use online dating sites to meet new people so I have a little bit of experience to work with. Sometimes I go on a couple of dates a weeks and sometimes I go months without talking to anyone at all, it just kinda depends how I’m feeling.
I use recommendations from Friends to decide which sites I want to sign up with and listen to their experiences on said sites to chose the best one for me.
I like to use dating sites to meet new people and to get out more and learn what the dating scene was like again and its always nice to meet people you may not come across in your normal everyday life.

As a plus size woman I find a couple of things very handy when dating; I like to make sure I arrive at the bar/restaurant first. Personally I like to get there a few minutes early. That way I can walk in, get a drink and find an area of the bar/pub that I like the most. I can sit down and get comfortable and sorted before they arrive.

Choosing your time wisely is also something to think about. The time that you meet someone can help take the pressure off. Try and meet someone in the evening, rather than the afternoon where you could be stuck for hours on a date you aren’t comfortable. If you do have to meet in the afternoon, tell them beforehand you have somewhere to be at a set time so that you can leave as and when you need.

Dating in a new area is a really good way to see who and what is in that area and it also gives the opportunity to go on dates and visit bars and restaurants that you haven’t been to before.

A couple of sites that are really good for  daters are no strings dating and single women in Galloway.

There are so many things to think about when you are about to start dating, for example how far you’re willing to travel to date, what the age range is you are willing to date, what qualities you look for in a potential partner now etc because you may have changed and aged since your last relationship and may be looking for something completely different but the very first thing I had to establish with myself was that I was actually ready to meet somebody new. I also have a think about weather I was looking for the same qualities as I was when I was searching last time I’ve grown older I live in a different city so I had to make sure but I knew exactly what it was I was looking for before I started looking.

There are so many lesser known websites that help people find a whole host of different types of relationships and I’m going to share a few of them with you but there are so many more for you to decide what suits your particular needs. The following are all over 50’s dating sites. The sites are regional so you can find local people. Senior datingMerseyside dating and date Cheshire singles are just a handful.

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