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Make Your Beauty Regime More Eco-Friendly 2

Make Your Beauty Regime More Eco-Friendly

We’d all like to reduce our ecological footprint, whether it’s increasing the number of recyclable products we use to making a conscious effort to cycle, walk or use public transport to get around. We want to ensure our planet remains green and healthy for future generations and prevent further damage already caused to delicate eco-systems across the globe.

You don’t have to make massive lifestyle changes to support the planet. Instead, you could create a bigger impact by making lots of smaller tweaks that you don’t notice as much. Encouraging these changes in your personal and family life is the first step to a brighter future.

So, don’t rush to throw out your disposable tableware or plastic cups. Swap them out for an eco-friendly alternative and look at bio-degradable options in your local party supply store. Likewise, tossing your plastic bags out now means they are likely to spend years decomposing in a landfill or (more horrifyingly) end up in the ocean. Reuse the plastic bags you have lying around until they can function no more, small changes like this could mean big improvements for the planet.

While there are plenty of things we can do in our day-to-day life to become eco-friendlier. Have you considered how you can reduce the waste and become more environmentally-friendly in your beauty regime?

In the Shower

Have you got a shampoo or conditioner you always use and are constantly having to buy? Consider looking for a bulk-size bottle alternative or contact the manufacturer to see if they can offer one. This can cut down on a tremendous amount of plastic waste. Alternatively, swap to a shampoo bar – no plastic, just product and you use it just the way you’d normally use shampoo, rub the bar on your hair and rinse away.

Make Your Beauty Regime More Eco-Friendly 1

This also applies to shower gels and liquid dispensers – stop using plastic packaged solutions and instead switch to a bar of soap. There are plenty of companies that offer everything from organic to hypoallergenic soap, without drastically harming your bank balance.

At the Sink

Did you know 50 million pounds of plastic waste is generated every year in the United States by…toothbrushes? Amazing, when you think about it. That’s an estimated 850 million to over a billion toothbrushes and it’s only one country (Although quite a big one). The eco-friendlier option is to use a bamboo toothbrush, a recent market development that is becoming more popular in the UK.

Toothpaste becomes a bit difficult, aside from the obvious – switch to larger packs of your favourite brand, there isn’t a lot of choice for ditching the plastic. Recently, some eco-friendly cosmetic companies have offered “chewable toothpaste” – a solid toothpaste tablet that you chew on to release the cleaning foam. These are great alternative to normal toothpaste and won’t cost you the earth either.

Make Your Beauty Regime More Eco-Friendly 2

Out the Door

Have you ever considered skipping your daily or alternate day shower? I know what you’re thinking but hear me out. There IS an eco-friendly alternative and it’s not going to leave you the unpopular one. Several water-free body washes have been popping up on the market and they’ve been taking the world a little bit by surprise with the quality. Cleansers that foam up as you pump so there’s even less wet mess and many of them can be simply towelled off once you have refreshed.

Combined with a solid bar deodorant that acts as a roll-on and you’ll not only smell great and feel fresh, but you could be saving as much as 45litres of water. Wow.


Like we mentioned before, you don’t need to make big changes to have a big impact. All these little adjustments to your day routine will quickly add up over the long-term. It also won’t cost you a fortune to be eco-friendlier, buying bigger packages will eventually save you money. While the package-less alternatives aren’t unreasonably expensive like they have been in the past. So, what are you waiting for? Make a small change to your regime today and start saving the world for tomorrow!


Beauty for me in 2017

Having been a beauty/makeup influencer on YouTube years ago and working as a makeup artist in London and just loving to paint my face in general, beauty has been a big part of my life for many years now.

I have started to lose inspiration as I haven’t been working in makeup since I moved away from London so I really want to incorporate makeup and beauty into my blog to get me excited again and also to make more use of the abundance of beauty products and makeup that I own lol

2016 was a very quiet makeup year for me, I pretty much did the same natural makeup look each time I had to put a face on and I want to make 2017 much more exciting and experiment so much more.

With my blog being named ucantwearthat I love to dispel myths about what fat people/black people etc can and can’t wear. I have recently posted pics and a video on Instagram of myself playing around with pink and green makeup highlighters by Radioactive Unicorn to show that when used correctly they can be brown girl friendly.

I realise beauty products are much more than just makeup and skin care however. A large chunk of the population use spray tanning and self tan products as party of their beauty regime. I personally have only used a self tan lotion once just to see if it made any difference, the skin tone on my legs is very fair so I used self tan to see if it would even up my skintone to match the rest of my body, it didn’t, but it did give me a beautiful golden glow to my skin which was really pretty. As not all of my readers are my skintone I still wanted to mention tanning products as part of my post for popular beauty trends Ellison supply spray tanning kits has a tonne of products to help create that gorgeous summer tan without having to go on a holiday. Tanning products are definitely something I would use again but most likely on my face this time as I really like the health glow it gave my skin.

Something else I want to play around with more this year is unusual lip colours, again just to show people that no matter your skintone all areas of beauty are open to us.

Look forward to more beauty related posts from me this year as well as more make up of the day and tutorials. I intend to revisit my beauty YouTuber days and play around with a lot more beauty products and trends.