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Still blossoming in Winter.

Since Scarlett & Jo became available in Evans they have been producing item after item that I have lusted over. I, like everyone else on the planet fell in love with the infamous prom dress but by the time I was able to buy it everyone and their cat already had it. Then the prom skirts came out and I knew I had to have one. A little late to the party (or prom lol) again I now have a beautiful Scarlett & Jo prom skirt. They are still available HERE on the Evans website on sale and in three colours.I chose the purple because with winter approaching I wanted something that was dark enough to wear throughout the colder season but with the vibrant flowers it still stands out beautifully.

The skirt has an elasticated waistband and is so comfortable, I have on a size 30 and it fits great so you could easily size down if need be. The skirt has a built in tulle underskirt and feels so girly and ‘flouncy’ to wear. It really feels like a luxury piece when you have it on. I know with all my extra padding I shouldn’t need the help of tulle to fill out the skirt but it just makes it so pretty.

This is just going to be a really picture heavy post as the skirt is so gorgeous!

20141101_111940 20141101_111901 20141101_111606 20141101_112013

This is probably my favourite skirt at the moment and I can’t wait to see what Scarlett & Jo come out with next. They have some beautiful vintage jersey dresses in at the moment. Go check them out.

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In ca’boots’ with JD WIlliams.


Something I discovered very recently is that more and more brands are stocking wide fitting shoes,  some are even starting to cater to us ladies with super chunky legs with their vast range of calf width fittings, one of those companies being JD Williams.

I got a pair of boots from the wide fit shoe section of their website and I wanted to try a pair of long legged boots just to see if their largest calf size would be suitable for me. If you read my post on wide calf wellies you will know how much I have struggled over the years to find boots to fit my huge calves. JD Williams have a whopping seven calf widths to choose from in a selection of their boot; Slim, Standard, Extra large, Curvy, Super curvy, Curvy plus and Super curvy plus. I went for the Suer curvy plus as I know my legs are really really big and I wasn’t even confident that these would fit.

When the boots came I was really excited because laying them out on the floor the calf looked massive. You can find this pair HERE!



20141101_111651  20141101_111713

I love the boots and this is the closest I have ever come to having a pair of everyday knee high boots fit. As you can see from the last picture the boots are still a little tighter around my calf than it should, be but this is purely down to the fact that I have huge legs (which I accept and embrace lol). But to my surprise the boots go on easily and are not uncomfortable in the slightest. I wore these boots for a few hours and I love them, they are super comfortable and easy to walk around town in. I will show you the boots again as part of my outfit;


I will be blogging this outfit in my next post which should be up in the next two days x

 *These boots were kindly gifted to me. However all views, positive and negative are my own*