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5 tips to redecorate a small bathroom

You might be sat in your home one day and think that things are starting to look a little tired, so a  redecoration project spring to mind. But revamping your home doesn’t come cheap, so we look at other ways we can spruce things up a bit. A small bathroom is an example of this. We would all love to do a big renovation and double the size of the room, but this kind of project is very expensive and time consuming. Luckily, there are some tricks in the decoration of the room that can help you to give one of the most used rooms in your home a little makeover.


  1. Colours

It is well known that lighter colours are better for smaller rooms since it opens up spaces beautifully. White is the most common colour to use, but if your worried that white has a tendency to get dirtier quicker, you can always look to other palettes. Light blue can be a very good option and is perfect if you want to give a mediterranean or coastal look to your bathroom. Since we are talking renovation on a tight budget you can always just tile the areas that needs tiling, like showers, baths and splashbacks. This means you can just paint the remaining areas to cut costs.


  1. Add a mirror

One of the oldest tricks to make your bathroom look larger, install a large mirror over your sink. The mirror bounces light in the room as well as creating the illusion of more space thanks to the reflection. Another way of doing this is too put a collection of mirrors instead of a big one. You can find them everywhere for a pretty inoffensive price.


  1. Replace the lights

LED lights are incredibly popular right now thanks to their brighter light and energy saving properties. Adding different points of light, can help too in making the room bigger. Alternatively, you can work with natural light where you can. Having large windows opens the room up to that natural light that can make a room look and feel more spacious.


  1. Taking advantage empty spots

Why not use the gap over the toilets as a storage place? Using blank spaces in the room for storage will keep the room looking tidy and clean but can also double up for decorative items. Instead of storage you could install a set of shelves which is ideal for adding those personal touches.


  1. The floor

The floor doesn’t have to be a big expense, you can find very low cost floors and the best example to this are vinyl floor tiles. This flooring is perfect for the bathroom as it is both water and scratch resistant. This is very important in a room like the bathroom which is prone to a higher levels of traffic. Not only this, but vinyl is also one of the safest options as it offers far more traction underfoot. This anti-slip property is crucial for bathrooms which are renown for their slippy floors. Another advantage is that it is extremely simple to clean, needing only a regular mop and or sweep to keep it hygienic and looking good. As for aesthetics, vinyl is available in a huge range of designs including wood and tile effect. This gives  you plenty of choice and will make creating your dream bathroom easy.


So there you have it, a few tips that can help you to make some changes to your bathroom even when you’re a little strapped for cash.