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Finally wanting to see where I’m from

My dad is St Lucian, he was born there and came over to the UK when he was 10 years old. My mum is second generation St Lucian, both her parents were born and raised there. I am St Lucian, born and raised in London and for some reason I have never ever been there.

Most of the members of my family, immediate and extended have been to St Lucia at least once. My sisters and my dad go regularly. Whenever I go abroad I always seem to go to the States. There is a lot more of America that I want to see so I definitely won’t stop visiting there but I definitely think it’s time I consider taking a trip to St Lucia. Going to America seems a lot more like being home in the UK. The language is the same and a lot of it is great to do the things I want to do when I’m away like shop and and spend time in the sun. I’ve always struggled to understand what a Caribbean holiday would have for me.

As I’ve gotten older I’ve started to see the appeal of a laid back, sun yourself on the beach, see the sights type of holiday over my usual cocktails and hitting all the malls I can find type.

Besides a ton of family I have that live there, St Lucia has some amazing things to see and from what I have seen looks like a super romantic getaway.

I’m currently in a relationship with someone who has a completely different cultural history to me and I lover learning about where he is from and I think as the relationship progresses we will definitely want to visit each others country of origin I love watching travel shows and reading about places people have been on travel blogs but none of that would be the same as seeing where my family originates from and where some of them still are.

I’ve been looking on the website Destination2: Holidays that have been made easy to save people time and money, to try and figure out what a holiday to St Lucia would cost me and how I could swing it. I would definitely speak with my dad or my sisters as they’ve been before and would be able to advise me on places to stay and all the romantic places to visit.

I’d really like to do some touristy things there too, like seeing the pitons and bathing in mud at the sulphur springs.


St Lucia boasts some of the most beautiful views in the world so even if you’re not interested in actually seeking out romantic activities the whole island is a romantic paradise. There is definitely a reason that St Lucia is listed as one of the top three romantic honeymoon destinations!


Lottery win trip wishlist

I was asked what I would spend the money on if I won the lottery… And the first thing that comes to mind for me is the places I want to see, rather than the things I want to buy and for this reason I’m going to share my ideal trip with you if money were no object. One of the lottery options I have here in the UK, and is super easy to play online is Lottoland. 

I’ve played the lottery on and off over the years but it’s never been consistent, I’ve never won anything but I still sometimes get the urge to play when I’m feeling lucky.

It’s funny that it takes writing a blog post to make me sit and think about all the places I would love to visit but realistically a lot of the places I want to go are financially out of reach.

There isn’t really one destination that I want to go to more of a trip with a few stops along the way. My all time most longed for destination was Las Vegas and I did that a year and a half ago!

My ideal trip (not the only, but definitely the one I would do first) goes a little something like this…

My sister and I want to fly to Miami FL and hire a car and drive to a few of the southern states. I have always wanted to experience the music and food in New Orleans and just the overall culture so that is a state that was an absolute must and is the main event of the trip.

Once we arrive in Miami we would only stay there a couple of days as we have both been there before, and it’s the only lying destination on the trip that is ‘beachy’.miami

From Miami we will drive to Atlanta, Georgia.. This isn’t a destination that was ever a must see place for me but definitely someplace that is worth visiting as we pass by and the shopping experience is meant to be amazing!

From Atlanta we will drive on to New Orleans! I would love to stay in New Orleans for no less than 5 days, there are so many amazing things to eat and so many authentic NOLA places to visit to immerse yourself in theor amazing culture. I want to drown in Creole culture while I’m there. My parents used to speak the language when I was growing up so it would be lovely to hear all the broken French that someone of the NOLA people speak.Royal-Street-Corner-in-French-Quarter-1023x685

From New Orleans we would drive down to Mississippi and then to Alabama, just to see what things are like way down south. This will definitely be a foodie road trip because again  that is something that draws me to that side of the country, the promise of gumbo and jambalaya, collard greens, grits, peach cobbler… Omg the list could go on! After a few days in each of these places we would head back to Miami to fly home.

These parts of America are rarely talked about as dream destinations but they are places that I would love to see and experience soon. I don’t know how long we would spend in each place or what attractions will be in the list but I am sure we will do this trip!

If money was no object, where would you go?