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Yours Clothing Maxi Dress



If you follow me anywhere at all on social media you’ll know that I have been loving this maxi dresses from Yours Clothing. They are so comfortable and easy to wear.IMG_20171013_160743_253

As you can see I literally throw them on with various jackets (which I mix and match depending on how I feel) and I’m out the door.


I’m a little bit obsessed with dresses with pockets so I love these.

I just wanted to drop in quickly and show you one of my fave dresses for when you want to be casual and don’t know what to wear. IMG_20171013_162038_115Do you have any go to items that always make you feel good? If so what at are they?



Lady V and me.

I have a long and loving relationship with Ladyvlondon, more specifically Lady Voluptuous. I have experience with quite a few of their dresses but the first one I every bought was an Estella and it was love at first try on! I had 5 Estella dresses at one point and then I started buying some of the others like the Phoebe, the Cosette, the Bellatrix, the Lyra, the iconic Medusa and most recently the Ursula swing.

Here are just some of the Lady Voluptuous dresses I’ve had/I have.IMG_20170626_091448

We have now come full circle and I have just received a new style Estella. Ignore the squinting, it was sunny out lolIMG-20170614-WA0026This is the Sunshine Toucan Estella dress This one is a little different to the Estella I knew and loved, it has longer sleeves and an upturned cuff. I feel like this one covers more in the bust area than the ones I’ve had before.  IMG-20170614-WA0030This Estella is a little tight on the arms for me but that is purely because I have huge arms and I’m fatter than I was when I wore the old Estellas. Edit: I tried on an old Estella from my wardrobe and it still fits, I just think that the old Estella has short sleeves so accommodates my arms better. IMG-20170614-WA0018

This is such a nice dress for the summer the print is absolutely gorgeous and perfect for the hot weather we have been having recently. You can count on the great quality that they have always been consistent with in their dresses too.

Do you have a favourite Lady Voluptuous dress?


I want to Simply Be comfortable.

I love dressing up and wearing fancy dresses but when I’m shopping I’m usually looking for cute items that I am comfortable in and can wear on a daily basis.

I wanted a couple of new items that I could wear with leggings and trainers and still be really cute. They are definitely my favourite buys as I get much more wear out of them than I would a party dress. Screenshot_20160928-124753

This is the Jameela Jamil off the shoulder dress. it is definitely a more fancy day time dress which I like and would be a great piece to transition from day to evening if you had drinks after work etc.

This one has no stretch in the fabric and is a little tight on my tummy but still absolutely wearable for me. Screenshot_20160928-124732 Screenshot_20160928-124717This one i love more than life, you know when you find an item and the fit is just perfect and its the most comfortable thing ever…. well this is that for me. its the Multi print jersey babydoll dress. On a normal day I like to be as comfortable as I can and this dress feels great, such an easy piece to wear and a really cute ditsy floral print.

Both of these dresses are listed as Simply be Party Dresses but they are definitely more day to day dresses for me.  I am very much into wearing whatever makes you feel good and what suits your lifestyle and dresses like these are just perfect for me and mine.


Freestyling summer dresses.

I’m off on holiday to Vegas tomorrow morning and I have been looking for good stand alone pieces that need no accessories to be beautiful.  As bloggers people often look to us for styling tips and ideas, something I do a lot in summer is rely on the beauty and features of the item I’m wearing to be the star.

I picked this beautiful and super bright summer dress from JD Williams because the ruffle feature becomes the focal point and I don’t have to faff about with too much accessorising, When I’m on holiday and even in the British summer I find extra layers and fiddly jewellery an annoyance.

So my biggest tip for styling in summer would be to pick some bold colours and/or bold prints or even items with fun details on them so you don’t have to style them if you don’t want to.IMG_20160708_163454something else that is a massive contributor to great summer looks but is  a lot harder to come by than a pretty dress is CONFIDENCE! In this dress I have legs out, arms out, VBO and a whole ton of confidence. I have absolutely no desire to be baking in the summer sun all covered up and feeling uncomfortable and this dress is far too cute for me to want to hide it.

I’m obsessed with simple outfits and comfy shoes, especially during the summer months because for me comfort and cuteness is key.  Simply be have a huge range of summer dresses up to a size 32 and are so worth checking out.


*this dress was kindly gifted to me, all tips and opinions are my own*



reuse that xmas party dress.

I was asked by George at Asda to do a really interesting style post that I thought could be really useful to people so I jumped at the chance.

I was asked to take a dress that I would wear to a Christmas party and then restyle the dress so it was suitable for something else. I wear a size 32 and I didn’t find dresses in my size that I would wear to a party so I checked the size down, then the size down again, and again etc til I found a gorgeous dress in a SIZE 24!!! that I would wear to a party. Now I know my body very well and I have a good idea of what I will and wont be able to get on. I thought the size 24 was going to be a push but I didn’t want to do the post unless it was something that I would actually wear.

What it was and what it became:IMG_20151223_151003_resized

The fit of the dress on its own may not be for everybody but there are certain places I would definitely wear it on its own (and plan to) but I love that the dress is tight enough that it is completely comfortable worn with the skirt and doesn’t feel like you have a whole dress on underneath.

I chose to restyle the dress to make it suitable work attire and I think I did a pretty good job. I was very happy with the second look and will definitely be wearing it all together again.

I was able to create the second look with the blazer, the shoes and the bag all being George at Asda pieces.

I’m going to leave you  with a couple of pictures of the work wear look and links to all the items.

Screenshot_2016-01-05-09-52-44_resized Screenshot_2016-01-05-10-00-25_resized Screenshot_2016-01-05-10-00-37_resized

Animal print dress

Textured Blazer

Pointed flats

Satchel similar


I really hope you liked this post because I really enjoyed doing it.


Lindy bop Hibiscus May


Lindy bop is currently having a huge sale so I thought I would share with you the Lindy Bop May dress that I have.

Lindy bop is a brand that I always wanted to shop with but I never did because they only stock up to a  size 26 and I wear a UK32. Its very difficult when shopping online to judge whether something will fit or not but I have a couple of friends who have the same dress who advised me that this particular dress is generous and has some stretch to the fabric so I thought I would give it a go.

The skirt isn’t as full on me as it would be if it was my actual size but I still really like how the dress looks on.

Im going to leave you with a few pictures of what the May dress looks like on me, again bear in mind that the one I’m wearing is 3 sizes smaller than my actual size. IMG-20150807-WA0016




Lindy bop ‘Saphy’ dress.

If I find an item that I love and think there is even a remote chance that I can get it on my body you can bet your last penny that I’m gonna get it on and rock the hell out of it.

I recently attended UK plus size fashion weekend (UKPSFW) and was able to catch up with some friends and fellow bloggers, there I met Katt who I had only known of online and she was wearing the most gorgeous dress, the Lindy Bop ‘Saphy’, After the event a few of us went to have some dinner at a local diner at which point I asked Katt if I could have a tug of her dress. She told me that the dress was very generous and that she could have easily sized down due to the elastic shirring at the back of the bodice. I have the fabric a little tug to see how much stretch there was and she showed me just how much boob room there was in the dress,

This is now my second Lindy Bop dress, I have another that some bloggers advised me was stretchy and generous, two words that to me translate into.. “Whoop whoop new options!”

I literally went straight on my phone while we were sat in te diner so I could order the dress but unfortunately it was out of stock in my size :( I have to fill out the box to request a stock notifiction and it felt like I waited an eternity,

As soon as it was back in stock I ordered it and got it just in time to wear on a  night out for my best friends birthday.

I ordered the dress in the largest size, a UK 26, and the dress fit beautifully. Bear in mind that I usually wear a size 32. If if wasn’t for the elastic shirring on the back of the dress it would’t have fit I’m sure of it. 20151004_022008

I found this really cute retro gamer heart necklace on ebay.

IMG-20151004-WA0002Dresses with pockets for the win!

The full circle skirt on this dress no joke had me feeling like a princess, its so swishy and cute, I really really love wearing it.IMG-20151004-WA0006I will leave you with the reviews from two other gorgeous plus size girls on this very same dress.

Katts Review



Leah’s Review

leahmint As you can see this both these girls look amazing in the dress, check out these ladies’ reviews for even more information about fit etc…

Lindy bop have released two more prints in the ‘Saphy’ dress and I was super excited until I took a closer look at the stock photographs on their website to find that the two new prints don’t have the shirring on the back :( to say I was disappointed is a massive understatement.


Hope everyone is doing good and thanks for reading xx



Forest Friends from Silly old sea dog

When Silly old sea dog announced they would be extending their range to include plus size I was over the moon. They have beautiful vintage style dresses in so many unusual prints, prints  haven’t seen anywhere else at all.

The plus size items in the range stop at a size 28 and are made from cotton so I wasn’t sure if I would be able to make it work or not so before now I never had a chance to try one and see what the fit was like.

I think the biggest selling point for the brand, in my eyes, is that the dresses are so different to what any other plus size retailers are offering. I can happily say that I don’t know anyone else who has the dress that I have.

With the dress being 100% cotton and no stretch to the fabric and it being a size 28 I didn’t have much hope that I would be able to get it on as I am a dress size 32 but I wanted to give it a bash anyway so I could report back to you guys and let you know if ‘U can’t wear that’.

I tried on another silly old sea dog dress ( another size 28) but with 3/4 length sleeves and it was too small, My arms are huge and it was super uncomfortable and tight across my back. Because of my body shape I knew a sleeveless one would be a much better fit.

I don’t want to ramble on forever so I will leave you with a few pictures of me in the dress,

Silly Old Sea Dog Forest Friends Dress


The dress is very snug around the waist but that is because it is at least 2 sizes too small, I really like it though because it nips me in and gives the illusion that I am more hourglass that I actually am and it is not uncomfortable to wear at all. I would say that if you are a size 28-32 you could definitely make this dress work. 20151010_194228

The dress I have on is covered in Bears and Wolves and is something I have not seen anywhere else.20151010_194555

The silly old sea dog dresses are beautifully made and if looked after well will last forever but its the originality of the fabrics that make them so special to me.


Lovedrobe… please take the plunge.

Lovedrobe kindly let me chose a dress from their website to review on my blog,  I went to the site and narrowed my search by size and at the time there was a whopping 5 dresses in my size, not only were there only five dresses but they were colour and print variations of the very same dress. I was really disappointed in what they had to offer in my size. Some people would say that I should be pleased that they had anything at all but I disagree. I decided to go ahead and pick a dress (a print of the dress) and wear and review it because the dress was something that I would actually wear,

I did consider not reviewing an item at all but I want to highlight the brand so that we can let them know that we are out there and we want clothes in a size 30/32

The dress arrived very quickly and I was pleasantly surprised by the dress itself. The dress is the Plunge neck skater dress and is actually a pretty cute dress and its nice to see it in more than one print/colour.  The dress is pretty short on me and the material made it perfect for what I planned to wear it for. The week after the dress arrived i was going to a beach themed party that my friend was throwing, I had my bikini ready but wanted something cute to throw on when the weather cooled down in the evening.


For the purposes of this post I also took a couple of pics of how I would wear this dress out.


The plunge is a little too plungey to be able to wear with any bra that I own and with a 46K bust I’m not able to go braless. I am however happy to have my bra on show on certain nights out so this won’t prevent me from wearing the dress in future. IMG-20150807-WA0039For me the dress is a little too short to wear bare legged so I put on plain black leggings and black shoes so the focus is on the dress. I’m not really big on lots of accessories especially when wearing a busy print.

I do really like the dress and I do really like the print and I will be wearing this dress again.

The only issue I really have is the lack of items available in my size on the website, I have checked this morning and they have 8 dresses available in my size in stock at the moment and 39 items in my size across all clothing types. I really really want to see them increasing the amount of items they have in the biggest sizes because if this dress is anything to go by I would definitely be shopping with them in the future.


download (2)

I am the dancing lady lol

Since Scarlett & Jo showed up in Evans I have been a huge fan (lol) I especially love the midi length dresses so when the opportunity arose to try something from their line that isn’t my usual style I jumped at it.

In this post I have on the Red Print Maxi Dress I was a little concerned about how I would get on with the length because I am only 5′ 3″ but with a pair of heels it was absolutely fine.

As soon as I put the dress on I felt like the little dancing lady emoji

download (2)IMG-20150701-WA0021


The lining of the dress is considerably shorter than the georgette outer later so the dress is sheer from the knee down. I would say this is a very grown up dress and feels very fancy for a maxi dress. This is not a dress that I could wear on a normal summer day, I would definitely say it was an occasion dress,

I have this dress in a size 32 and I found the dress very tight around the middle so I would say to size up in this one of you can.

I love the colour of this dress and it gave me an excuse (not that I ever need one) to grab a red lippy.

IMG-20150701-WA0020 IMG-20150701-WA0056 IMG-20150701-WA0060

The blue version to this dress is currently in the Evans sale at a massively reduced price so go go go!!!!