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I am the dancing lady lol

Since Scarlett & Jo showed up in Evans I have been a huge fan (lol) I especially love the midi length dresses so when the opportunity arose to try something from their line that isn’t my usual style I jumped at it.

In this post I have on the Red Print Maxi Dress I was a little concerned about how I would get on with the length because I am only 5′ 3″ but with a pair of heels it was absolutely fine.

As soon as I put the dress on I felt like the little dancing lady emoji

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The lining of the dress is considerably shorter than the georgette outer later so the dress is sheer from the knee down. I would say this is a very grown up dress and feels very fancy for a maxi dress. This is not a dress that I could wear on a normal summer day, I would definitely say it was an occasion dress,

I have this dress in a size 32 and I found the dress very tight around the middle so I would say to size up in this one of you can.

I love the colour of this dress and it gave me an excuse (not that I ever need one) to grab a red lippy.

IMG-20150701-WA0020 IMG-20150701-WA0056 IMG-20150701-WA0060

The blue version to this dress is currently in the Evans sale at a massively reduced price so go go go!!!!


A little bit of Scarlett & Jo


Anyone who reads my blog will know I have a love of Scarlett & Jo. I love the length of their tea dresses and the amount of different prints they have available.  I love the way the tea dresses skim my body. I won’t go on and on but you can have a look at another review I did of a Scarlett & Jo tea dress Here

 Screenshot_2015-02-27-08-45-17 Screenshot_2015-02-27-08-44-39 Screenshot_2015-02-27-08-44-17 Screenshot_2015-02-27-08-43-59

I tried this dress with the burgundy shoes and it looked lush but the heels were a little high for me to wear all day do I traded them for a pair of midi heels which also worked really well with the dress. The last review of one of their tea dresses I actually pair it with a pair of tan brogues, I love how versatile these dresses are, allowing you to dress them up or down depending on the look you are after.


I love the detail on the bust, It shows just a little boob but is still very modest,

Scarlett & Jo have two very similar tea dresses out at the moment in the same colour and floral prints but one is a cowl neck and one had lace detailing. The range really does have something for everyone. Check out those two similar dresses Here and Here

Take a minute to check out the Scarlett & Jo range on Evans as they have some beautiful full length dresses that are just stunning!


Plus size in the House! (of Fraser)

Last month I was contacted by House of Fraser about their plus size options on the website and I am so glad they did. I had no idea that House of Fraser stocked plus size clothes and on visiting their website was pleasantly surprised at just how many items there were available in my size.

House of Fraser offer a number of different plus size brands in their Plus Size Section from Evans, Scarlett & Jo and Samya to higher end brands like Grace.

A picked two items from the website that I really like and knew I would wear a lot. I went for a really nice and casual midi skirt with pockets and a pink check babydoll dress both from Evans.

20141125_181256 20141125_181317

I didn’t really have a choice when it came to the skirt because it has pockets, I am a little bit obsessed with skirts with pockets, Its just a really nice everyday skirt that can be worn with not much thought and  love pieces like that so it was an obvious choice.

20141125_190201 20141125_190434

I chose the baby-doll dress because of the shape, I love this shape dress on my body and the pink is a colour I don’t ever wear so I thought it was a good opportunity to have something a little but different.


I wore the dress for an evening out for dinner with friends and finally got a change to take my unicorn clutch out for the night, I had had it for quite a while and have been dying to take her out!

House of Fraser have a lot to offer in the way of plus size clothing and I think its definitely worth checking them out for a wide range of options all under one roof.



Still blossoming in Winter.

Since Scarlett & Jo became available in Evans they have been producing item after item that I have lusted over. I, like everyone else on the planet fell in love with the infamous prom dress but by the time I was able to buy it everyone and their cat already had it. Then the prom skirts came out and I knew I had to have one. A little late to the party (or prom lol) again I now have a beautiful Scarlett & Jo prom skirt. They are still available HERE on the Evans website on sale and in three colours.I chose the purple because with winter approaching I wanted something that was dark enough to wear throughout the colder season but with the vibrant flowers it still stands out beautifully.

The skirt has an elasticated waistband and is so comfortable, I have on a size 30 and it fits great so you could easily size down if need be. The skirt has a built in tulle underskirt and feels so girly and ‘flouncy’ to wear. It really feels like a luxury piece when you have it on. I know with all my extra padding I shouldn’t need the help of tulle to fill out the skirt but it just makes it so pretty.

This is just going to be a really picture heavy post as the skirt is so gorgeous!

20141101_111940 20141101_111901 20141101_111606 20141101_112013

This is probably my favourite skirt at the moment and I can’t wait to see what Scarlett & Jo come out with next. They have some beautiful vintage jersey dresses in at the moment. Go check them out.

Thanks for reading x