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Thinking outside the box for the women in my life

I have two sisters and a female cousin my age and whenever birthdays and Christmas come around I’m always searching for something to give them that is something a little bit out of the box.
I usually look at perfumes and books they might like or I’d take them out for a meal at a place I know they want to try or already like, but as each yeah passes it becomes more and more difficult to be original with gifts for them.
Recently as we’ve all gotten older we have looked at giving experiences and creating memories over actual things like a perfume or electronics. Spa days, cooking classes and trips for afternoon tea are very popular for women on gift day sites. Although these are lovely ideas for gifts they aren’t very original for gift giving at all.

My two younger sisters have both passed their driving tests very recently and that gave me a really really good idea! I was looking at Track Days and they have some amazing driving experiences available to book as gifts. From classic vehicles like the classic mini to absolutely stunning supercars. I was initially a little worried about the cost but I was surprised to find that you can get a driving experience with a McLaren for the price of birthday dinner for two in London. There are so many different cars (my favourite being the Audi R8) to choose from too so if you wanted to gift a couple of people they would be able to have completely different experiences.


I was drawn to the driving ones because driving is relatively new to my sisters and I think that would be very exciting for them. There is however a number of other experience days that they offer like water sports and flying etc. Track days offer experiences all up and down the country so you won’t have to travel far and they even offer track experiences for juniors and I think these would be amazing for young girls to try out whether they are ‘into cars’ or not. I know that driving a supercar when I was a teenager would have been mind-blowing!

I know my sisters really well and I know they would love doing a driving experience so it makes me wonder why these types of gifts are aimed mainly at men. When looking got gift days on popular gift sites the “For him” and “For her” sections make me a little mad because I have to search both categories when looking for gifts for anybody. I think it’s important to choose something that the person will enjoy and remember forever, not what society thinks is an appropriate gift for a woman.

I think these types of gifts that are a little bit different are honestly the best kind, I think a lot of people will be surprised about how much the women in their lives will enjoy doing something different and having a once in a lifetime experience that they will never forget.

Remember that experience!

Experience Days

With our dads birthday coming up my sisters and I have been thinking about doing something a little more interesting that the usual shirt or men’s fragrance, so we started looking into some experience days. There are a ton of sites and a ton of different experiences so its difficult to know where to start. I was sent the link to Into The Blue Experiences and I was amazed at the amount of experiences they have available. They have over 2000 experience days available through the website in the form of gift voucher which can be used at the recipients convenience.

I remember years and years and years ago my mum and I chose a driving experience day for my dad and he absolutely loved it, not only was it a a great experience for him and a wonderful memory it was also a really lovely memory for me to have. Being a part of arranging something for my dad that he loved so much and really appreciated. I really think these can be some of the best types of gifts, it shows that you care and that you put some thought into what you think the person might enjoy but its also very simple and all of the details are sorted for you.

I’m not a driver but I immediately look for something that is as far from the everyday London driving experience as possible, which took me to their off road adventures, they look absolutely amazing and so much fun, my dad has been driving for like a million years so me might not find those as fun as I would so I went on to look at the super cars cos who wouldn’t want to feel like James Bond for the day but that is very similar to the experience we sent him on when I was a kid. There are so many different things to choose from… I know he wouldn’t be keen on the jumping out of a plane type experiences so I can skip those. He is definitely a stereotypical man’s man so I don’t think he would go for the pampering ones or even the Gourmet experiences, but I think that is what is so good about Into The Blue Experiences, there is a plethora of fun options, so my sisters and I will continue to explore the site and see what other options may be suitable, after all we do have another couple on months to decide.

The experiences are presented in categories to make it easier to find something suitable for example gifts for him, gifts for her, anniversary and 2 for 1’s which I think can be a good idea if you are open to recommendations but if you already know the kind of experience you are looking for, like me lol, then you can peruse the experience groups, Driving, Water sports, Flying, Outdoor, Creative, Pampering, Days out and Gourmet mmmm, I know which one I would want.

Have you guys had any experience days??? I’d love to hear what you did and why you think it was chosen for you.