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5 Tips to Properly Maintaining Your Beard


5 Tips to Properly Maintaining Your Beard

Growing a beard has once again become a fashionable trend in the recent past. A whole month every year, November, is dedicated to growing beards, with hashtags trending on all social media platforms. However, grooming and taking care of beards is not as easy as people might think. A man has first to learn tips on how to make it grow. When it is of a satisfactory length, he ought to learn how to keep it presentable and make sure it stays dazzling. There are various ways to maintain your beard and keep it constantly radiant. Below are tips to follow:

1) Washing

Practicing hygiene when maintaining a beard is necessary, considering it is still an extension of the body. Just like hair, it is capable of absorbing particles from all sorts of things and trapping them within the hair strands. The bigger the beard, the higher the number of times it needs washing. There are many products that one can use, but the simplest is ordinary shampoo or soap and water. Regular washing of a beard enables it to stay soft, making sure that it is easy to comb and shape into various fashionable styles. It also hastens its growth. One is advised to wash his beard a number of times weekly, preferably 3 or 2.

2) Trimming

Trimming beards is very essential. A beard should match a face shape for it to look neat. The best way to trim it would be to use a cordless beard trimmer. They come in a range of models that are customized to meet the clients’ specific needs. There is also a comprehensive guideline that shows one every step he has to follow to take full advantage of the device’s capabilities. The trimmers are affordable and very portable, making them efficient tools that come in handy even when one is travelling.

3) Using Beard Oil

Just like normal hair, beards need to be taken care off with oil. This is the only way to tame its growth and not have a bushy and ugly facial hair. When it is extremely dry, it can also cause high levels of discomfort, tending to be prickly, spiky, and itchy. Regular use of beard oil is also advised to improve the outlook of the beard and increase the glossy effect. The oils also come with a range of scents that work well for the owners.  

4) Using a Softener

Some softeners work like hair conditioners that are designed to keep a beard soft. Softeners also create a velvety feeling to the beard, eliminating all possibilities of constant itching. When using these softeners, men are always advised to make sure it reaches the follicles of the beard to ensure maximum efficiency  

5) Styling

Beards require regular styling to avoid looking rugged. The styles are relative, depending on the owner’s preferences. Numerous styling balms can be used for the beard. They function effectively by helping one control the facial hair and keep it in place or shape. The balms also create a bouncy look that improves appearance.


5 Reasons to become a hair stylist in 2018

Anyone with a passion or talent for hair styling should consider turning it into a full-time career. You will never miss a moment when someone, somewhere wants to be groomed.  This provides people in the hair styling field with unlimited opportunities to make use of their skills as well as improve on hair fashion trends.

For those with a passion, yet they lack the necessary skills, find accredited schools at ourworldisbeauty.com that will provide you with the skills and expertise. If you want to maximize your skills and do something positive, below are reasons why you should become a hairstylist.


Most hairstylists are not limited in terms of working hours or working locations. They can work from wherever they want, some visiting their clients’ homes to offer them services while others open beauty parlors. Working as independent contractors, they can manage their own time, planning their own schedule according to the number of clients and targets that they have set. As a hair stylist, all that one needs to work on are their marketing and skills to increase and grow their clientele.

Rewarding experience

There is nothing better, rewarding and as fun as doing something that you love and enjoy. If hair styling is what makes you feel free and happy, then maybe you should give it try. Apart from being a passion, it can be a great source of income. Most clients require the best services and a social nature. All that is required is an open mind and a social nature in order to make friends and build your clients. There are also numerous opportunities to attend seminars among other events that will enable you to familiarize yourself with ongoing fashion trends and styles which will keep you above most of your competitors.

Job Security

The beauty industry is filled with ongoing changes and new styles. In turn, this provides hair stylists with new job opportunities. Keeping yourself well informed about what’s trending in the industry, you will be able to find more opportunities and deliver what your clients need. The ability to surpass your clients’ expectations give you an upper hand, making them into loyal clients. Even during the low season, you will always be guaranteed to have people that seek your services.

Great source of income

While you might be becoming a hair stylist because it’s a passion, you can still thrive in the industry and make a living out of it. Thousands of hair stylists are making millions from hairdressing.  You might face challenges in the beginning, but with an effort, working hard and start, you can build an empire from what you love.  When you grow into a professional hair stylist, you can start your own school and offer paid training sessions or be an educator in seminars.

Allows creativity

While some clients might have an idea of what they want to be done to their hair, others don’t have a clue of what they want. This is where you will need to input your styling and coloring skills, giving them the best look. Get creative with unique styles.

In today’s hair styling industry, it isn’t just about cutting; washing and blow drying the hair, most clients want all beauty services in one session. You can additionally include manicures and facials


Lucia Laid Bare

I, like a lot of women, love to get all dressed up… prettying up my face and put on something cute.
I love experimenting with my hair and changing up my make-up looks to suit my mood/the occasion.
But I wanted to to a blog post that was basically just me stripped back from all the extras saying… Look, This is me… The real me.
No make-up and No extra hair

This is my natural hair, The hair that I was born with. No straightening techniques, no hair managing products, just my hair as it grows out of my head. I love braids and weaves and wearing my hair straight etc… but I also love my natural hair. My hair is big and wild and difficult to manage just like me!

I have poor vision so I need glasses, and I love those too lol, I like the way I look in glasses and  think everyone can look good in the right pair of frames. Day to day when I’m out running errands and such I don’t wear any make-up and I kind feel a bit like a fraud when in all my blog posts I’m all made up. So this blog post is just basically a short post showing you all the real me.

All the dressing up is so fun but I always strip back to ‘Me’ and have recently realised that that is just as great.

Also if anyone is interested in me doing any hair posts just let me know x