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Investing in luxury

Being a fashion blogger I mostly post about dresses and creating outfits, I like to include accessories and jewellery that compliment what I’m wearing. I love fast fashion and I’m always buying new clothes as the seasons and styles change. That’s what I like the most about affordable clothes, my wardrobe is overrun with options and I can mix and match to create any looks I want.

When it comes to handbags I’m the complete opposite, for me handbags are an investment. On my last holiday to Vegas I bought a beautiful Italian leather cross body bag, initially I was in two minds because of the price but I’m so glad I made the choice to buy it. The quality of the bag is amazing, I use it all the time and it still looks brand new after two years. In the last eight years or so I have bought 90% of my bags from a high end highstreet retailer because bags are something I believe are worth the extra pennies because we use them every day and they store very valuable items.
Italian leather, purchased from the right company can literally last you a lifetime if you take care of it so it saves you buying poorly made ones season after season.

While scrolling through the Attavanti website I have seen so many gorgeous Italian leather bags, they literally have bags to suits the need of everyone.


I personally love the messenger type bags. I like to keep my belongings across my body and it frees up my hands to carry other things or carry out day to day tasks without having to leave my bag laying around. They have bags for men, tote bags, travel bags, handbags, laptop bags…. You name it, and they all vary in price so you so many options to choose from.

I honestly can’t express enough how good it is to have at least one really well made, high quality bag to use. It feels great having all your items secure in something stylish that you know won’t fall to pieces. A beautiful piece that will last a lifetime is priceless.