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The Holiday Home Lifestyle Could Be The One For You!

The property ladder is a scary thing to climb. You can get on the first rung relatively easily, and start looking into the types of properties and out there that someone on a strict budget could afford. But anything above that step is hard to ascend to: there’s mortgage rates, bad tenants, solicitor fees, and a market that fluxes up and down whenever it seems to want to. All in all, that’s just far too risky for someone ‘normal’ to try and get on with!


But if you have your own house or rented space to live in, and you’re doing well with managing the fees for that, this could be your time for broadening your horizons, and making sure you’ve got an asset to your name that you’re going to get plenty of use out of, and plenty of money out of at the same time. What is that investment? Why, a holiday home of course!


Seeing as more and more of us are deciding to sate our wanderlust and go far and wide on a regular basis, this could be a very good avenue of choice for you to walk down. Travelling far and wide is something we all want to do at some point in our lives, so why not make your dreams easier on yourself? And if you’re still not convinced at this point, here’s a few more reasons to help you out.


No more perching on hostel bunks and scanning through travel guides to make sure you’re in a safe part of town… (Credit)


No More Hotels!

Hotels can be very expensive, and we all know if you want to stay more than one night with an entire family by your side, you’re probably going to have to fork out anywhere from £500 and up. And that’s just not effective for a travelling lifestyle, and can set you back years on your next holiday away.


So if you see yourself travelling more than once or twice in the next ten years or so, this could be a good time to look into the holiday properties there are on the market. No longer are you going to have to pay a hundred or so per night just to have a good night’s rest, and you won’t have to wrangle with room service any longer either. And there’s never enough towels to go around when you’re staying in a hotel room, and it all adds up to a lot of unnecessary hassle when you’re meant to be relaxing!


You Can Stay as Long as You Want

Another bad thing about hired accommodation: you have to leave at some point, and you’re going to be turfed out at an agreed time if you don’t manage to keep to it. And when you’re on holiday, that marks the end of the fun! Afterwards you’re going to have to trudge your way to the airport or back onto the cruise ship, or even back into your cramped and most likely dirty car (if you’ve got the kids in the back…) and go home with stress in your shoulders.


But not when you have a holiday home at your disposal! Of course you’re going to have to return to life and all its responsibilities at some point, but you don’t have to think about that for a while when you’re in a house of your own and there’s no one to tell you to leave by 11am!


Speaking of staying for as long as you want, when you have a holiday home to stay in when you go abroad, you can stay out or up for as long as you want as well! Hotels usually have curfews for when they lock the doors by, and when you’re an adult trying to have fun with friends and older members of the family, it can be hard to keep to this time. Especially if you didn’t even know about it in the first place! You can also make as much noise as you want, make as much mess as you want (once again, that’s useful if you have the kids around with you), and you’re only going to have you to tell yourself off in the morning. No lost deposits here!


You Can Hire Your Holiday Home Out

If you’re finding the accommodations during your travels subpar, there’s a very strong chance others are coming to the same conclusion! People love to save money whenever they can, we need as much of it as we can save after all, and that means people are already willing to couch surf in stranger’s house and on hostels with less than stellar ratings. Now’s your chance to make their experience better!


When you’re not using your home away from home, you can easily use it to make money off of travellers who have the same idea as you but are without the means to go all in. And if you own a property in a prime travelling location, such as the South of France or Italy, and you can afford a mortgage, you’re going to make at least double the investment you spent on in the first place!


Ready to Invest in a Holiday Home?

This could be the perfect time for you to do so, especially considering the relative ups the housing market is having recently. You can buy a bit of a fixer upper in the middle of nowhere and soon discover it’s the perfect place for young couples with kids or older couples looking to get out and about across the world to stay. Or you can invest in a place that’s in the city centre and make a lot of money off of people who like to backpack their way across continents, and those who enjoy a party lifestyle looking for a place close to all the action and entertainment.


Whatever you choose, when you have a holiday home to stay in when you go away, you’re going to have a successful holiday!