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Pet proof homes.

Welcoming a pet into your life is easily one of the best decisions you can make, however you will find with all that love and attention that comes your way, there’s also a lot of hard work. Seen as the floor is the place where they’ll spend the majority of their time in your home, it is incredibly important to ensure that you have chosen the right one. Our guide is going to take you through the best advice on the right flooring for you, and targeting some of the main issues of having a pet, and how to deal with them, whilst also showing you that it’s a sacrifice worth making.

floor1The first flooring we’re going to look at is hardwood that comes as either solid or engineered. Engineered wood is a layered finish, whereas as solid wood is as the name suggests, simply a solid plank of wood. Both are incredibly durable, and have good levels of scratch resistance meaning that long claws won’t cause too much damage, and good static qualities meaning your pets won’t be sliding all over the place! It’s incredibly easy to clean up any loose hairs or accidents that may occur, loose hairs can be simply removed using a damp mop. It’s important any accidents are cleaned up quickly as they can permanently stain.

The next, and possibly the best alternative to hardwood is luxury vinyl tiles. Another great options as it holds a lot of the same qualities as wood flooring, but is far cheaper and some would suggest a little more durable. An incredibly water resistant material, meaning any spillages can be very quickly cleaned up. It’s also scratch resistant, meaning it similarly is unlikely to be damaged be long nails. It’s important to keep your pets nails clipped, just to ensure there isn’t any damage.

floor2The final, and by far cheapest option is laminate. The great thing about laminate is the fact the price doesn’t take away from the quality, and the effectiveness. It’s equally as durable as vinyl and hardwood, and also maintains a very nice aesthetic. It comes in a number of different shades and designs, meaning there is something for every taste. Its tough outer layer also makes it incredibly scratch resistant, however one of the downsides of laminate is if damage does occur, it can’t be refinished. We wouldn’t recommend vacuuming loose hairs up as they will simply blow around the room, and damp mop will do the trick. 

Pets truly are one of the best decisions you can make, we hope our guide has helped you to find the best flooring for your home and the best ways to deal with any unfortunate accidents. When people say pets are a friend for life, they don’t say it lightly!

 *Post in collaboration with Flooring Republic