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Decluttering Doesn’t Have To Mean Saying Goodbye

Most of us have heard about the benefits of clearing clutter in our homes. Books like ‘The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up’ by Marie Kondo have bought decluttering into the mainstream. That, and the fact that we’re all jumping on the minimalist wagon. Less is more, and if you want a clear mind, you better have a clean home.

But, it’s possible these methods aren’t all they’re cracked up to be. Namely, they focus on giving up the things you love. Call us crazy, but that doesn’t seem like a sure way to a better life. In fact, it seems just the opposite.

That said, the reasoning behind these points is hard to argue with. Too much clutter can get you down. We’ve all walked into a messy room or two and walked straight back out again. We are clean creatures, and we all hate the chaotic feeling of a mess. That’s true whether we admit, or even realise it.

But, instead of focusing on what you can take away from your home, it’s worth considering how to keep the space clear, without getting rid of anything. That way, you achieve the same impact, without having to suffer. For proof it’s possible, we’re going to look at a few of the ways to clear clutter by finding new places for everything you need.

Your television


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In modern homes, television is the focal point of the living room. Though bulkier than in their younger days, most television sets can take up a decent amount of space. Television units are often cumbersome, and we lose a shocking amount of floor space to them. And, lost floor space usually increases feelings of claustrophobia and clutter. That said, if you use your cabinet for storage, this may be the best of two evils.

But, if like most of us your unit is for television wires and box sets only, then it’s time to reconsider. This unit is invading your living room, and it isn’t even serving any practical purpose. So, do away with it. Then, consider investing in a wall bracket on which to display your television. This way, you can keep it as the focal point in your room, while not losing any floor space to the cause. You’d be amazed what a difference this can make.

Your fireplace

Your fireplace is another thing which likely takes up a fair amount of room. If you have an authentic fire, there isn’t much you can do about this. The chances are that the feature is an integral part of your structure. Not to mention that you wouldn’t want to do away with something as stunning as that. But, if you use a gas fireplace instead, you may be wasting much more space than necessary. Old designs were bulky and invasive. The chances are that your fire is either a box design or comes out reasonably far from the wall.


Do away with this issue by investing in one of the inbuilt gas log fires offered by companies like Illusion Fires. These options involve building a fireplace into your wall. Thus, you can free up the floor space that would have been used by a freestanding option. Again, the difference will be much more substantial than you might expect. Plus, this way, you’ll have a sleek and stylish design which is about as far from clutter as it’s possible to get.

Your accessories

Many of us enjoy an accessory or two in the home. These are, after all, how we add character and make our mark. But, they’re also the main culprit when it comes to clutter. If you get carried away here, the situation can soon get out of control. But, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to get rid of pieces you love. It just means you have to find better places to keep them.

House plants are a prime example. While big business at the moment, a large vase can also take up too much floor space. A few of these in one room, and you’ll soon find yourself struggling for space. For one, it’s worth placing these around the house, instead of having them all in one room. It’s also worth putting them above the floor if you can, to reduce the space wasted. You may have realised that there’s a theme here. High up is usually better. So, think about placing your plants on a shelf, or table instead.

Ornaments are another thing worth considering. Again, opt for high up storage solutions. You can put in new shelving units for the purpose if you need. As they’re above floor level, this shouldn’t make any real difference to the feel of the room. Within reason, of course.

The other clutter


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Big stuff aside, there’s usually plenty of other clutter on the floor, including shoes and slippers. The good news is, the high up theory works here, too. Instead of kicking them off and leaving them behind the sofa, why not incorporate a hanging shoe rack on the back of your door? This is a neat way to store something which could otherwise become clutter. It also ensures your floor is as clear and clutter free as possible. Out of sight really can mean out of mind.

And, let’s not forget that many of us clutter our floors in the name of style. Rugs are a prime example of this. Though they look nice, they can make a room appear drastically smaller. So, think twice before leaving a rug in the middle of your floor. Instead, why not find another use for it, which doesn’t compromise your space? Some rugs make fantastic wall hangings, for example. Or, you may just need to reconsider the room in which you display them. A rug in the landing can lead into the larger part of your home, so won’t look so much like clutter. But, a rug in the living room won’t have the same positive impact. Rearrange to make this work for you.