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5 Tips to choosing makeup that will not break out your skin


5 Tips to choosing makeup that will not break out your skin


People are obsessed with makeup and how they truly can transform someone’s look. But if you’re not careful, you might end up using a product that’s not suited for your skin. Even if you’re not acne prone, there may be certain chemicals that will still cause your skin to break out. Sensitive skin or not, it pays to know your products well. By researching and checking out products like beauty counter dew skin and other brands made for sensitive skin, you gain knowledge of what works and what doesn’t. Here are 5 tips to choosing makeup that will help your skin be healthier and prevent break out.


  1. Know your skin type

Knowing your skin type is essential before getting something from the shelves. A lot of products are labelled by skin type so it pays to know yours to be sure your getting something suited for your skin. The easiest way to determine your skin type is by using the blotting paper test. Simply pat a blotting paper on your entire face and on the t-zone and observe how much oil is getting absorbed. The t-zone is the area on your forehead and nose, this is where oil accumulates most. If you have dry skin, you’ll notice very little to no oil on the blotting paper. Oiliness in the t-zone means you have normal/combination type skin. And if you are oily all throughout including the cheeks and chin area, chances are you have oily skin. Oily skin is more prone to breakouts and acne as the oils have a tendency to clog the pores which causes pimple growth.


  1. Do a patch test

If you have acne prone and sensitive skin, it’s important to test out the products first before buying them. A patch test is advisable for this. Try putting a small amount of the product on the side of your neck and wait for a couple of minutes for any negative reaction. If you experience any itching or swelling, it’s a sign that it’s not a good product for you. The side of the neck is a good area to test because it’s thinner and more reactive. If a patch test yields favorable results on this area, then you can be confident that the same product won’t give you any issues on the face.


  1. Stick to a certain brand

Once you know your skin type, you can try experimenting with beauty products that are rightly labelled. If you’re just starting out, choosing the right foundation would be a good start. Seek the help of makeup professionals in the store in helping you find the right shade. Even though there’s a universal label for makeup shades, a single shade may still look different from different brands. Once you’ve determined a brand that works for you, it helps to build your stash from that same brand because you already trust that its formula will not aggravate your skin.


  1. Choose anti-acne makeup

Thankfully, people with sensitive skin can now use makeup without fear of breaking out. Thanks to anti-acne products! Though there are a lot of anti-acne products out there, not everything is made equally. Some are too drying, and some are too mild, the important thing is to find your match. Now that you know your skin type, it’s easier to look for makeup that’s acne fighting and gentle on your skin.


  1. Know what chemicals to avoid

There are certain types of chemicals that you want to avoid if you want to have clear skin. Basically, avoid chemicals that have a dehydrating effect. Silicones, petrochemicals, perfumes and colorants are bad for your skin. While they serve to provide good texture, and make the product smell and look nice, they may actually clog up your pores and cause redness. Parabens are to be avoided too. They work to extend the product’s shelf life but they’re extremely toxic and might even mess up your hormones. There are a lot of other chemicals that could cause acne breakout. But for now it’s helpful to note the worst ones and read their concentration amounts in the ingredients label.