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Lady V and me.

I have a long and loving relationship with Ladyvlondon, more specifically Lady Voluptuous. I have experience with quite a few of their dresses but the first one I every bought was an Estella and it was love at first try on! I had 5 Estella dresses at one point and then I started buying some of the others like the Phoebe, the Cosette, the Bellatrix, the Lyra, the iconic Medusa and most recently the Ursula swing.

Here are just some of the Lady Voluptuous dresses I’ve had/I have.IMG_20170626_091448

We have now come full circle and I have just received a new style Estella. Ignore the squinting, it was sunny out lolIMG-20170614-WA0026This is the Sunshine Toucan Estella dress This one is a little different to the Estella I knew and loved, it has longer sleeves and an upturned cuff. I feel like this one covers more in the bust area than the ones I’ve had before.  IMG-20170614-WA0030This Estella is a little tight on the arms for me but that is purely because I have huge arms and I’m fatter than I was when I wore the old Estellas. Edit: I tried on an old Estella from my wardrobe and it still fits, I just think that the old Estella has short sleeves so accommodates my arms better. IMG-20170614-WA0018

This is such a nice dress for the summer the print is absolutely gorgeous and perfect for the hot weather we have been having recently. You can count on the great quality that they have always been consistent with in their dresses too.

Do you have a favourite Lady Voluptuous dress?


The Purrrfect Dress

One of my most ‘liked’ pictures  on my instagram is me in the mustard Lyra dress, it is by far my favourite dress so when Lady Voluptuous released some new prints I was very excited, especially when I saw they had a cat print! The elegance of the Lyra style and a quirky print make for the most amazing dress and I had to have it. 

Screenshot_20161125-114038 Screenshot_20161125-114043 Screenshot_20161125-114025 Screenshot_20161125-114103

It’s really cold here at the moment so I wore leggings underneath and put on some little tan boots to keep warm, having long sleeves on this dress helped with that too.

The dress

There really isn’t much I can say about the dress except that it’s another stunning Lyra and once again Lady V London and Lady Voluptuous have done great!

This dress was very kindly gifted to me, the opinions in this post are all my own.


Lindy bop Hibiscus May


Lindy bop is currently having a huge sale so I thought I would share with you the Lindy Bop May dress that I have.

Lindy bop is a brand that I always wanted to shop with but I never did because they only stock up to a  size 26 and I wear a UK32. Its very difficult when shopping online to judge whether something will fit or not but I have a couple of friends who have the same dress who advised me that this particular dress is generous and has some stretch to the fabric so I thought I would give it a go.

The skirt isn’t as full on me as it would be if it was my actual size but I still really like how the dress looks on.

Im going to leave you with a few pictures of what the May dress looks like on me, again bear in mind that the one I’m wearing is 3 sizes smaller than my actual size. IMG-20150807-WA0016




Lindy bop ‘Saphy’ dress.

If I find an item that I love and think there is even a remote chance that I can get it on my body you can bet your last penny that I’m gonna get it on and rock the hell out of it.

I recently attended UK plus size fashion weekend (UKPSFW) and was able to catch up with some friends and fellow bloggers, there I met Katt who I had only known of online and she was wearing the most gorgeous dress, the Lindy Bop ‘Saphy’, After the event a few of us went to have some dinner at a local diner at which point I asked Katt if I could have a tug of her dress. She told me that the dress was very generous and that she could have easily sized down due to the elastic shirring at the back of the bodice. I have the fabric a little tug to see how much stretch there was and she showed me just how much boob room there was in the dress,

This is now my second Lindy Bop dress, I have another that some bloggers advised me was stretchy and generous, two words that to me translate into.. “Whoop whoop new options!”

I literally went straight on my phone while we were sat in te diner so I could order the dress but unfortunately it was out of stock in my size :( I have to fill out the box to request a stock notifiction and it felt like I waited an eternity,

As soon as it was back in stock I ordered it and got it just in time to wear on a  night out for my best friends birthday.

I ordered the dress in the largest size, a UK 26, and the dress fit beautifully. Bear in mind that I usually wear a size 32. If if wasn’t for the elastic shirring on the back of the dress it would’t have fit I’m sure of it. 20151004_022008

I found this really cute retro gamer heart necklace on ebay.

IMG-20151004-WA0002Dresses with pockets for the win!

The full circle skirt on this dress no joke had me feeling like a princess, its so swishy and cute, I really really love wearing it.IMG-20151004-WA0006I will leave you with the reviews from two other gorgeous plus size girls on this very same dress.

Katts Review



Leah’s Review

leahmint As you can see this both these girls look amazing in the dress, check out these ladies’ reviews for even more information about fit etc…

Lindy bop have released two more prints in the ‘Saphy’ dress and I was super excited until I took a closer look at the stock photographs on their website to find that the two new prints don’t have the shirring on the back :( to say I was disappointed is a massive understatement.


Hope everyone is doing good and thanks for reading xx



Forest Friends from Silly old sea dog

When Silly old sea dog announced they would be extending their range to include plus size I was over the moon. They have beautiful vintage style dresses in so many unusual prints, prints  haven’t seen anywhere else at all.

The plus size items in the range stop at a size 28 and are made from cotton so I wasn’t sure if I would be able to make it work or not so before now I never had a chance to try one and see what the fit was like.

I think the biggest selling point for the brand, in my eyes, is that the dresses are so different to what any other plus size retailers are offering. I can happily say that I don’t know anyone else who has the dress that I have.

With the dress being 100% cotton and no stretch to the fabric and it being a size 28 I didn’t have much hope that I would be able to get it on as I am a dress size 32 but I wanted to give it a bash anyway so I could report back to you guys and let you know if ‘U can’t wear that’.

I tried on another silly old sea dog dress ( another size 28) but with 3/4 length sleeves and it was too small, My arms are huge and it was super uncomfortable and tight across my back. Because of my body shape I knew a sleeveless one would be a much better fit.

I don’t want to ramble on forever so I will leave you with a few pictures of me in the dress,

Silly Old Sea Dog Forest Friends Dress


The dress is very snug around the waist but that is because it is at least 2 sizes too small, I really like it though because it nips me in and gives the illusion that I am more hourglass that I actually am and it is not uncomfortable to wear at all. I would say that if you are a size 28-32 you could definitely make this dress work. 20151010_194228

The dress I have on is covered in Bears and Wolves and is something I have not seen anywhere else.20151010_194555

The silly old sea dog dresses are beautifully made and if looked after well will last forever but its the originality of the fabrics that make them so special to me.


The Medusa you can’t help but look at!

It’s no secret to anyone that I love the Lady V London dresses, so when Georgina at Fuller Figure Fuller Bust collaborated with lady v London to create a range of dress up to a size 32 I was extremely excited. The brand Lady Voluptuous was born and Lucia became a very very happy girl.

I have another dress from the collection, The Cosette which I have blogged about here

The leopard print Medusa dress was one I knew I had to had as soon as he dresses were released on to the website. I loved the print but I particularly like the shape of the dress. I love seeing plus size women in figure hugging dresses, especially ladies at the higher end of plus size.


20150304_162946 I wanted to be able to blog this dress and show you all just how amazing it is and give you an idea what it looks like on a size 30/32. I don’t often take side on shots but I want to show how well the material of this dress skims my tummy. The dress is figure hugging in all the places you want it to be and has just enough space for those of you who don’t want it to hug the tummy area too much,

This post is going to be super picture heavy as the dress is absolutely stunning and the pictures really do speak for themselves.

20150304_144118 My Georgina pose lol

20150304_162926 This is probably my fave picture of the set as it was taken between poses, natural pics are always my favourite so I thought I would include it.  20150304_162915

I am quite a bit shorter than Gerogina who models her dresses on the site but I love where the dress stops on me. I’m not a fan of having my knees on show and I was elated when I tried the dress on because I was worried it would be approaching maxi length on me and I was wrong.20150304_144534(0) 20150304_144013

I took pics of this dress with three different pairs of shoes just so you can all see what it would look like whether you like high heels or low, I like the way it looks with all the types of shoes I tried but I especially liked the burgundy stilettos as they matched my lips and made my bum look huge lol.

20150304_141744I did some dramatic cat-like eye make up to fit with the leopard print in the dress and a simply nude lip.

I really really want one of the Bellatrix dresses from the collection next, they are absolutely gorgeous and like I said I love a nice figure hugging dress.

Which dress from the collection is your favourite and why? I’m really interested in knowing what other people think of the dresses in the range,



A little bit of Scarlett & Jo


Anyone who reads my blog will know I have a love of Scarlett & Jo. I love the length of their tea dresses and the amount of different prints they have available.  I love the way the tea dresses skim my body. I won’t go on and on but you can have a look at another review I did of a Scarlett & Jo tea dress Here

 Screenshot_2015-02-27-08-45-17 Screenshot_2015-02-27-08-44-39 Screenshot_2015-02-27-08-44-17 Screenshot_2015-02-27-08-43-59

I tried this dress with the burgundy shoes and it looked lush but the heels were a little high for me to wear all day do I traded them for a pair of midi heels which also worked really well with the dress. The last review of one of their tea dresses I actually pair it with a pair of tan brogues, I love how versatile these dresses are, allowing you to dress them up or down depending on the look you are after.


I love the detail on the bust, It shows just a little boob but is still very modest,

Scarlett & Jo have two very similar tea dresses out at the moment in the same colour and floral prints but one is a cowl neck and one had lace detailing. The range really does have something for everyone. Check out those two similar dresses Here and Here

Take a minute to check out the Scarlett & Jo range on Evans as they have some beautiful full length dresses that are just stunning!


The beautiful Cosette


I am going to talk like you have all been hiding under rocks and don’t already know this…

Georgina over at FullerFigureFullerBust, in collaboration with Lady V London, has released a new range of 12 vintage plus size dresses with a promise of more to come In her own line called Lady Voluptuous.  At the time of this post there are currently three styles in the range in a variety of colours and prints.


The Lyra dress


The Cosette


The Medusa

The dresses are absolutely stunning, I love the fact that Georgina has tried to add elements to each dress to make them appeal to different people. Everyone has their little insecurities and I think Georgina has kept these in mind when designing these dresses. The Cosette and The Medusa are perfect for me because I’m not a huge fan of my knees. I favour dresses that have a slightly longer length. I know a lot of people don’t like having their arms on show etc and each dress in the range has a different sleeve type. No collection will ever have every dress for every woman but the effort and thought that’s gone into this collection is evident.


The Cosette!!!!!

“Cosette was a condensation of auroral light in womanly form.”
Victor Hugo, Les Misérables

Ugh, So perf!

I was on the Lady V London website refreshing the page over and over again waiting for the collection to launch and the Rose Print Floral Cosette was the first dress that popped up on the home page and I instantly fell in love!


The fit of this dress is very similar to the Estella that Georgina and Ladv V London brought out last year, The Estella was by far my favourite dress of all time and I’m not even kissing when I say love this dress even more.  This dress gives my body a shape I didn’t even know I had. Even without the belt my waist is accentuated and I love it!

Screenshot_2015-02-21-20-07-07I love every single thing about this dress, It literally feels like it was made for me. The length is perfect on my 5ft 3 body, it fits in the bust so well, just fr reference I wear a 46K. I was a little worried about whether the sleeves would fit because I have huge arms and I was very pleasantly surprised when the dress arrived. Another massive thing for me was the belt, In my eyes that was the true test because these has been so many times I have purchased a belted dress and Ive had to chuck the belt because it comes nowhere close to fitting. The belt on this dress has no stretch at all and it still *praise the dress gods (and Georgina)*

I love that even without the belt on I still have a waist in this dress.


This is the shape I have in the dress without the belt, the material has some stretch but still feels very structured.

Screenshot_2015-02-21-20-05-53 Screenshot_2015-02-21-20-05-59 I feel so sexy and ‘Pin up’ in this dress. I got so many compliments while wearing it out last night. I literally can’t gush enough about this dress or the line in general.

I want to say a massive Thank you to Georgina and Lady v London for keeping the super fats in mind when designing this line, it is very easy to exclude ladies at the higher end of plus size thinking there is just no demand, It genuinely warms my heart that some people recognise the need for sexy, fashionable, well made pieces for super plus size girls like myself. At the time of this post the dress I wearing is sold out in the four largest sizes of the six sizes available, proving that the fat girls are online in force getting these dresses and the line only launched 48hrs ago!!!!!!!!

*This dress was sooooooo kindly given to me to review to show that this dress looks just as banging on a size 32 as it will on everyone else*



Still blossoming in Winter.

Since Scarlett & Jo became available in Evans they have been producing item after item that I have lusted over. I, like everyone else on the planet fell in love with the infamous prom dress but by the time I was able to buy it everyone and their cat already had it. Then the prom skirts came out and I knew I had to have one. A little late to the party (or prom lol) again I now have a beautiful Scarlett & Jo prom skirt. They are still available HERE on the Evans website on sale and in three colours.I chose the purple because with winter approaching I wanted something that was dark enough to wear throughout the colder season but with the vibrant flowers it still stands out beautifully.

The skirt has an elasticated waistband and is so comfortable, I have on a size 30 and it fits great so you could easily size down if need be. The skirt has a built in tulle underskirt and feels so girly and ‘flouncy’ to wear. It really feels like a luxury piece when you have it on. I know with all my extra padding I shouldn’t need the help of tulle to fill out the skirt but it just makes it so pretty.

This is just going to be a really picture heavy post as the skirt is so gorgeous!

20141101_111940 20141101_111901 20141101_111606 20141101_112013

This is probably my favourite skirt at the moment and I can’t wait to see what Scarlett & Jo come out with next. They have some beautiful vintage jersey dresses in at the moment. Go check them out.

Thanks for reading x


The Stellar Estella

This is the dress my dreams are made of.


I have been on the hunt for a vintage style dress in my size for the longest time. I have come across a few but they have always been in a jersey fabric, which is fine when it comes to fast fashion but I wanted something that was going to last me years.

When I heard on the blogger grapevine that Lady V London were releasing a vintage dress in a number of prints in a size 30/32 I was over the moon.

The Estella Dresses are available here! and were designed by the gorgeous Georgina from Fuller Figure Fuller Bust

I bought the Estella in the black and white polkadot as I knew it would be very easy to style and I could wear it practically anywhere.

20141101_120808 20141101_12063520141101_12075820141101_120633

When the cupcake print Estella was released on the website I was literally screaming “Oh my God, Oh my God” Two of my favourite things combined just for me… Surely a gift from the Angels!!! I went on the site and bought the cupcake dress without a second thought… just look at it… I had to!


Love how I can still look fierce in a cupcake dress lol

20141101_113842 20141101_114101 20141101_114126 20141101_113637

The Estella dresses are 97% Cotton and 3% Elastane,  the quality is so good and I feel like they are a total investment, I plan on taking really good care of the ones I have so they will last forever.  A problem I find being my size is that it is very difficult to find good quality clothes that are a good fit, I know the bigger I am the more my body will vary from someone else who wears the same dress size. The Estella Dress feels like it was made for my body, the little bit of elastane allows the dress to hug you in just the right places but still has enough structure to fit how it is meant to.

I am really hoping to see more of these dresses coming out and I would especially like to see the dress in some solid colours.