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Considering replacement windows? Here’s everything you need to know

As time passes, your home’s windows can increasingly show signs of wear and tear. Perhaps you can spot patches where a frame appears to be warping or the glass has become inadvertently scratched.

In fact, there are cases where a problem can evidence itself long before you scrutinise how the windows actually look. You might regularly feel a draught or notice your energy bills rising – and either can be signs that your windows are letting too much cold in and excessive heat out.

Why uPVC windows can be plastic fantastic

If your home is traditional in design, you might be seriously considering having wooden frames fitted for the windows. However, while those frames could initially appear to have a subtly complementary look, effort would be regularly required on your part to keep those frames looking good.


That would be on top of the relatively high expense which wood windows can incur right from the start, but you could be pleasantly surprised by how effective uPVC windows can prove as alternatives. They are low maintenance and available in styles suited to a wide range of properties.

With uPVC windows these days also incorporating the most sophisticated window technology, you can expect the benefits to keep stacking up over the lifetime of the windows.

Pedal to the metal with aluminium windows

Sadly, on the subject of the lifespan of plastic, it’s almost half that of well-maintained metal, says Ideal Home. So, should you switch your preference to metal instead? This could be an especially good idea if your home has a contemporary design.

Aluminium windows can look cool and industrial while remaining resilient. This physical strength means that manufacturers of aluminium windows can afford to significantly slim down the frames to make more room for glazing. That’s no small boon given how this glazing could boost the insulation.

Better Homes & Gardens details how. Also keep in mind that, whether you favour uPVC or aluminium windows, you can also order uPVC or aluminium bifold doors to go with them. These doors, which allow the light transfer of windows and the flexibility of doors, can be ordered online.


How to help keep heat leakage at bay

As the temperatures outside fall, you should expect your home to keep you warm; however, it might not do so to optimum ability if the windows are lacking in thermal efficiency. This situation could require you to up your spending on heating, but new windows could take away this need.

Basically, the more thermally efficient windows are, the less heat they will leak. It’s reassuring, then, that all of the uPVC and aluminium windows and doors available from Bifold Shop, which is based in Gloucestershire but can supply to any home nationwide, are noted for their thermal performance.

To learn more about any of these products, you can dial the company on 01453 820892 and then select the first option presented. The company’s website details further plus points of what could serve as exciting additions to your abode.