The importance of safety in the workplace

Keeping safe at work.

Hazards obviously vary depending on where you work. Working on a building site will present very different hazardous situations to working in an office building or a chocolate factory, Just like working from home, the biggest hazard to productivity is laziness and/or lack of motivation, not being crushed by a boulder.

There are health and safety regulations within all places of work that all the staff are to adhere to but there will always be other hazards that come with being in environment with other people trying to work together. Working together with colleagues to create a safe working environment is very important as these are the people that are also trying to stay safe in the same place and who will be aiding you in case of an emergency. In a workplace everyone has something to offer, depending on job role and past experience,.

Your job role in your workplace is also very important when it comes to everyone being safe. If you are in a leadership role , whether it is agreed or not, you will be looked to for instruction/direction in a emergency. You have to make sure you know the health and safety procedures for your workplace and you role in them. If you are in a supervisory role you need to be clear headed, calm and clear to keep everyone and yourself safe.

Knowing your rights as a worker

Just as important as keeping safe is knowing your rights in the workplace if anything should happen. There are many area that come into play when you talk about workers rights for example wages, sick leave, breaks, unions etc  but what I want to focus on here is accidents occurring in your place of work.

The first thing you need to do if you have a n accident at work, no matter how small, is report it to your employer and have them make a record of it in an accident book. If there is nobody to take record you should make a record yourself ,including all the details of the accident (time, place, what happened etc) so you can give that record to your employer and make sure you always keep a copy yourself.

See a doctor, even if your injuries don’t seem all that extreme as your doctor will also keep a record of the medical details of your accident, which you may need in the future if making a claim or giving a more in depth report to your employer.

Speak to your union. Another great place to get advice on accidents in the workplace is online. If you feel the accident was the fault of your place of work and you feel lie it could have been avoided, speak to someone at your workers union as they will be able to offer you advice on what you should do next regarding time off work to recover, reporting an unsafe workplace, making your employer fix anything that will help prevent future similar accidents or even if you want to start looking into making a financial claim.

Make sure you do everything you can to stay safe at work and don’t be afraid ti make sure your employer is creating a safe place to you at work too, If you don’t look out for you, who will?

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