The Independent Pharmacy

This post is a little different for me but I think it’s really important to talk about. For the last year and  a half or so  I have been struggling with what I believe is acid reflux or possible GERD, I have found some ways to that really help me, like not eating right be before I go to sleep and making sure I am propped up slightly when I have eaten late. I have also increased the amount of water that I drink and these things really help me out.

Even though I have been doing these things and I gave googled to the ends of the earth and back to make sure as much as i can that it is hat i think it is, I still want to check in with my GP to see if there is anything else I can do or anything they can offer me.  I just come across a website called The Independent Pharmacy who have an online pharmacist and an online doctor and you have access to over 400 medications, you can get a consultation, order your medication and have it delivered to your door, all without having to leave your house. I think this is fantastic for people who are not physically able to get to the doctor for medical reasons and also for people who are unable to make it due to time constraints and those who work awkward hours.

They have a very easy to navigate website and you can check their list of medical conditions to have a look at what medications are used to treat the condition before going through to the actual consultation.

I genuinely think this is an amazing and very very useful resource, one that would come in very handy for my lifestyle.

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