The Medusa you can’t help but look at!

It’s no secret to anyone that I love the Lady V London dresses, so when Georgina at Fuller Figure Fuller Bust collaborated with lady v London to create a range of dress up to a size 32 I was extremely excited. The brand Lady Voluptuous was born and Lucia became a very very happy girl.

I have another dress from the collection, The Cosette which I have blogged about here

The leopard print Medusa dress was one I knew I had to had as soon as he dresses were released on to the website. I loved the print but I particularly like the shape of the dress. I love seeing plus size women in figure hugging dresses, especially ladies at the higher end of plus size.


20150304_162946 I wanted to be able to blog this dress and show you all just how amazing it is and give you an idea what it looks like on a size 30/32. I don’t often take side on shots but I want to show how well the material of this dress skims my tummy. The dress is figure hugging in all the places you want it to be and has just enough space for those of you who don’t want it to hug the tummy area too much,

This post is going to be super picture heavy as the dress is absolutely stunning and the pictures really do speak for themselves.

20150304_144118 My Georgina pose lol

20150304_162926 This is probably my fave picture of the set as it was taken between poses, natural pics are always my favourite so I thought I would include it.  20150304_162915

I am quite a bit shorter than Gerogina who models her dresses on the site but I love where the dress stops on me. I’m not a fan of having my knees on show and I was elated when I tried the dress on because I was worried it would be approaching maxi length on me and I was wrong.20150304_144534(0) 20150304_144013

I took pics of this dress with three different pairs of shoes just so you can all see what it would look like whether you like high heels or low, I like the way it looks with all the types of shoes I tried but I especially liked the burgundy stilettos as they matched my lips and made my bum look huge lol.

20150304_141744I did some dramatic cat-like eye make up to fit with the leopard print in the dress and a simply nude lip.

I really really want one of the Bellatrix dresses from the collection next, they are absolutely gorgeous and like I said I love a nice figure hugging dress.

Which dress from the collection is your favourite and why? I’m really interested in knowing what other people think of the dresses in the range,


4 thoughts on “The Medusa you can’t help but look at!”

  1. I love your sense of style Ms. Lucia. I especially love this outfit you put together. Simple and beautiful. I have always loved the leopard prints. What’s more is you more or less went all natural, while you could have had it done, you still looked fabulous just being yourself. This look is radiant as well as sizzling. Keep up the great work. Go on and on.

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