The Right to Bare Arms!

The Right to Bare Arms!

My arms have been an issue for me for as long as I remember, I always wear a cardigan or a shrug to cover them up. Even in the summer I choose to wear t-shirts instead of vests so that the tops of my arms are covered. At dinner a couple nights ago a friend of mine gave me an ‘aha’ moment when she said “You have fat arms, everyone can see that whether you take your jacket off or not” I thought about it for a second and do you know what… she was right.

I have spent so much time making myself uncomfortable, overheating to boiling point just so I don’t make other people uncomfortable, when in actual fact I don’t think anyone actually cares if I have my arms out or not.

I recently bought a beautiful Aztec maxi dress from yours clothing and I wore it on Wednesday with a denim jacket even though it was scorching hot outside, so in the spirit of this new blog and for all the people I hope will read it, I took off the jacket and went about my day bare armed.


I think this blog will be like therapy to me, I am pushing boundaries for me and for all the other plus size women who don’t think they can wear ‘that’.

I love this maxi dress, I got it in a size 30/32 it was very long so I had to take a couple inches off the bottom, Its big and I have lots of space in it which is nice, it’s such a comfortable and trendy piece for the summer. this dress is still available on the yours clothing website for £32.00

6 thoughts on “The Right to Bare Arms!”

  1. Fabulous to see you blogging!
    You are absolutely beautiful and i’m guessing by the fact I have most of the cloths you are wearing in these posts we have incredibly similar tastes, really looking forward to seeing more from you.x

  2. Sorry to comment on an old post but hurrah for bare arms. I was exactly the same covering up and getting too hot which exasperated my husband sometimes. I’ve just read through all your posts down to here and my mind is blown by you wearing smaller sizes from high street shops. I feel like I can’t wait to go out shopping and have a proper look around with this new revelation in mind. Thanks so much :) xx

    1. Hiya. Thank you! And yeah you really must! I love finding little gems in ‘regular’ clothes shops, just means I won’t be wearing the same thing as every other size 32 girl. Let me know if you ever find some treasures xxxx

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