I want to bingo!

Bingo!!! I’ve never played bingo in my entire life but I imagine the excitement and shouting out of “Bingo!” would be a lot of fun.

I know there is a whole slew of online bingo sites but if I were to try it out to see what a the fuss is about, I’d like to experience it in a proper bingo hall with someone calling out numbers and the grannies that frequent the place first so I can get the authentic experience.

I’ve seen a lot of people my age and younger that regularly go to their local bingo and have a really fun night out, the idea of cheap drinks and the company of my mates doing something a little bit different is enough to make me want to try it. Living in a new city has made me want to try loads of new things as a way to explore new areas of town and see what’s around.

If you’ve not had a sheltered like and have actually already played a game of bingo before or going to a local bingo hall isn’t something that interests you, or you just want a quick way to try it out for fun,  the convenience of being able to play in the comfort of your own home is offered by online bingo sites such as T-Rex Bingo who offer £30 to get you started with your first deposit playing online on their site. There are always promotions going on and prize draws so there are lots of ways to keep it interesting. The site is really easy to navigate and the sign up process is quick and easy, they really have made it very player’s friendly.

You get the fun and excitement of playing a gambling game without having to even get out of your pajamas which is a huge bonus in my book!

With so many little gaming apps popping up every day it’s so nice to have online access to a simple classic game that you can rely on for a bit of fun in your spare time.

Is getting Bingo! Really as exciting as it seems? I really wanna know lol

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