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When it comes to a career, it is one of the most important choices of your life, and can also be the subject of some of your biggest dreams. Many people may know what they want their career to be from a young age; they train at university or take on an internship that can progress them up their chosen industry ladder. However, sometimes things don’t turn out the way you thought they would, and you may find yourself after all that training and experience thinking that you’re on the wrong career path. A lot of people have negative fj1                                  (Source)

opinions of someone doing what they love for a living, but the truth is that life is just too short not to. So, ignore the negativity, and have a look below to see how your passion can be turned into the career of your dreams. Whether you passion lies in hands on creatives fields or making money online, its so important to love what you do, here is a london seo expert success story you’ll never believe.



Whether you are into modelling or want to create your own clothing line one day, you don’t always have to follow the typical path of being scouted or taking on an internship which is unpaid. Social media platforms like Instagram, Youtube, and Blogger, are leading the way for young entrepreneurs to take a different path, and the success rate has been phenomenal. Simply starting an “Outfit Of The Day” on your Instagram, rating your monthly purchases on your blog, or filming a lookbook for your Youtube channel could get your name out there and begin to build a loyal following. This will help open up opportunities with different brands, and other professionals using your chosen social media platform in the industry, helping you to start climbing the ladder whilst doing what you love, and continuing to inspire your followers. If you want to create your own clothing line, it may be worth investing in a high-quality sewing machine and starting to work with patterns, creating your own designs. Though it may take time to build skill, when the opportunities start to roll in, you’ll thank yourself for time well spent.



If you have always wanted to be a Makeup Artist but have been unable to bag a job on a makeup counter, or simply do not want to work in retail, it is definitely not the end of the road for you. Similar to the fashion section above – showcasing your skills on social media is a great way to start – whether that be filming a tutorial for Youtube or photographing your skills for Instagram. As an aspiring  Makeup Artist make sure you utilize social media as much as fj2(Source)                                                             

 possible to advertise your brand and skills. Ask clients to review your services on your professional Facebook page as this will help to build up a reliable and trustworthy reputation for your business, bringing in more customers. You may also find that through using Youtube and Instagram, you are able to get sponsored by a reputable industry brand, which will not only open doors for you, but help to rapidly build up your artistry kit. There are also quick courses available from accredited makeup schools like DFMA Makeup Academy which will help to build on your natural talent, and confidence, for going freelance. When looking for Makeup Artist potential clients tend to look at previous client reviews, qualifications the artist has brands used within their kit – so it is essential to pay close attention to these three areas.


Tattoos and Piercings

Unlike some of the professions previously mentioned, being self-taught is, unfortunately, not an option in this industry. A passion, as well as a reliable and industry accredited qualification, in either piercing or tattooing, is needed. These are easier to come by than a full undergraduate degree qualification, and usually shorter. However, they will need to be saved for as, like degrees, they can be expensive. Then again, a life-long career doing something you love is truly invaluable. After gaining the relevant qualifications, if you decide you would like to go freelance, you will need to buy all the piercing equipment or tattooing equipment required, so it may be worth putting money aside for that as well as the qualifications. You may even decide to partner up with another professional who is passionate about body modification to open a business. Using social media to show your artistry or even your work in progress will be a great way of creating interest, and if you have competitive prices to other business in the industry, you may find you grow in success quite rapidly. It is important to invest in quality equipment to start out with as it will be more cost efficient for you in the long run. For example: a tattoo with high-quality ink will retain its design and colour through the healing process, and the ink will not bleed away from the design into surrounding skin. If you always give out a high-quality service from the get-go, you are going to gain loyal customers that highly recommend your business – which is the key to success.


Health And Fitness

If you want a career in Health and Fitness but are resistant to work in a gym there are ways round it to become a successful Personal Trainer. If you have the funds, creating your own gym inside your house and using social media to gain clients could be a great way of setting up a business. Alternatively, a cheaper option would be to film your workouts or instruction classes for Youtube and gain a following. Depending on the extent of the following you grow you may be able to earn a full time wage from Youtube and be able to save up for dream gym. You may also find that having a qualification under your belt, like with the piercer and tattooist section above, will help to ensure potential customers they are getting a safe, well informed and reliable service from you. Marketing your qualification along with your skill, and positive reviews from previous clients will definitely up your numbers. Using advertisement campaigns like before and after shots of current clients, and offering a food plan alongside training services have proven to be successful industry-wide.


Hopefully, this has given you some inspiration and motivation to go after your career dream. Best of luck!


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