Understanding the Popularity of Vaping


For those uninitiated to vaping, as well as many of those who are new to vaping, the appeal can be rather confusing. What are those puffy clouds vapers are always exhaling? Moreover, why are there so many different types of e-liquid in the vape store down the street?

Explaining the popularity and benefits of vaping to friends and family who do not vape can be difficult without knowing the message you want to communicate.

Here are some ideas for conveying the benefits of vaping to non-vapers and helping them understand what makes people want to join the amazing vape community.

Vaping Reduces Exposure to Chemicals That Cause Cancer

Vaping has been widely recognized as an activity that reduces the risk of lung cancer and the lifetime risk of other cancers as compared to smoking cigarettes, pipe tobacco or cigars.

Tobacco smoke from these traditional methods of smoking exposes the user to more than four thousand different chemicals, many of which are carcinogenic. These chemicals can cause or contribute to the likelihood of getting different types of cancer.

Vaping, on the other hand, exposes the user to only a small amount of flavours — many of which are natural — as well as the amount of nicotine they choose and a small amount of either propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin, which are entirely safe.

The Fascinating Reason Vaping Is a Safer Activity Than Smoking

Lighting up a cigarette requires a spark, if not a flame. With this, there comes a risk of setting your clothing, your belongings or even your house on fire.

Smokers may scoff at this, but it is a very real risk. Vaping, on the other hand, does not require a flame and therefore has an extremely low — if not non-existent — risk of engulfing your home in flames.

Beyond this, any smoker knows the frustration of having their lighters stolen or borrowed by friends and colleagues. With vaping, you avoid this irritating inconvenience forever.



Flavour Power: What Vaping Does That Smoking Can’t

An enormous part of the appeal of vaping is the astonishing variety of flavours of e-liquids.

Just because you have a favourite food doesn’t mean that you want to have it for every meal, right? The diverse flavour profiles of e-liquids on the market mean even the pickiest and most discerning of consumers can find something they will enjoy.

Similarly, some people find that vaping reduces cravings for unhealthy foods, like cakes or pastries, and it has helped them achieve diet goals.

Best of all, you can combine different tastes and flavours to develop a personalized e-liquid that suits your preferences. Why not blend coffee and cinnamon roll flavoured e-liquid to make a smooth, delicious breakfast-like blend? Alternatively, mash up the e-liquids flavoured like your two favourite fruits for something lighter and more enjoyable.

No matter what kind of person you are or what flavours you enjoy, there is a delicious e-liquid available to suit your taste buds.

Vaping as a Social Activity

An aspect of vaping that people tend to seriously underestimate is the social quality that comes with sharing.

Many people who smoke cigarettes report that beyond the cravings and symptoms of withdrawal they so often experience, the worst part of quitting smoking is the loss of socialization that comes with no longer huddling outside over a shared cigarette.

Many ex-smokers report they miss having to take regular breaks throughout the day to smoke, spend a few minutes chatting with mates and bond over a shared activity. Perhaps unsurprisingly, many people who relapse and resume smoking report they did so because they missed the social and community aspect of smoking together.

No more! With vaping, you can share with friends and others, preserving the aspect of sharing, community and relaxation in an outdoor setting, while avoiding the unwanted health effects of smoking cigarettes.

In fact, in recent years, vaping has become an event and a reason for social activity, as young people hold “vape parties” where they share and compare e-liquid flavours, vape hardware and more.

Vaping Complements Other Activities and Feelings

Many people who vape struggle to put their finger on exactly what it is about the activity that appeals to them. They say things like, “It just feels good,” or “I feel like it relaxes me for some reason.”

Indeed, several people who use vaping products report they use them specifically to complement certain moods, to elicit specific vibes or to enhance an experience they are already having.

For instance, minty-fresh Candy Cane e-liquid can perk up your mood, wake you up in the morning or provide a refreshing blast of energy midday.


All the Smoke Without the Smell

With vaping, you’ll say goodbye to the stench of tobacco smoke lingering on everything around you. Anyone who has ever kissed a cigarette smoker can attest to how off-putting the taste can be.

With vaping, this simply does not happen. Rather than smelling or tasting like smoke, you’ll have an enjoyable flavour lingering in your mouth, so you’ll be ready for the next kiss!

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  1. I had my first cigarette when I was in a high school I was young and stupid back then .I become a smoker and that was the era when smoking was cool. I decide to quit smoking due to health issues and then I tried vaping I find it way cooler then smoking and I remember I also start with pen style e-cigarettes.

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