Beautiful windows for my loft.

I know I mention this all the time but I’ve recently moved into a new house in Birmingham and I am currently decorating . I have chosen beautiful paint for my living room, its called Mocha, its a beautiful grey brown. I initially only wanted to paint the living room but now that is done we are moving onto other rooms in the house.

We have been storing things in the loft but its scary and dark up there so we have been talking about getting a new window put in up there so when I was approached about writing about Velux top hung roof windows I thought that was a sign and absolutely perfect .

Velux have a huge range of roof windows in a whole of finishes and types of glazing to suit your needs.

My preference is in a white finish to match my existing decor and definitely with noise reduction because I live near a school and kids are great but not at 8am lol.

vr1These windows are truly beautiful and really do change the aesthetic of a room. They are very classy and allow for so much light to flood into a room. The windows obviously open as much or as little as you want to but when fully open it brings the outside in having such a large open space and is just stunning. A beautiful addition to any room and definitely a focal point of your home interior.

Spending a lot of my time indoors I would really love to have a large window , I love light and airy rooms and in the spring my windows are constantly open . The website is very easy to navigate so you can browse their huge array of window options for find the best option for you.  They also have online assistance that offers help should you need it.


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